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Teacher - Seals Hannah Whiting
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We are Seals Class.

There are nine pupils and five adults in Seals. We are carefully transitioning from a play-based curriculum into a more formal and focussed curriculum.

We are very energetic and therefore we love to keep busy! We spend lots of time every day going outside, doing arts and crafts, reading and engaging in subject specific activities.

Autumn Term 1 Visual Timetable


Autumn Term 1 Topic: Real Superheroes! Curriculum Info for Parents - Support communication and language development, emotional growth and generally embed a positive attitude to learning and developing.
EnglishWe are looking at lots of fiction and non-fiction texts about real life superheroes. For example, Police Officers, Firefighters, Vets, Doctors, Animals that help us, Paramedics etc. You could visit your local library and find some books about this to read at home. You could find some signs in the local community showing you where these people are. Don’t forget, you can also read your books sent home from school with your adults too!
MathsWe are looking at numbers to 10/20 and counting carefully. How many toy cars do you have at home? Can you count them one at a time to find the total? How many birds can you count in your garden? Can you find some numbers you recognise in your local area?
SceinceWe are focussing on changing materials in science this half term. Can you freeze something in ice? What might happen if you leave it in the sun? Will it ever change back to ice once it has melted? You could try baking – which ingredients will you mix together? What will happen when you mix them? What will happen after they have been in the oven?
GeographyYou could go on a walk and see how many Real Superheroes you see in your local area! You could take some photos of yourself with these superheroes and send them in to school to show your adults and friends! Hannah will give you a super sticker if you do!
MusicWe are learning how to compose our own rhythms and beats this half term. Can you play the ‘Follow the Beat’ game with your family? Someone needs to be the leader, start a beat using instruments or their body, and everyone else must follow!
ArtWe love craft activities in Seals Class – We do one every day! Can you use some junk modelling at home to create a Police car? A hospital? How about using crayons to draw some pictures of your favourite real superheroes? We are working on developing our independence with using tools, so practising using scissors with an adult to help would be really good!