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Welcome to Dolphins Class

In Dolphins class we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and all learning is very much interlinked. We plan some adult led activities but our pupils have freedom to also self-select their own learning and activities and staff follow ‘In the moment planning’ Pupils have their own personalised activities for individual Speech and language therapy and EHCP targets. We learn through ‘play’ with a big emphasis on global communication- signing, speech, expression, symbols.

Dolphins Timetable Autumn 2

Curriculum Information for parentsAutumn Term 2EYFS
Subject ProfilesIdeas for home
Physical DevelopmentDance and movement/yoga Swimming in Hydro pool Disco dancing, P.E sessions in the hall, disco dough fine motor skills, construction toys, using scissors, pens and tools. Junk modelling and creative skills with different materials. Play hide and seek with your child. Play with playdough and tools and role model what they can do with the tools. Collect a range of bottles and jugs for pouring and filling in the bath.
Communication and LanguageLearning new signs and words each week relating to topic- light and celebrations Halloween, Bonfire and fireworks, Diwali, Christmas celebrations.Take your child to celebration events and talk about the props- pumpkins, fireworks etc. support them with things they find frightening and give them opportunities to explore safely and gradually.
Personal, social and Emotional DevelopmentSelf-care, dressing and undressing for swimming, things I like and enjoy, toileting, cleaning teeth and washing hands independently,Encourage all these things in the home environment. Give your child time to attempt some skills independently.
Mathematical DevelopmentNumerals and numbers 0-20, especially number 6,7,8,9 and 10 shapes and sorting, colours, matching, play with numicon boards, sand and water play, emptying and filling containers, mathematical language.Counting things out loud with your child- use fingers as visual. Watch Miss Tracy on You tube- numbers 1-10 Spot and point our shapes in the environment- What ‘shape’ is that sign?
LiteracyMaking books about themselves and the people who live in their house. Oxford reading tree stories about everyday events- shopping, homes. Matching pictures and symbols Stories about celebrations Make and draw social stories about themselves. Draw pictures with your child of simple objects- represent them and label them. Draw simple pictures pf people and name them. Share simple stories together and sing rhymes and songs.
Understanding the WorldPictures of our family and friends to talk about. Learn about different emotions, push and pull objects, learn about opposites, hot,cold, wet dry. Learn and explore the world around them in different places/nature. Use large covers and boxes at home to make dark dens ( maybe with lights inside?) Look at mirrors and reflective surfaces, explore the world around them- visits to different places.
Expressive ArtsMessy play and cutting and sticking activities, painting. Feeling different textures, using the senses to explore, follow children’s’ own fascinations and interests. Music, singing and dancePut different types of music on at home and dance with your child! Make a creative box that you can have out at different times at the table and make things with your child. Christmas crafts!