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” All pupils in Dolphins Class have an account using Tapestry (an online learning journal) in which their progress is tracked against appropriate SEND Development Matters statements.

Pupils are recorded as ‘emerging’, ‘developing’ and finally ‘achieved’. It is important to remember that learning may not be ‘linear’ in a Complex Needs Early Years Class.  All staff record ‘Wow’ moments through notes, photos or videos, which are assessed against the Development Matters Statements.  Parents are encouraged to upload their own observations or notes to their child’s learning journey.  Children who are of Early Years age are assessed against the Early Years and Foundation Stage Profile as ‘emerging’, ‘expected’ or ‘exceeding’ in June/July.  The class teacher also monitors which children have achieved a ‘Good Level of Development’, which is then reported to the LA.

Alongside this, The Leuven Scales (which measure well-being and involvement) are tracked every half term and are also considered during both short and long observations of the children.

During adult-led focused tasks pupils’ work is also assessed against development matters statements and The Leuven Scale for involvement.

Characteristics of Effective Learning are always considered during short and long observations.

Every child has at least two long observations (10 minutes minimum) every half term to inform assessment and all adults then plan next steps from these observations.”

Spring Term 1 Timetable 2022

Curriculum Info: Spring Term 1 2022Topic: Traditional Tales
Week 1 Story: The Gingerbread Man. - Mathematics: Number 1 (exploring numbers by putting different amounts of buttons on Gingerbread Men outlines). - Craft: Making Gingerbread scented playdough. - Number song of the week: 5 Gingerbread Men Lying on a Tray We also have weekly visits to; Ball Pool, Library, Sensory Room, and The Patch.
Week 2 Story: The Gingerbread Man. Mathematics: Number 2 (Exploring numbers by finding two matching objects) Look up ‘Miss Tracey’ on YouTube – we really like her number songs in Dolphins Class! Concept: Big & Small. - Craft Activity: Gingerbread man printing / painting - Number songs: 5 Gingerbread Men Lying on a Tray and also ‘children’s choice’ from our number songs bag - Emotions: Happy! The children will choose their favourite songs from our songbook each week.
Week 3 Story: Jack & The Beanstalk - Mathematics: Number 3 (Exploring numbers by counting out the correct number of pebbles hidden in hay) - Concept: Long & Short - Craft Activity: Decorating a leaf for our class beanstalk - Number songs: ‘Children’s choice’ from our number songs bag - Emotions: Sad Copies of symbols linked to our topic will be sent home at the beginning of each new half term.
Week 4 Story: Jack & The Beanstalk - Mathematics: Number 4 (Exploring numbers by mark making number 4 with chalks and counting out 4 leaves) - Concept: High & Low Craft Activity: Making a giant castle on a cloud for the top of our beanstalk - Number songs: ‘Children’s choice’ from our number songs bag - Emotions: Scared A Visual Timetable with details of each day will sent home to share with your child.
Week 5 Story: The Little Red Hen - Mathematics: Number 5 - Concept: Heavy and Light - Craft Activity: Making little red hens using paper plates - Number songs: – Little Red Hen & ‘Children’s choice’ from our number songs bag - Emotions: Tired Julie will lead messy play sessions every Tuesday Morning and Becky will lead Technology sessions every Tuesday Afternoon.
Each week I will send home any resources that may be useful in supporting your child’s learning. For example this may include symbols, signing actions, rhymes/poems/songs. I hope these will be useful. If you would prefer not to receive these resources please let me know. Also, if you feel that you are missing a resource or would like additional information on what we are doing at school or other support, please do let me know.