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Welcome to Pine Class!

We are a group of 10-13 year olds. We are a creative and inquisitive bunch. We love everything messy, loud and colourful! There are six pupils in our class and we always have five or six staff members working with us as we have a varying degree of medical needs within our class. We go out into the community once a week to learn about our local community, the people within it and everyday life skills.

Each of us enjoys eating and cooking food, we can become very creative when cooking and baking! We can operate kitchen equipment using adaptive switches. Our favourite lessons take place in the sensory room where we can activate the technology around us with our switches and participate in sensory stories. We have hydrotherapy sessions twice a week where we get to relax and play with our friends in the pool. We also use this session to stretch and work hard to control our own movements. On Mondays we each have a turn on the trampoline for rebound therapy. Not only does this give us a physical work out, we also get to use our own voices and communication skills to communicate our enjoyment and what we want.

We have our own tailored PMLD curriculum and assessment which we follow that helps us to meet all of our learning needs.

Spring Term 2 Timetable


Curriculum Information for ParentsSpring Term 2Topic - Machines
SubjectSession Focus this half termIdeas for home
Community AwarenessWe will be using the self-checkout machine at Tesco and the Self-scanner at Asda to purchase our weekly snack. We will also use the touch screen at McDonalds to order lunch. We will go on a boat ride and visit the train station so see machines in action. Go for a ride on a bus or train, or you could watch them go by. Use the self-checkout at the shop to buy your groceries.
CommunicationPupils have a dedicated session to work individually or in pairs on their communication targets in a fun and engaging way that meets their interests. Pupils will continue to consolidate their previously achieved skills and practice new skills throughout the day in all lessons. Make choices between desired toys, books, tv shows, or activities. Print pictures of the tv shows or music videos your child likes and have them choose what to play.
Problem Solving/I.C.TPupils have opportunities throughout the day to use switches and ICT equipment. Pupils also have 2 sessions a week dedicated to individual plans with a focus on motor skills.Play puzzle games to encourage fine motor and problem solving skills. Play a paint app on a tablet.
Social and Emotional We are doing a Tac Pac session based on machines that make music, we will explore marbles and other objects in this massage. We also have a focus on peer interaction, we will give the pupils lots of opportunities to interact with each other with as little support from adults as possible. Invite family members of a similar age over for a play date and let them play together. Have a sensory evening with your child and turn on all your fun lights and play relaxing movements, this should create a calm and enjoyable environment for relaxation.
CreativeWe will be making art using machines this half term. We will use iPads and touch screens to activate paint apps. We will use the microwave to make soap, book marks using the sewing machine and badges using the badge press. We will also design a car and a boat using junk modelling material. If you have a sewing machine at home use the foot pedal as a hand switch to encourage your child to help sew. You could sew a small blanket for a teddy, a scarf or anything you would like!
Stories & BooksWe are reading books and exploring sensory stories to do with machines! For world book day we will read ‘ZOOM’ by Robert Munsch, a book about buying the fastest wheelchair. We will then go out on the playground and experience movement at different speeds. Go to the library and read books about trains, boats, cars, toasters and everyday machines. Read an interactive story on your phone or tablet.
CookingWe will be using the cooking machines to follow different recipes in the kitchen. We will use a donut maker, blender, cupcake maker and soup maker. Make a milkshake using a blender. Potato mashers are simple machines too, you could mash up bananas to add to bread or help with the Sunday roast!
MusicWe will be making music using machines this half term. We will use the sound beam and different switch operated instruments. Watch videos of machines making music on youtube. https://youtu.be/IvUU8joBb1Q
ExplorationWe are exploring the tracks of our toy vehicles through different messy play items such as paint, corn flour gloop, shaving foam, playdough and sand. Make your own messy play to run your toys through and explore the track you left behind. Explore your own footprints or wheelchair tracks through puddles or mud.