Welcome to Chestnut

Teacher - Chestnut Iwona Litwiniec
Photo of Iwona Litwiniec

Welcome to Chestnut Class. We are Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils taught by Miss  Iwona Litwiniec and supported by our fantastic TA’s Caroline, Diane, Katharina, Kyla and Vanessa (Fridays). We are a class of 10 pupils, eight boys and two girls.

We work really closely with our 10 children and tailor the teaching and learning experience to their abilities and interests, ensuring that they are really engaged and enjoying their time at school. We have a great outside playground and classroom that the children use every day for both teacher-led and child-initiated independent activities.

In Chestnut Class we believe in working hard, having fun and always trying our best.

On the 4th June 2019 Chestnuts class visited the UEA festival of gymnastics.

The class explored the hall with various equipment. They had balance beams, trampolines, sprung floors and foam pits to land into.   Each pupil had a chance to experience new equipment to overcome possible fears. The whole day was a massive success and the pictures below show what fun the pupils had throughout the day

Summer Term 2 Timetable

Curriculum Info for parents: Summer Term 2 Topic: Holidays
SubjectIdeas for home
Maths How many sand castles can you make? Let’s have a competition! Count the pebbles on the beach, jump through the paddles, make groups of fruit or vegetables then share them appropriately between people.
EnglishListen to the summer stories (Summer Days and Nights by Wong Herbert Yee, Harry by the sea by Gene Zion, Maisy Learns to Swim by Lucy Cousins). Can you read some of the words; have a go in writing them in the sand with a stick.
Science Help your parents tidy the garden. Can you pull some weeds out, water the flowers or sweep the patio? Observe the plants growing and look after them.
I.C.TUse IPad’s to draw pictures of places you visited. Access educational games or listen to the music. Spend time together, take turns and enjoy!
PSHE and Citizenship Visit new places in your area. Go and have a picnic (beach, forest, garden), take turns and share the goodies with your family or friends. Play games and enjoy time together!
Humanities - Geography & HistoryThese lessons will be taught by Jason Tooke.
ArtGo for a walk to the beach or woods and collect some objects (sticks, pebbles, leaves) make holiday collage.
MusicWhen you are on holidays try to listen to the sounds of nature (waves, birds, trees) or explore happy and energetic children tunes.