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Welcome to Dolphins Class!!


“Welcome to Dolphins Class! We are an energetic, happy class of 10 pupils and 6 adults. We learn through play and all learning is very much interlinked. We follow the pupil’s interests and aim to prove enriching, meaningful learning experiences every day.

We spend a lot of time exploring different therapies based on our pupil’s needs, for example, speech and language therapy, hydrotherapy, sensory enrichment, physiotherapy, and PECs Club.

We have lots of fun in Dolphins Class!”

Dolphins Visual Timetable – Autumn term 2 – 23/24


Autumn Term 2 - 23/24 - Houses and homes
SubjectCurriculum Info/Class Ideas
English● I can show interest in pictures and books around me ● I can share a book with an adult ● I can join in with repeated refrains ● I can sequence a story ● I can retell a story ● I can mark make ● I can sometimes give meaning to the marks that I make We will be using “3 Little Pigs” as our focus book for the first 5 weeks, we will work together to retell the story using lots of media and tactile resources. We will then move onto Christmas and look at the nativity story and share lots of books with stories about celebrating Christmas. We will have 1:1 reading time each week and will visit the library each week too. We will start our Twinkl Phonics sessions starting at level 1 – identifying sounds in the environment, exploring instruments and making sounds, joining in with actions, rhyme and body percussion. On a Tuesday Hannah will be exploring lots of mark making activities
Maths● I can show awareness of number ● I can show an awareness of 1 more and 1 less ● I can find numbers 1-5 ● I can subitise numbers 1-5 ● I can explore shapes ● I can identify circle, triangle, square and rectangle. We will be looking at; number 1-5, circles, triangles and 4 sided shapes. We will use the White Rose maths scheme to support our teaching and learning. We will have lots of activities in our class to support our learning.
PSHE● I can sit in a small group ● I can attend to an adult ● I can listen to an adult ● I can play alongside my peers ● I can demonstrate how I am feeling ● I can show you with pictures how I am feeling Throughout our day in Dolphins class we have many opportunities to play and learn alongside each other. For our morning maths time the class will be split into two groups to support small group learning. We will continue to look at and explore different emotions. We will continue to use Zones of Regulation to be able to show how we feel. Every day we will have our Attention Autism session where will learn to give attention to the adult with the bucket and look at the exciting things that are in there. We will extend this to Stage 2 where we build our focus and concentration on an exciting activity. We will also be joining in Primary School Assembly every other week in the hall.
Science/ Understanding the World● I can recognise a familiar environment ● I can observe and show interest in things around me ● I can explore different objects and environments ● I can solve simple problems ● I can change materials and learn how I can affect them. ● I can observe and note changes in the natural world. This half term we will do some exciting experiments making firework patterns with water and oil. We will look at straw, sticks and bricks and find out which is stronger and which makes the best house! We will continue our outdoor learning this half term looking at what animals we may see in Autumn and where they live. We will also explore the different areas of the school such as the library, sensory room, sensory enrichment room, ball pool, hall and woodland.
Computing ● I can notice the same and different ● I can start to put things in order ● I can keep going ● I can change what I am doing if something isn’t working. Throughout our activities we will be exploring different ‘unplugged’ computing aspects and concepts which are: algorithms, collaboration, persevering, creating, pattern, logical reasoning, decomposition, tinkering, abstraction and debugging. These aspects help develop computational thinking and we can do all this without using iPads or computers!
Humanities/ understanding the world● I can visit local places ● I can look at old and new ● I can sort old and new We will be talking about our families and our homes. We will explore our local environments such as our school, our playground and The Patch.
P.E/ Physical Development ● I can explore different equipment ● I can move my body in different ways. ● I can pull myself up and climb on different apparatus. ● I can start to observe the effect being active has on my body. On Monday afternoon we will have our class PE time in the Hall. Children can come to school in comfy clothing and suitable shoes/trainers ready for moving, running and climbing on our soft play and climbing apparatus. This half term we will learn our PE routines, explore the climbing apparatus, move in different ways over it and learn to climb safely. We will also start to observe the effect being active has on our bodies.
Art/Expressive art and design ● I can explore different materials ● I can create with different materials ● I can create and mark make with purpose We will create lots of art around our topics of ‘houses’ and ‘The 3 Little Pigs’. We will make pigs masks to help us retell the story. We will make pictures and models using straw, sticks and bricks. We will also decorate our very own cardboard houses.
DT/ expressive art and design● I can explore different materials ● I can create with different materials ● I can create and mark make with purpose We will look at different houses from Britain and around the world, we will then design and build our own houses from cardboard boxes. We will look at including doors, windows and a roof.
RE● I can listen to others ● I can join in a class celebration We will continue to learn to look and listen to each other in our class assembly and we will join in with the primary school assembly, sitting and listening to others. We will continue to celebrate the children’s achievements with our ‘Star of the Week’
Music/ expressive art and design● I can listen and respond to different genres of music. ● I can join in actions to songs. ● I can use the rhythm sticks safely. ● I can find the pulse with the rhythm. We will be listening to a different piece of music each week, thinking about how it makes us feel, if it is loud or quiet, and fast or slow. We will listen to a song and learn the actions each week and then we will listen to the music and find the pulse and tap it with our rhythm sticks.
Curriculum profiles and ideas for continued learning at homeYou can help me by looking at books at home with me, I will bring my library book home every Friday and will need to bring it back each week ready to change. You can sing with me at home and see if I can remember the actions. When we go out you could point out things in my community such as a library, shop, park or anything else you come across. To help me with my maths you can count with me from 1-5, count with me when I am getting dressed “1 arm, 2 arms”, “1 leg, 2 legs”, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5 fingers in the glove!” You can also sing number songs with me too. You can talk to me about different houses we see, and where I live, is it a flat? A bungalow? A house? Or somewhere else? Please remember I may come home from school with messy clothes, this means I have been working really hard with my learning and having lots of fun too!