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Teacher - Dolphins Cate Sadler-Barker
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We are Seals Class.

There are nine pupils and five adults in Seals. We are carefully transitioning from a play-based curriculum into a more formal and focused curriculum.

We are very energetic and therefore we love to keep busy! We spend lots of time every day going outside, doing arts and crafts, reading and engaging in subject specific activities.

Spring Term 1 Timetable


Spring Term 1 2022 Topic: Vehicles, Transport and Travel Curriculum Info for Parents - Support communication and language development, emotional growth and generally embed a positive attitude to learning and developing.
EnglishWe are continuing to work on our letter formation this half term – please let Cate know if you would also like some handwriting sheets to practise at home too! We will be sending reading books home weekly for you to enjoy with your child if you can find the time. Please see the comments in their yellow reading records! Please add your own comments to these, if convenient. We are continuing working on our phonics knowledge – specifically the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make.
MathsWe will be working on counting vehicles this half term. How many boats do we have in our rhyme? We will also be looking at the movement of an object. When are our boats moving forwards, and backwards? Go forwards and backwards in your car, or on the bus!
PSHEWe are going to learn more about how we can be kind to each other, using words and actions. What kind of things can you do/say at home to be kind? Don’t forget to tell us all about it!
SceinceWe are going to explore how things move. We will also experiment with different materials to make our boats from. Will they float or sink? What makes your toys move? Do they ever stop moving?
HistoryWhat did you do during the holidays? Can you tell us about it? Maybe you could bring some photos in (if possible your adult could send in some photos from home via email or in diaries). At home recall some of these experiences with the people you shared them with.
MusicCan we move, song and play in response to the music? Which songs do we like/dislike? Sing your favourite action songs at home. Can you teach them to someone else?
ArtWe will use shapes to help us draw and make buses, planes and boats. What shapes can you see on the cars, buses and other vehicles you see when out and about?
Computing (led by Nikki Wardell)In our computing sessions we will learning how to use software to record sounds. We will be enhancing our skills of being able to give commands to control direction & movement, including straight, forwards, backwards, turn up & down. To do these activities we will be using the class whiteboard, I –pads, Bee Bots and specific coding toys. When at home and in the community, look at different mazes – and follow the directions to get to the other side. Record the different sounds of transport on your phone or I -pad. Can you recognise what it was when played back?
PE (led by Nikki Wardell)In PE we will be continuing to check that we have enough space to do our PE safely. We will be learning how to move confidently, with imagination. We will learn some PE games linked with motor skills. This term our focus will be using some equipment linked with our personal PE targets. When at home and in the community (park, beach etc) take the opportunity to move with big steps, little steps, running, rolling and walking. Practise your skills of ‘go’ and ‘stop’
DT (led by Nikki Wardell)During DT we will be looking at different types of transport and making a variety of vehicles. Some will be 2D & some will be 3D. It will include some design features such as colours, numbers of windows & shapes of windows. If it has wheels, we will be considering how they could be attached & work. When at home and out in the community, continue to explore and talk about different types of vehicles that can be seen. Talk about the shape and size. Can you count the number of windows? Does it have more than 1 door. Some vehicles might have the same name but look very different – for example if you have a car, compare it with your neighbour’s car. Consider doing some junk modelling & create a fabulous vehicle.
Focus Stories and rhymesWeek 1&2: Wheels on the bus Week 3&4: Row, row, row your boat / Week 5&6: I wish I were a pilot