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Teacher Shelley Hewitt
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Welcome to Pine Class!! 😃

Pine is primarily a non verbal class, made up of 7 learners with diverse needs and abilities. Pine has three support staff daily.
We follow an informal curriculum which is assessed using the engagement model.
Physio, therapy, communication and mobility are a big focus throughout our school day.
We largely use sign a long and symbols and communication devices to communicate our needs.
Timetabled lessons are adapted to be tailored to each student’s individual needs.


Pine Timetable – Autumn Term 2 – 23/24





Curriculum Info: Autumn Term 2 23/24
SubjectProfilesIdeas for home
Numeracy / Cooking Students will be looking at measurements during cooking. Practise cooking, use scales to measure.
English/Poetry 1:1 reading/Library Students will be exploring a range of poetry linked to the topic “Conflict”. Students will take part in 1:1 reading each week, listening to stories and exploring the pictures and words and tactile books. Look at and listen to poems and rhyming songs. Read books at home, look at books.
Science/The Patch Students will be accessing The Patch with a focus on the Earth and its atmosphere. Explore gardening, plant some plants.
ArtCreating art linked to the colour and tones of autumn. Exploring natural autumnal objects and using them to create artwork. Collect natural objects, leaves twigs and create natural pictures.
PEStudents will take part in dance with expression through movement. Listen to some music/have a dance at home.
PhonicsLooking at level 1 phonics, listening to sounds. Explore different environmental sounds.
PSHE/Emotions Looking at emotions. Using the Zones of Regulations colours feelings board within their daily timetables. Talk about your feelings.
Sensory playStudents will explore different materials/resources and enjoy sensory play, helping to stimulate senses.Water play, foam play, sand play.