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Welcome to Elm Class!! 😃

We are a group of 6 pupils aged from 14-19 years. We have 5/6 members of staff working with us each day as we all have very high medical, physical and sensory needs. All our learning is done via a total sensory and communication approach. We have our own tailored PMLD curriculum and assessment which we follow that helps us to meet all of our learning needs. We have a very spacious classroom which is sectioned into different learning areas. Within this room we have a lovely sensory corner which we love to spend time in. We love to get out and about in the community and mixing around the school with others, we have lots of fun and our staff members help us to feel very happy, relaxed and safe when we are with them. We enjoy activities such as trips out, Hydrotherapy, switch work, rebound therapy, sensory stories, Art, Cooking, music, sensory room sessions, massage sessions, problem solving, exploration and communication work.

Spring Term 2 Timetable


Spring Term 2Curriculum Info for parents
SubjectTopic: Towns, Cities and Villages
Community Awareness All depending on the weather this half term- The pupils will head out this half term to Norwich, a local village, caravan site, Dereham town for an explore of what you find and can hear in these different settings linked to our topic, we will also be going on a visit to the sealife centre and an Easter egg hunt.
CommunicationThis half term we are going to focus on playing together, pupils will be supported to play alongside one another developing shared play and turn taking skills. We will continue to use a multisensory approach including on body signing and tactile objects. In our library sessions we will focus on books that have a theme loosely relating to homes, houses or different urban environments.
Problem Solving The pupils will be exploring a range of Activities will linked to homes Topic. Exploring different sizes boxes Shape sorting/Posting small dolls house dolls into boxes. Taking lids of boxes/placing lids on boxes. Making houses/people out of playdough. Using cutters and rollers. Matching /sorting activities- coloured people into correct sets. Positional language using dolls house place the doll on/in next to etc eg put doll on the chair/put the doll in the house etc
Social and Emotional On Monday afternoons Oak class pupils join Elm class for some shared reading, the pupils are supported to do this so that it is an enjoyable experience for them all.
CreativeThe pupils will be making 3D houses from the 3 little pigs story, They will also be making wolf and pig collages.
Exploration We will be exploring a wide range of everyday items that you might expect to find in the home following themes, so the pupils will explore things normally associated with bathroom, kitchen, garden, cleaning.
MusicThe pupils will explore the sounds that you hear in towns, cities and villages. We will listen to the sounds from different areas of the school or around the home. The pupils will have opportunities to make sounds using everyday objects.
CookingThe pupils will be making pig biscuit faces, they will be making large biscuit houses and decorating them to look like the 3 little pigs houses, each week they will focus on one of the houses straw/brick/sticks.
Ideas for at home • Visit different towns and villages near your home, maybe take a trip to Norwich • Let your child know what the different sounds around the home are • Share stories about different environments that people live in - To head out to different towns and villages that are local to where you live for a walk and an explore. - Visits felbrigg and Holkham hall for some walks around some old houses. - Make a collage of your home with your child. -Art - Make a gingerbread house/biscuit houses - cooking