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Welcome to Elm Class!! 😃

Elm class is made up of 11 enthusiastic pupils with varying range of needs and abilities. We like to use a wide range of approaches to help us learn and to meet our individual needs. We are a semi-formal class, following a formal curriculum as well as a PFAL curriculum (preparing for adult life). We focus on our independence skills and our aspirations for what we want to do as we grow up. We also have a strong focus on therapies for most of our students, including hydrotherapy, rebound and physio. Some students take part in work experience in a variety of places, including Woodfields Den. Our class is full of laughter and happiness, but we are all extremely hard-working at the same time

Elm timetable – Summer term 1 – 23/24



Summer term 1 23/24 Curriculum Info for parents
SubjectProfilesIdeas for home
MathsIn maths, we will finish our topic of length, height and time. Once we have finished that, some of us will move onto one more and one less, and others will start fractions. Cooking – weighing out ingredients. Create a family height chart. Compare the weight, height or length of things. Look at capacity of things, i.e. is your drink full or empty? Dividing a pizza into half or quarter.
English Our theme in English this half term is going to be family. We will look at different poems and texts about family and we will also have a go at writing some poems ourselves. We will try to create our own similes and think out the describing words we can use for family. Create a family tree Tell stories about different family members Interview a family member
ArtIn art we will be focusing on pottery and ceramic art. We will look at some different styles of pottery and then have a go at making our own using clay. Go pottery painting. Use playdough or plasticine to make different shaped pottery.
PSHEOur topic for PSHE this half term is going to be Crime and Laws. We will look at some of the laws that they might have heard of. We will also invite a police officer to come into school and answer some of the questions that the students have. Watch some real life police documentaries. Role play with lego. Read the Highway Rat or The Baddies by Julia Donaldson. Read Gangsta Granny by David Walliams.
PEThis half term we will be focusing on our athletics skills; running, jumping and throwing. We will be measuring our performance, and comparing this with others. We will be looking at how we can improve our scores each time, and then reflecting on these.Do any athletics games in the games in the garden or park.
HumanitiesWe will be studying contrasting areas of the British Isles, with a focus on urban and rural. We will be taking a closer look at London, locating it on maps and looking at how to describe the buildings and key features found in this city. We will then look at some rural areas and note some of the differences, including the buildings, sights & soundsLooking around the areas when visiting family or when out on trips . Discussing what is seen.
ScienceOur focus for science is going to be on solids, liquids and gases. We look at the difference between the 3 of them and what makes a solid, liquid or a gas. We will carry out some experiments and record our findings. Experiment with water: it’s liquid to start with, you freeze it, it becomes a solid as ice, you boil it, it become gas. Blow up balloons. Can they identify any solids, liquids and gases around the house?
LibraryOur focus in Library time will be on developing Library skills and independence in using the school library and reading books for pleasure.Enjoy reading and browsing books with you child just for pleasure. Have books and magazines around the house, if possible make reading and listening to stories part of your usual routine.
MFLFrance is our country for the term. We will look at some of the culture and traditions; we will try some food, and try to learn some of the language. Cook some French food. Listen to some French music. Watch their favourite programme in French, listening to the language.
PFAL (Preparing for Adult Life) We will still be covering cooking in our PFAL sessions, once a week, focusing on food that the students can make as independently as possible. We will also be practising our money skills. Support students to make their own snacks or food. Cook some healthy recipes. Pay for shopping, can they recognise any coins?