Welcome to Chestnut

Teacher - Chestnut Iwona Litwiniec
Photo of Iwona Litwiniec

Welcome to Chestnut Class. We are Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils taught by Miss Litwiniec and supported by our fantastic TA’s Caroline, Diane, Katharina, Kyla and Vanessa (Fridays). We are a class of 10 pupils, eight boys and two girls.

We work really closely with our 10 children and tailor the teaching and learning experience to their abilities and interests, ensuring that they are really engaged and enjoying their time at school. We have a great outside playground and classroom that the children use every day for both teacher-led and child-initiated independent activities.

In Chestnut Class we believe in working hard, having fun and always trying our best.

Chestnut Class Autumn term 1 Timetable

Curriculum Info for parents: Autumn Term 1Topic: Food
SubjectIdeas for home
MathsHave fun cooking together. Explore different fruits and vegetables, compare their sizes and colours. Count and measure your ingredients, use different tools and equipment.
EnglishRead stories Oliver’s Vegetables, Mr. Wolf Pancakes, Handa’s Surprise or look through your cooking books. Talk how to make a simple meal/cake/drink and have a go doing it.
ScienceExplain where does our milk come from, about healthy eating and how important is to look after our teeth.
I.C.TUse IPad to trace letters/words of fruit or vegetables. With parents help search internet to find out more about exotic fruits.
PSHE and CitizenshipHelp to set a table for dinner, follow the rules of good behaviour at the table. Remember about washing hands and cleaning your teeth after a meal.
HumanitiesLet’s look at the food from different countries around the world. Use your senses to explore some of them.
ArtLook at the art of Archibald. Try to copy his work or use playdough to make some food items.
MusicHave fun while listening to and singing along to songs about food.