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Autumn Term 2 23/24 Curriculum Info for parents
SubjectProfilesIdeas for home
MathsIn maths, we will be working on place value. We will be counting to larger numbers, know what 1s, 10s, and 100s make up numbers. As we get further towards the end of the half term, we will start to work on some timestables and writing the words for numbers. We will also be working on understanding different mathematical terminology, i.e. fewer, more than etc. Play bingo calling numbers that have no 10’s, numbers that have a 3 in the 1’s. Walk around the neighbourhood looking for 1,2 and 3 digit numbers.
English In English, we will be looking at different texts with a theme focus on conflict. We will read stories, role play sceanrios and come up with solutions to them, try to write our own poems and think about the feelings people are experiencing when involved in conflict. Use rock, paper, scissors to solve minor disputes. Watch Gnomeo & Juilet. Watch Peter Pan. Read “The Story of Ferdinand” by Munro Leaf.
ArtWe will be working together on a group project, creating different crafts and pieces of art to sell at the Christmas Craft Fayre. This project will have a focus on the colour and tone the students are using in their work. Do some Christmas crafts at home. Visit different craft fayres. Paint some pictures mixing colours together to create new colours and tones.
PSHEWe will be focusing on our well being and our emotions in PSHE this half term. We will learn to recognise our emotions and the things that we can do to help ourselves. We will come up with a toolbox of activities that will support our well being and emotions. Watch Inside Out (Disney Film) Read The Colour Monster Try to come up with some acitvities you can do with your child at home to support their wellbeing.
PEWe will be looking at games / sports playing with a friend or a group of friends . We will be playing boccia, bowling, Play games at home taking turns . playing within the rules.
HumanitiesOur focus in humanities this half term is history. We will be learning about World War 2 and what the children did. We will be looking at the clothing, some of the activities they did to try and occupy themselves and what they did to try and stay safe. Visit museums. Watch World War 2 documenteries (if appropriate for your child). Look at the clothing and dress up in similar things.
ScienceScience will be focusing on different types of rock and the weathering of rocks. Students will learn the different types of rock and what they canbe used for. We will also look at what different types of weather can do to the rocks. Visit beaches or woodlands and look at rocks. Try to talk about the properties of the rock: is it hard, heavy, smooth, rough etc. Look at buildings and see the different materials they are made out of. Can they identify some the materials.
LibraryOur focus in Library time will be on developing Library skills and independence in using the school library and reading books for pleasure.Enjoy reading and browsing books with you child just for pleasure. Have books and magaines around the house, if possible make reading and listening to stories part of your usual routine.
MFLSpain is our country of focus for MFL this term. We will try to learn some of the language, taste and try to cook some of the traditional food, and research and learn some news facts about the culture. Cook Spanish food and encourage your child to help you. Listen to some Spanish music. Watch their favourite programme in Spanish. Watch a documentary about Spain.
PFAL (Preparing for Adult Life) Half of our curriculum this year is going to be made up of PFAL sessions, focusing on life skills. The rest of the curriculum will be formal and following the national curriculum. This half term we will be focusing on 3 different topics within our PFAL sessions: shopping, money management and safety. Students will take it in turns to plan a shopping list and go and buy the things that they need. Alongside this, they will be learning about how to handle money and the skills to count money and budget for what they need. We will also be focusing on safety, including road,e-safety, and stranger danger. These 3 topics tie in nicely and are all skills the students will need to be able to access the shops safely and successfully. Regular shopping trips. Encourage your child to pay for the shopping. If applicable, get your child to read the price tags and try to count out how much money they will need. Take walks around your house and try to go somewhere that has traffic lights, zebra crossings etc., and support your child to practice what they are learning about road safety. Ask your child questions about e-safety when they are using a device. Maybe create a note or poster with them that can be put up somewhere to remind them of how to be safe online.