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Teacher - Chestnut Samantha Webster
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Chestnut is a class of 6 students with diverse needs and abilities whom are supported by 4 members of staff, we largely use symbols and signalong in order to communicate our needs, choices and feelings.

Chestnut class take a holistic approach to learning by following a topic based curriculum, where each subject is tailored to the individuals learning needs, thriving on routine and consistency, this approach enables learning to be teacher-led as well as child initiated.

Class activities are differentiated for each individual, ensuring that they are engaging and motivating to the individual child. Students particularly enjoy activities that are ‘hands on’ which relate to everyday life skills and promoting independence.

Spring Term 2 Timetable

Curriculum Info for parents: Spring Term 2 2021 Chestnut topic this half term will be Superheroes. Each week we will explore a new story related to Superheroes including real life emergency services. During the week we will engage in a number of activities that are topic related. Your child will be encouraged and supported to explore and engage in each of these activities. Each week your child will bring home information on their individual learning targets, individual targets may change weekly or in line with the topic, as and when experienced or consolidated. Please do feel free to explore these at home, it would be great to hear about your child’s experiences via their home School book. This holistic approach to learning will allow your child to progress at a pace that is suitable to their individual needs and abilities within a rich and enabling environment. Below is an outline of some of the activities on offer.
Topic: Superheroes Here is a list of stories we will explore this half term- - Supertato-Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet - Superworm-Julia Donaldson - Super Duck-Jez Aldborough - Charlie the Firefighter-Twinkl-ebook. - Patcho and Pigeon: Dynamic Duo!-Twinkl-eBook Activities will be as follows, each activity linked to the book/story of the week- there will be a carousel of 3 activities each session. All Activities will cover a diverse range of learning objectives.
MathsWe will be - Addition, Missing numbers, rounding to 10. - Stage a rescue- 4-6 people, what will you need for that number of people?/role play - Record favourite superheroes/powers(tally chart, block graphs, lists), - Super hero matching cards. - Share out super/hero resources-capes, masks. - Estimations-eg-steps on a ladder, how many? - Use mathematical understanding of counting up to ten to solve simple problems in hero play and games. - Shape superheroes - Following maps and positional instructions/ assault course to rescue teddies from evil Thanos, etc. - Batman symbol/ colourful patterns/2D shapes. - Measure how tall various superheroes are.
EnglishDaily story time, reading comprehension, exploring what we have heard/read, discussing characters, phonic recognition. We will be taking part in activities based around role play- being superheroes- the role play will also be related to our class sensory motor programme.
Phonic ProgrammeWe will follow the read write Inc. phonics programme, as this will enable us to explore our previous phonic knowledge, our pencil control, listening and speaking skills as well as our signalong.
Focussed exploration and investigationChanges and anticipation-cause and effect around cooking and sharing. Exploring different textures and smells. This will also be included in our sensory play, and will include the use of sand/water tray, musical instruments. (Please see attached lesson plan for examples of activities)
Fine motor skills developmentPencil control, shoebox tasks, hand eye co-ordination activities, puzzles, which are topic related-we will be exploring life skills during this time such as cleaning, tidying away, laying the table, locating objects in their place. These activities will be closely linked to our independence skills and our creative activities. We will be taking part in ‘hero rescues’ too.
Creative (Art, Craft and DT)While exploring Texture and pattern we will be making the following - - 2d shape hero logo - Paint yourself as a superhero - Create a superhero city collage. - Lolly-pop stick superheroes. - Draw around your body and then decorate the stencil like a superhero. - Create superhero costume.
Communication/intensive interactionwe will be learning topic related words/signs and symbols such as help, hero, safe, police, fire fighters, nurse, doctor, ambulance .-working alongside children’s individual Communication programmes.
Role play areaSuper hero lair-Super hero gadgets such as lights/torches, sirens and buzzers will be explored (Science)
Science/Computing- Super hero call signs.(activating/locating) - Shadow puppet scenes.(light and shadows.) - Dr Ice has frozen some superheroes in Ice! How can we get them out? Try various ways and compare - Superhero balloon rocket race.
Music/R.E/MFLThe following areas will be covered as themed days during the half term. MUSIC/ RE/ MFL Performance, Christianity, Germany - ½-1 Day for each TBC
Profile & Ideas for HomeEncourage your son/daughter to take part in activities that they enjoy which will support independence and the exploration of life skills, Please feel free to explore individual plans that you have at home such as EHCPs, SALT reports, communication plans or enjoy reading/sharing a story/book with your son/daughter.