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Welcome to Pine Class!

We are a group of 10-13 year olds. We are a creative and inquisitive bunch. We love everything messy, loud and colourful! There are six pupils in our class and we always have five or six staff members working with us as we have a varying degree of medical needs within our class. We go out into the community once a week to learn about our local community, the people within it and everyday life skills.

Each of us enjoys eating and cooking food, we can become very creative when cooking and baking! We can operate kitchen equipment using adaptive switches. Our favourite lessons take place in the sensory room where we can activate the technology around us with our switches and participate in sensory stories. We have hydrotherapy sessions twice a week where we get to relax and play with our friends in the pool. We also use this session to stretch and work hard to control our own movements. On Mondays we each have a turn on the trampoline for rebound therapy. Not only does this give us a physical work out, we also get to use our own voices and communication skills to communicate our enjoyment and what we want.

We have our own tailored PMLD curriculum and assessment which we follow that helps us to meet all of our learning needs.

Spring term 1 Timetable


Curriculum Information for ParentsSpring Term 1Topic - Harry Potter
SubjectSession Focus this half termIdeas for home
Community AwarenessPupils will experience the train ride to Hogwarts from platform 9 ¾ when we take a steam train from Sheringham train station. Pupils will also visit Fantastic Beasts at the Cromer Amozona Zoo. Dates and information to Follow. Pupils will also participate in making magic in the classroom with their own wands. Go train watching together and visit the train gift shop if there is one.
CommunicationPupils have a dedicated session to work individually or in pairs on their communication targets in a fun and engaging way that meets their interests. Pupils will continue to consolidate their previously achieved skills and practice new skills throughout the day in all lessons. Make choices at the shop for what snacks your child would like. Have your child choose what book to read at bed time.
Problem Solving/I.C.TPupils will participate in a range of activities in the sensory room. The focus this half term will be- becoming more independent with our switch skills with opportunities to track and lights and explore tactile objects. Pupils will also explore props relating to number songs as well as participate in switch operated number songs. Use a frying pan with 10 rolled up socks to act as the 10 fat sausages. Sing the song and when one goes pop or the other goes bang have your child help you remove the ‘sausage’ from the pan.
Social and EmotionalPupils will explore touch and sensation on their feet this half term. We will turn our classroom into a sensory room and have a foot massage. How relaxing! Give your child a foot soak or a foot massage after their shower/bath. Put on sensory lights and make it a relaxing time for both of you.
CreativePupils will work with materials that change this half term. They will colour using crayons and paint over top with blackwash and once it dries they will use tools to scrape away the paint to reveal their colours. Pupils will also use puffy paint and magic milk to create their artwork. Pupils will then work on a class piece of artwork and make their dragon using different textures and styles of art. Make your own puffy paint using: 1 cup all purpose flour, 1 ½ tsp baking powder, ¼ tsp salt. Add a little bit of water and stir until you get a smooth, thin paste (about the same consistency of stirred yogurt). Add your food colouring, and mix well. Then paint with it. When your painting is done put it in the microwave for 30 seconds and watch it puff up! Stay close so it doesn’t burn.
Stories & BooksWe are reading Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone this half term. We have modified the story to act as a sensory story using sound effects, videos, pictures and props to engage all of our pupils.Borrow a story sack from the school library. If you would like to borrow one write a note in the home school diary and we will send one home.
CookingPupils will be using witch’s ingredients and potions to make their food. They will be making Cauldron Cakes, Witch’s Broom, Hufflepuff Pastry, Ravenclaw Rocky Road, Sorting Hat Pasta, Witch’s Spell Trifle. What potions can you make at home? You could make anything with your child and give the ingredient funny witch names. Call an olive- eye of newt or call cooked pasta- Unicorn hair.
MusicPupils will experience magic music and create their own using instruments and switches with pre-recorded sounds. Pupils will have the opportunity to use the resonance board and sound beam. Listen to the theme music from Harry Potter or watch Fantasia.
ExplorationPupils will start each exploration lesson with a clip from Fantasia. They will then explore and experiment with different liquids and how they can change state. For example we will add food colouring and dish soap into milk and watch the ‘magic’ as the colour spreads.Fill up an ice tray with water and take a picture of it, put it in the freezer overnight and see what happened. Put the ice in warm water and watch it melt. Make a tube of bubbles by using kitchen roll with a clean sock rolled over it. When you blow through the roll you should have a big long tube of bubbles.