Welcome to Chestnut

Teacher - Beech/Staff Governor Samantha Webster

Date of Appointment: 14/11/2016, 4 year term of office
Appointed via Staff Ballot

Photo of Samantha Webster

Welcome to Chestnut Class. We are Year 5, 6 and 7 pupils taught by Sam Webster and supported by our fantastic T/A’s Jason, Jordan, Sarah, Katerina and Caroline. We are a class of 8 pupils, seven boys and one girl.

We work really closely with our 8 children and tailor the teaching and learning experience to their abilities and interests, ensuring that they are really engaged and enjoying their time at school. We have a great outside playground and classroom that the children use every day for both teacher-led and child-initiated independent activities.

In Chestnut Class we believe in working hard, having fun and always trying our best.

Autumn Term 1 Timetable

Curriculum Info for parents: Autumn Term 1 Topic: Animals.........Activities covered during this time will be working towards students individual learning in areas such as • SALT/Communication. • EHCP outcomes. • Sensory integration.
MathsNumber songs such as ‘The animals went in 2 by 2’, making sets of animals, animal lotto, identifying number of animals-stripes/spots/arms/legs.
EnglishDaily story time, reading comprehension, exploring what we have heard/read, discussing characters, phonic recognition.
Phonic ProgrammeWe will follow the read write inc phonics programme, as this will enable us to explore our previous phonic knowledge, our pencil control, listening and speaking skills as well as our signalong.
Focussed exploration and investigationsensory play, sand/water tray, musical instruments.
Fine motor skills developmentPencil control, shoebox tasks, hand eye co-ordination activities, puzzles.
Creative (Art, Craft and DT)Designing 3D models of animals using junk modelling, collage of animals using a variety of materials, exploring colour and texture.
Communication/intensive interactionwe will explore noises and sounds made by a variety of animals-pets, farm, wild etc. Exploring our own experiences with animals, do we have pets at home, have we visited a farm, zoo, vets etc.
Role play arearole playing as vets, exploring how to care for other living things, showing concerns for the needs of others/other living things.
StoriesHere is a list of stories we will explore this half term- 1.The Pig in the pond 2.Dear Zoo 3.Giraffe’s can’t Dance 4.The bad tempered Ladybird 5.The tiger who came to tea 6.Elmer the Elephant Activities will be as follows, each activity linked to the book/story of the week- there will be a carousel of 3 activities each session.
Profiles & Ideas for HomeEncourage your son/daughter to take part in activities that they enjoy which will support independence and the exploration of life skills, Please feel free to explore individual plans that you have at home such as EHCPs, SALT reports, or enjoy reading/sharing a story/book with your son/daughter.