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Teacher - Dolphins Cate Sadler-Barker
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Welcome to Dolphins Class!!

In Dolphins class we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and all learning is very much interlinked. We plan some adult led activities but our pupils have freedom to also self-select their own learning and activities and staff follow ‘In the moment planning’ Pupils have their own personalised activities for individual Speech and language therapy and EHCP targets. We learn through ‘play’ with a big emphasis on global communication- signing, speech, expression, symbols..

Autumn Term 1 2021 Timetable

Curriculum Info: Autumn Term 1 2021Topic: Houses & Homes
Week 1Settling In
Week 2The Three Little Pigs
Week 3Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Week 4The Gruffalo
Week 5Little Red Riding Hood
Week 6A Squash and a Squeeze
Week 7My Home
Each week I will send home any resources that may be useful in supporting your child’s learning. For example this may include symbols, signing actions, rhymes/poems/songs. I hope these will be useful. If you would prefer not to receive these resources please let me know. Also, if you feel that you are missing a resource or would like additional information on what we are doing at school or other support, please do let me know.