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Teacher - Oak Cate Sadler-Barker
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Welcome to Oak class!

In Oak we follow a thematic learning scheme to enable pupils to readily access an interesting and relevant curriculum whilst ensuring pupils make maximum progress. Pupils follow a diverse timetable comprising of English, Maths, Science, PSHE, Art, DT, Geography, History, ICT, MFL and Music. Within the classroom there is a strong influence on preparing pupils for a more independent post-school life.

In Oak we believe learning experiences outside the classroom are essential to a fun and effective curriculum. Over the past year pupils have enjoyed many trips out including The Countryside Classroom event at Reepham, several sporting events at UEA Sportspork, surveying the public in Sheringham town, Den building at Sheringham Park, debating and voting at the NNDC offices and much more. In addition to these we visit the school’s smallholding, The Patch, weekly. Pupils also participate in weekly cooking sessions in our school kitchen and frequent visits to the school library.

Currently Oak team comprises of a teacher, two TAs and nine pupils. In the classroom we have six computers, a newly installed Clevertouch board, a kitchen with a food preparation and eating area, a work station, a relaxed zone and a comfy, but formal area around the IWB.

Autumn Term 2 Timetable

Curriculum Info for Parents Theme: World WarsAutumn Term 2 2020
SubjectProfilesIdeas for Home
English: Write/ReadLetters and diary entriesPupils will be learning to write letters and diary entries from children who lived through the wars, and those that fought during the wars. Whilst writing their entries they will be learning how to use subordinate and co-ordinate conjunctions. At home reflect on how everyday life today is different.
Maths: Apply Musical maths (number) Times tables Pupils will be creating their own lyrics and melodies to help them and their peers recall and use multiples of various numbers. At home can you practise your rhyme? Can other members of the family give your rhyme two stars (good things) and a wish (something to change/add to make it better).
PSHEHealthy livingDuring PSHE we will be learning what is a ‘healthy lifestyle’; do we do it and can we maintain it? We will be looking at various aspects including skin hygiene, oral hygiene, exercise, good quality sleep, healthy food & drink. These sessions will include discussion and possible ‘mini – activities’. We will be setting ourselves targets and trying to keep achieving these targets over a period of half term, showing that we can maintain them. When at home and out in the community, continue to explore and talk about different types of healthy lifestyles. Actively encourage and role model examples such as going for a family walk, brushing & flossing teeth, eating plenty of fruit & vegetables etc.
ScienceChemical reactionsPupils will be taking part in lots of fun experiments, exploring the properties of different materials and considering the hazards involved and how we can control these. What hazards do you come across at home? How do you keep yourself safe from these?
ASDANFeeling goodPupils will be learning how to produce their own daily timetables. At home please discuss the timings of daily events, e.g. dinner time. They will also be looking at what we do to keep our bodies clean. At home please discuss this and how often we should be doing these activities. In the latter part of the half term pupils will prepare and take part in Christmas celebration activities using things from foreign countries. At home compare these to the celebrations we normally participate in.
PETri golf Pupils will be looking at aspects of golf putting & chipping, then completing an active Norfolk competition.
DTBug motelWill we finish our bug hotel so our creepy critters can make themselves comfortable and cosy before Winter sets in? Of course we will! Pupils will continue working on these structures, carefully considering how we can cater for as many different bugs as possible. Where do bugs settle in the garden? In the house? Can we mimic these areas in our bug hotel?
HistoryWW1 + WW2Pupils will be looking at what life was like during the Wars, e.g. in the trenches. They will also be looking at dates of both wars and why they began. Pupils will be looking at food eaten during the wat and try some of their own wartime recipes. At home pupils could discuss family knowledge of relatives in the war and their memories/experiences.
ComputingDatabasesPupils will be learning how to use databases and how we can use them to find out more about life during the wars. They will learn about the type of information stored on databases. What databases do you come across at home?