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Instructor - Elm Rachel Sanders
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Welcome to Elm Class!! 😃

We are a group of 6 pupils aged from 14-19 years. We have 5/6 members of staff working with us each day as we all have very high medical, physical and sensory needs. All our learning is done via a total sensory and communication approach. We have our own tailored PMLD curriculum and assessment which we follow that helps us to meet all of our learning needs. We have a very spacious classroom which is sectioned into different learning areas. Within this room we have a lovely sensory corner which we love to spend time in. We love to get out and about in the community and mixing around the school with others, we have lots of fun and our staff members help us to feel very happy, relaxed and safe when we are with them. We enjoy activities such as trips out, Hydrotherapy, switch work, rebound therapy, sensory stories, Art, Cooking, music, sensory room sessions, massage sessions, problem solving, exploration and communication work.

Summer Term 2 Timetable


Summer Term 2 Curriculum Info for parents
SubjectTopic: Light and Sound
Community Awareness The pupils will go out on different trips to explore light and sound out in the community – the pupils will experience trips where they will explore seaside resorts/arcades, bowling, Titchwell nature reserve listening to sounds of nature and birds etc
Problem SolvingThis half term the pupils will be exploring a range of number rhymes and actions songs, using props to help join in the songs by learning to take of /pass objects linked to the songs to the adults there peers. Learning to follow or join in some actions to songs too.
Social & Emotional The pupils will join in following a Tac pac routine and using different massage items over their bodies to relax to. The pupils will show preferences to which body parts they like having massaged and also show anticipation to the Tac Pac routine.
Stories & Books
CreativeThe pupils will be making some paper mache shakers, black and white pictures, making their own instruments, making stain glass window pictures.
Exploration The pupils will be spending time exploring a range of different sport games parachute, bowling, racing games, rounder’s etc and also exploring different coloured shaving foam mixed with paints, exploring different sensory lights, coloured cellophane, out and about on campus listening to different sounds, using coloured cellophane to look through to see things in a different colour.
MusicThe pupils will be exploring a range of different music and instruments from samba music, African music, classical, piano and getting involved in hands on exploration of the instruments linked to these pieces of music.
CookingThe pupils will explore making a range of summer pudding and foods – the pupils will experience making smoothies, eaten mess, fresh lemonade, artic roll.
Ideas for at home - Explore your kitchen cupboards and making sounds with your kitchen equipment and utensils. - Make your own junk model instruments at home. - Go out and explore the seaside/local park/seaside arcades/restaurant to explore the sounds and lights or these environment. - Make summer puddings / explore summer pudding in trays/bowls getting messy. - Exploring a range of music at home to listen to.