So…What is Signalong???

Signalong is based on British Sign Language adapted for the needs and abilities of children and adults with verbal communication difficulties. It uses one sign per concept, one concept per sign. Signalong is a sign–supporting system used in spoken word order and uses a total communication approach to reference links between sign and word. It uses speech, sign, body language, facial expression and voice tone to reference the link between sign and word. It also uses key-words i.e. the essential word in any sentence, and uses signs at partner’s level and moderate language to ensure that the message is understood.

Let’s sign together!

For more information about Signalong and available training please ask at the school office.

We have 3 Signalong Tutors at Sheringham Woodfields School:

Iwona Litwiniec, Catherine Holyland and Samantha Webster.