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Teacher - Oak Cate Sadler-Barker
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Welcome to Oak class!

In Oak we follow a thematic learning scheme to enable pupils to readily access an interesting and relevant curriculum whilst ensuring pupils make maximum progress. Pupils follow a diverse timetable comprising of English, Maths, Science, PSHE, Art, DT, Geography, History, ICT, MFL and Music. Within the classroom there is a strong influence on preparing pupils for a more independent post-school life.

In Oak we believe learning experiences outside the classroom are essential to a fun and effective curriculum. Over the past year pupils have enjoyed many trips out including The Countryside Classroom event at Reepham, several sporting events at UEA Sportspork, surveying the public in Sheringham town, Den building at Sheringham Park, debating and voting at the NNDC offices and much more. In addition to these we visit the school’s smallholding, The Patch, weekly. Pupils also participate in weekly cooking sessions in our school kitchen and frequent visits to the school library.

Currently Oak team comprises of a teacher, two TAs and nine pupils. In the classroom we have six computers, a newly installed Clevertouch board, a kitchen with a food preparation and eating area, a work station, a relaxed zone and a comfy, but formal area around the IWB.

Summer term 2 Timetable

Curriculum Info for Parents Theme: CampingSummer Term 2
SubjectProfilesIdeas for Home
English: WriteCampfire storiesWe will be learning to write stories to read around the campfire (e.g. ghost stories). Can pupils gain any inspiration from stories told at home? Pupils could practice their story telling skills at home. Can they use their voice to create different emotions?
Maths: Measure & Apply 2D and 3D shapes Multiplying Can pupils identify 2D shapes on 3D objects around the home? Can they make 3D shapes from modelling materials? Which multiples can pupils recall? Can they make up a song/poem for a new multiple to learn? When getting out and about look at the numbers you see. Do they fit in any of the multiples?
Maths: Number
ScienceEnergy We will start off by looking at light energy and shadows. Pupils could practise their shadow puppets at home. How can they make their shadows bigger…..and longer? We will then look at how we can use energy such a solar, wind and water, to make things work.
PSHEKeeping Clean It can be hard keeping clean out in the wilderness! We will be learning how to keep clean even in challenging conditions. Discuss cleaning routines at home. How might these be different when you are camping?
ComputingCampsitesWhich campsites are the best? Pupils will research and review a chosen campsite. They will then deliver their pitch to their peers in the hope of winning “Campsite of SWS” competition. Discuss at home what makes a good campsite.
DT & Art Campfire cooking/Art What can we cook on the campfire? Discuss possibilities at home. Are some of these meals more balanced than others? How can we ensure we still get our five a day whilst camping? What natural materials can we use to create a piece of art from? Where do we see natural art (e.g. cave drawings)?
GeographyWe will using our scrapbooks to look at the history of our lives so far. We are then going to compare these to the lives of our past generations. At home discuss these. What leisure activities do kids take part in nowadays? Are these different to 30 years ago? 50 years ago? If possible they could discuss this with older members of the family.
MusicBacking it UpWe will explore videos to inspire us to produce a piece of music which reflects the lifecycles of plants and animals. We will be learning how to use graphic scores to compose our music. Whilst watching TV look out for footage of lifecycles and discuss the type of instruments used, the beat and pitch.
PEJourney of ballsPupils will be taking part in some new ball sports and improving their skill with more familiar ball sports. If/when playing ball sports at home maybe ask pupils to think about the journey of these. They could put themselves in the position of the ball, adding their thoughts on the feelings/mood of the ball during critical moments.