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Welcome to Pine Class!

We are a group of 10-13 year olds. We are a creative and inquisitive bunch. We love everything messy, loud and colourful! There are six pupils in our class and we always have five or six staff members working with us as we have a varying degree of medical needs within our class. We go out into the community once a week to learn about our local community, the people within it and everyday life skills.

Each of us enjoys eating and cooking food, we can become very creative when cooking and baking! We can operate kitchen equipment using adaptive switches. Our favourite lessons take place in the sensory room where we can activate the technology around us with our switches and participate in sensory stories. We have hydrotherapy sessions twice a week where we get to relax and play with our friends in the pool. We also use this session to stretch and work hard to control our own movements. On Mondays we each have a turn on the trampoline for rebound therapy. Not only does this give us a physical work out, we also get to use our own voices and communication skills to communicate our enjoyment and what we want.

We have our own tailored PMLD curriculum and assessment which we follow that helps us to meet all of our learning needs.

Pine timetable – Autumn Term 2


Curriculum Information for ParentsAutumn Term 2Topic - Celebrations
SubjectSession Focus this half termIdeas for home
Community AwarenessThis half term we will be experiencing celebrations in our community. We will visit Thursford as a whole school and Norwich Cathedral for a Christmas Service and a Christmas lunch out. We are also entered into a bowling competition with other schools at Namco in Norwich. • Visit a nearby garden centre to see what holiday items are out. • Go on a nature walk to experience the change in seasons.
CommunicationWe will have dedicated sessions and opportunities throughout the day to encourage pupils to use their voice, gesture or sign to communicate their want or need with staff and peers. During these sessions pupils will work one on one with a staff member as well as in a small group with their peers. • Provide opportunities for your child to make a choice. Find an toy/book/sensory light… that you know your child responds positive to and one you know they don’t favour. Present both items and ask him/her to choose. Explore that chosen item together and repeat with different toys. You could extend this by using more toys or taking photos of the toy and have your child choose from the photos.
Problem SolvingWe have a dedicated session for individual problem solving targets each week where pupils work one-on-one with an adult and in small groups. This half term we are focusing on fine motor skills and objects in the space around us.• Continue to sing number songs with your child. You could add in objects to explore like plastic bottles on a cardboard wall. Each time one falls down have your child knock it down.
Social and EmotionalThis half term we are focusing on peer interaction. We are encouraging pupils to interact, watch and play alongside or with their peers. During this time we put the sensory lights on, bring the toys out and create an environment where the pupils lead the activity and adults facilitate peer interaction. • Play relaxing music and have a hand massage. • Have your child play with or alongside siblings or family members. • Take turns sharing a toy.
CreativeCelebration creations! This half term we are going to use a LOT of glue to get creative! We will take our time to explore this creative process and make creations that link to our weekly celebration.• Make holiday cards for friends and family. • Make Christmas tree decorations. • Get messy with paint!
Stories & BooksEach week we will read a story relating to a different celebration: Halloween, fireworks, birthdays, Diwali, Hanukah, winter and Christmas. We will start the session by reading the book as a whole class then explore the props and messy play involved with the story and finish with the ICT sensory story. • Read books about different holidays. • Look at family photos from previous holidays and tell stories about what has happened. • Use holiday decorations or lights as props for different books to create your own sensory story.
CookingEach week pupils will cook foods linked to a celebration. They will use switches to access kitchen equipment and practice pouring and stirring skills. • Bake a birthday cake for somebody special • Bake a holiday dessert
MusicWe are exploring music relating to different celebrations. We will get out onto the resonance board to feel the vibrations of the music• Listen to holiday music • Explore music from a celebrations that you are unfamiliar with together.
I.C.TWe have a dedicated session each week where pupils can focus on individual targets one-on-one and in small groups. We will use iPads and switches to activate programs, toys and activities.• Play with toys that are operated with buttons to make things happen. If the buttons are too difficult to press your child could sign more or please for an adult to press it.