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Welcome to Elm Class!! 😃

We are a group of 6 pupils aged from 14-19 years. We have 5/6 members of staff working with us each day as we all have very high medical, physical and sensory needs. All our learning is done via a total sensory and communication approach. We have our own tailored PMLD curriculum and assessment which we follow that helps us to meet all of our learning needs. We have a very spacious classroom which is sectioned into different learning areas. Within this room we have a lovely sensory corner which we love to spend time in. We love to get out and about in the community and mixing around the school with others, we have lots of fun and our staff members help us to feel very happy, relaxed and safe when we are with them. We enjoy activities such as trips out, Hydrotherapy, switch work, rebound therapy, sensory stories, Art, Cooking, music, sensory room sessions, massage sessions, problem solving, exploration and communication work.

Autumn Term 1 Timetable 2019


Autumn Term 1 2019 Curriculum Info for parents
SubjectTopic: Senses
Community Awareness This half term the pupils will be out and about in the community exploring their senses in different environments from small and large supermarkets – exploring the fruit, vegetable, bread, fish sections, to exploring toys in the toy isle. We will also be heading out to a local park for a walk to explore the surroundings and nature. Exploring a local café at a horse rescue sanctuary, going to a local seaside town and exploring the arcade listening to the sounds and watching the lights. Also exploring a large garden centre to explore plants, herbs and flowers and checking out the fish in the tanks.
Communication, Social & Emotional DevelopmentCommunication, social and emotional development will be focused on throughout the week in different sessions, pupils will also have an individual focus session around there own individual communication systems each week. Pupils will also get weekly there therapy sessions which involve rebound, 2 Hydrotherapy swims, a massage session and sensory room time. This sensory room time will have a different focus each half term- this half term it will be around using switches with the sensory equipment. This being half an hour slots split into two groups with the second group in class focusing on using soundbeam with switches and then swapping over.
Problem SolvingPupils will explore a range of sensory sense’s related materials and have the chance to explore them with hands and feet. They will have a range of smelly, noisy and textured materials to explore.
CreativeThe pupils will explore a range of creative activities linked to their senses over the half term- some of the creative activities will include- canvas hand/foot prints/ exploring shaving foam/ paint/ mark making/ exploring paint in cooked and uncooked spaghetti/pasta/rice and printing with it/ making tactile collages of hands/feet/ exploring scented paint and paint blowing.
Exploration The pupils will explore a range of playdough, gloop and salt dough with different essences and textures which they will explore these with their hands.
MusicThe pupils will explore a range of music from samba and Africa instruments and music, exploring keyboards , to using the soundbeam to produce sounds and music using switches. They will also make their own junk model instruments and also exploring action songs.
CookingThis half term we will be making lots of different types of bread and having the chance to explore them by smelling different ingredients and flavourings. The pupils will explore the dough cold, warm and explore bread when cooked.
Ideas for at home - Explore a range of genres – you can use you tube to explore a whole range of music- see if your children have any preferences/ show any preferences. - Make junk model instruments at home- use old bottles with rice in for shakers etc. - Go out and about for walks in your local community, local towns/ villages/parks/seaside towns. - Explore some messy play together- cook spaghetti/rice/raw spaghetti/rice and explore these items with your child. - Use paint to make hand and foot prints. - Do some cooking- make biscuits with different scenes in them – eg vanilla/chocolate/ mint/ peppermint.