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Teacher - Oak Cate Sadler-Barker
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Welcome to Oak class!

In Oak we follow a thematic learning scheme to enable pupils to readily access an interesting and relevant curriculum whilst ensuring pupils make maximum progress. Pupils follow a diverse timetable comprising of English, Maths, Science, PSHE, Art, DT, Geography, History, ICT, MFL and Music. Within the classroom there is a strong influence on preparing pupils for a more independent post-school life.

In Oak we believe learning experiences outside the classroom are essential to a fun and effective curriculum. Over the past year pupils have enjoyed many trips out including The Countryside Classroom event at Reepham, several sporting events at UEA Sportspork, surveying the public in Sheringham town, Den building at Sheringham Park, debating and voting at the NNDC offices and much more. In addition to these we visit the school’s smallholding, The Patch, weekly. Pupils also participate in weekly cooking sessions in our school kitchen and frequent visits to the school library.

Currently Oak team comprises of a teacher, two TAs and nine pupils. In the classroom we have six computers, a newly installed Clevertouch board, a kitchen with a food preparation and eating area, a work station, a relaxed zone and a comfy, but formal area around the IWB.

Spring Term 2 Timetable

Curriculum Info for Parents Theme: New SkillsSpring Term 2 2021
SubjectProfilesIdeas for Home
English: WriteStoriesEveryone loves a good story! What does a good story contain? Can you write one? Can someone in your family tell you a story? What did you like about it?
English: ReadWorld Book DayWorld Book day is coming up – prepare yourself! What is your favourite book? Is there a book you would like to read? We are going to take part in various WBD inspired activities around our favourite book. What do your friends and family like reading? Would you like to read any of their favourites?
Maths: Measure Number & Apply Everyday This half term we are going to brush up our skills in important areas to everyday life. They will include time telling, times tables and fractions. Practise these through everyday life conversations, e.g. “how long until dinner?”, “how many slices of pizza will we each get?”
PSHEExpressing YourselfHow good are you at expressing yourself? Let’s do it! You will complete a different activity each week to learn and improve on this skill. What expressions do you pick up from the people around you? Identify them and discuss with your family.
ScienceGrowing It’s getting warmer which means it’s the perfect time for new beginnings. Can you tell the difference between a bulb and a seed? Can you grow and nurture these until they grow into a plant?
Art New skillsWe are going to be learning lots of new skills from the professionals in the art world. Which ones do you prefer? Why? Discuss this at home.
ASDANThe local environmentHow can you improve your local environment? Learn some new skills to help in this area. Can you encourage other people to do the same? How might you do this?
DTAxles, wheels, levers and slidersWhat do you know about axles, wheels, levers and sliders? You are going to learn how to design and make your own. Where do you see axles, wheels, levers and sliders in everyday life?
GeogrgpahyFieldwork and observationsWhat can you learn from looking? What would you like to investigate? What tools may you wish to use? I can’t wait to see your choices!
MFLSpainWould you like to learn a new language? Look no further – you are going to learn Spanish. We will also learn about the culture and the country. Have you been to Spain? What do you remember? If you haven’t do you know anyone that has been? What can they tell you about Spain?
PEGamesWould you like to play some games to improve your skills in PE? Each week I will give you a different game to play, so you can improve on a different skill. Which of these skills would be useful in everyday life? How? Why?