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Teacher Shelley Hewitt
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Welcome to Pine Class!! 😃

Pine is primarily a non verbal class, made up of 7 learners with diverse needs and abilities. Pine has three support staff daily.
We follow an informal curriculum which is assessed using the engagement model.
Physio, therapy, communication and mobility are a big focus throughout our school day.
We largely use sign a long and symbols and communication devices to communicate our needs.
Timetabled lessons are adapted to be tailored to each student’s individual needs.


Pine Timetable – Summer Term 2 – 23/24





Curriculum Info: Summer term 2 23/24
Topic: JourneysPine class will be learning through some topic based sessions alongside this all of their learning will be focused on the engagement model assessment stages – Exploration, persistence, anticipation, initiation and realisation and their own individual EHCP outcomes, Communication, switch work/computer skills, intensive interaction will be focused on throughout the week on an individual basis. Pupils will also get weekly therapy sessions. Hydro/Rebound/massage/Dance. Below is an outline of some of the class group sessions Pine class will be doing all together throughout the week- Within these sessions we will try to focus on our half termly topic.
SubjectSession focus this half term.Ideas for home
English/StoriesReading stories about different countries, looking at the story “going on a bear hunt” exploring the journey that they made.
Community visits Students to access the community to build their community awareness and road safety. Walks to Sheringham Park on a Wednesday and Trips out on the bus to parks on the Friday.
MassageStudents will take part in massage, they will as a group take part in Tac Pac sessions and explore massage stories.
Disco DoughUsing fine motor skills to play with dough to music.
Communication Working on communication targets. Meeting Salt targets and daily EHCP targets around communication.
Health and self-Care/Life skillsLooking at how we keep healthy, developing independence and self-help skills. Brushing teeth, washing hands. Done daily as part of our morning routines.
Music Students will enjoy music and explore instruments in different ways.
Mobility and MovementStudents to take part in parachute games. Working on team participation.
Exploration/Creative/Art Focus will be on transport, making art linked to travel. Transport used to go on journeys.
Problem solving/MathsHandling objects and showing an interest in objects. Using fine motor skills and problem solving activities.
Switch Work/ComputingStudents will use the interactive screen, big macs, sound boards and iPad to practise fine motor skills whilst taking part in switch work.
Cooking/Life skillsStudents will take part in Cooking lessons where they will practise their life skills and explore ingredients using their senses. This term they will be making foods that you might have at a picnic, they will take these foods with them to Sheringham park on a Wednesday to try during their lunch.
1.1 ReadingStudents will have access to books weekly and take part in 1:1 reading with an adult.
Other events/ sessions Rebound. Hydro(for some Learners) Inclusion session with Alder class for all learners
Ideas to do at homeMake food and go on a walk and have a picnic. Read about going on a holiday or visiting another country.