Welcome to Chestnut

Teacher - Chestnut Iwona Litwiniec
Photo of Iwona Litwiniec

Welcome to Chestnut Class. We are Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils taught by Miss  Iwona Litwiniec and supported by our fantastic TA’s Caroline, Diane, Katharina, Kyla and Vanessa (Fridays). We are a class of 10 pupils, eight boys and two girls.

We work really closely with our 10 children and tailor the teaching and learning experience to their abilities and interests, ensuring that they are really engaged and enjoying their time at school. We have a great outside playground and classroom that the children use every day for both teacher-led and child-initiated independent activities.

In Chestnut Class we believe in working hard, having fun and always trying our best.

Spring Term 2 Timetable

Curriculum Info for parents: Spring Term 2Topic: Transport
SubjectIdeas for home
Maths Put a selection of toy cars on the table and ask the children to sort them. Allow them to use their own ideas and ask them afterwards what criteria they used. Measure their junk model vehicles with non-standard units.
EnglishExplore books, stories and poems related to transport. Stories such as ‘Lost and Found’, ‘The Duck and the truck’, ‘Don’t let the Pidgeon drive the bus’. Read and discuss the books together.
ScienceMake boats out of junk using different materials ie wood, plastic, paper, polystyrene etc. Test them to see which floats, which sinks.
I.C.TUse IPad’s to draw pictures of different vehicles. Access educational games about transport. Spend time together, take turns and comment your action.
PSHE and CitizenshipTake turns and share while using equipment or playing together; Remember the rules of behaving in shops or around animals.
Humanities - Geography & History This lessons will be taught by Jason Tooke
ArtDesign models with recyclable materials, make paintings with small car tyres, play with Lego cars, and make vehicles from 2d shapes or collages.
MusicSings songs about transport: -The Wheels on the bus. -Take you Riding in my Car -5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer Have fun singing and dancing together!