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Dolphins Timetable – Summer 2 2022Welcome to Dolphins Class!!


“Welcome to Dolphins Class! We are an energetic, happy class of 11 pupils and 6 adults. We learn through play and all learning is very much interlinked. We follow the pupil’s interests and aim to prove enriching, meaningful learning experiences every day.

We spend a lot of time exploring different therapies based on our pupil’s needs, for example, speech and language therapy, hydrotherapy, sensory enrichment, physiotherapy, and PECs Club.

We have lots of fun in Dolphins Class!”


Dolphins Timetable – Summer Term 2 2022


Curriculum Info: Summer Term 2 2022Other Sessions
Theme: My Five SensesAt the Patch: UTW/PD/PSED TA to take two children during each session. Discuss health and safety whilst walking to the Patch. Pupils should be given the opportunity to visit the chickens (including digging for worms), pick fruit and vegetables and water plants. Use In the Moment Planning to support and extend learning
Week 1 - Smell - Story: That’s not my Lion! Numbers: Matching smelly cotton balls to number cards Concept: Same & Different – sorting jungle animals Craft Activity: Collaging our own feely lions UW - Smell: We will be smelling different things and choosing those we like and don’t like. Feeling Fabulous Friday: Yoga & Mindfulness Colouring The Library: L/CL/PSED TA to take children two at a time to the Library to choose a new book to take home. Adults to spend time sharing a story and modelling book behaviours. Take book bags and chn’s reader cards to sign books out.
Week 2 - Hearing - Story: That’s not my Kitten! Numbers: Glittery numbers 0-10 in water Concept: Same & Different – sorting cats Craft Activity: Collaging our own kitten faces UW - Hearing: We will be listening to different sound toys with our eyes closed – what could it be? Feeling Fabulous Friday: Yoga & making sensory galaxy calming bottles The Sensory Room: PD/EAD/UTW/PSED TA to take a group of children to explore the resources, allow children the opportunity to select their preferred areas. Make observations on Tapestry and use In the Moment Planning to support and extend learning.
Week 3 - Taste - Story: That’s not my Dinosaur! Numbers: Exploring numbers 0-10 in jelly Concept: Same & Different – sorting dinosaurs Craft Activity: Baking dinosaur footprint biscuits UW – Taste: We will be tasting different flavours and choosing those we like and those we don’t like. Feeling Fabulous Friday: Yoga & decorating our wellbeing boxes The Ball Pool: M/PSED/UTW/CL/EAD TA to take a small group to the ball pool and explore the resources, allowing chn to lead their own learning. Adults to use In the Moment Planning to support and extend learning.
Week 4 - Touch - Story: That’s not my Snowman! Numbers: Exploring numbers frozen in ice balls Concept: Same & Different – sorting snowmen Craft Activity: Painting with coloured ice cubes UW – Touch: What’s in the feely box? Children will feel inside the box and guess what’s inside! Feeling Fabulous Friday: Yoga & filling up our wellbeing boxes – please send in things your child likes to put in their box! We will send them home for you to enjoy at the end of the term. Please check Tapestry for updates on your child’s learning and development at school. Dolphins Class really enjoy seeing what your child has been doing at home, so please do upload as many photos, videos or notes as you can.
Week 5 - Sight - Story: That’s not my Fairy! Numbers: Sequencing numbers 1-10 Concept: Same & Different – sorting fairies Craft Activity: Making fairy decorations UW – Sight: We will be exploring different light toys and choosing those we like and those we don’t like. Feeling Fabulous Friday: Yoga & emotion plates
Week 6 - Enrichment Week! We will be so busy this week doing loads of fun activities as part of the whole school!
Week 7 - This is our last week at school! We will be having parties and lots of other end of year fun this week
We also have weekly visits to; Ball Pool, Library, Sensory Room, and The Patch. The children will choose their favourite songs from our songbook each week. Copies of symbols linked to our topic will be sent home at the beginning of each new half term. A Visual Timetable with details of each day will sent home to share with your child. Julie will lead messy play sessions every Tuesday Morning and Becky will lead Technology sessions every Tuesday Afternoon.
We hope you enjoy your summer holiday!