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Welcome to Oak class!

In Oak we follow a thematic learning scheme to enable pupils to readily access an interesting and relevant curriculum whilst ensuring pupils make maximum progress. Pupils follow a diverse timetable comprising of English, Maths, Science, PSHE, Art, DT, Geography, History, ICT, MFL and Music. Within the classroom there is a strong influence on preparing pupils for a more independent post-school life.

In Oak we believe learning experiences outside the classroom are essential to a fun and effective curriculum. Over the past year pupils have enjoyed many trips out including The Countryside Classroom event at Reepham, several sporting events at UEA Sportspork, surveying the public in Sheringham town, Den building at Sheringham Park, debating and voting at the NNDC offices and much more. In addition to these we visit the school’s smallholding, The Patch, weekly. Pupils also participate in weekly cooking sessions in our school kitchen and frequent visits to the school library.

Currently Oak team comprises of a teacher, two TAs and nine pupils. In the classroom we have six computers, a newly installed Clevertouch board, a kitchen with a food preparation and eating area, a work station, a relaxed zone and a comfy, but formal area around the IWB.

Oak Timetable – Autumn term 1

Curriculum Info for Parents Theme: HolidayAutumn Term 1
SubjectProfilesIdeas for Home
EnglishWriting postcards Creating a holiday scene Pupils will be writing and sending postcards home from their chosen holiday destination. They will be reading holiday brochures and using the information for these to help them produce their own brochures. When out and about pupils could look at and discuss the layout for a postcard and the designs they like. Also in English pupils will be asked to plan and take part in a drama sketch of a holiday scene of their choice. Explore their ideas at home and consider any past experiences they may have had to help them plan their scene.
MathsLuggageWe will be looking at the currency in different holiday destinations and role play buying popular objects/items in those destinations. We will also looking at packing for our holiday, considering the weight restrictions when using different forms of transport to our holiday destinations. We will also be taking different measures from items in our class suitcase. Pupils will be asked to bring an item in for this purpose. At home discuss what their essential item will be. They could do a practice run in packing for a holiday. Did they meet the weight limit?
ScienceAdaptations Designing an umbrella Pupils will create their own holiday island. They will select animals to live on their island and describe how they are adapted. They will also be looking at how to overcome a natural disaster on their island. At home pupils can discuss the aspects they have enjoyed most when they have been on holiday and how they may include these in their own island design.
PSHEKeeping safeWe will be looking at how to keep safe whilst on holiday, this will include keeping safe in the sun, abiding by laws in popular holiday destinations. At home pupils could discuss the laws we have in this country to help keep us safe.
P.EHoliday sportsPupils will be trying out a variety of sports that are commonly available in holiday resorts. This will mainly include activities revolved around volley ball. Pupils could look out for holiday sports on TV, in magazines and newspapers, and bring any ideas back to classroom for us to explore.
ArtNorfolk rocksIn Art we will be taking part in the Norfolk Rocks scheme. Pupils will design and paint a rock which they will hide. Whilst out and about pupils could keep an eye out for Norfolk rocks and discuss their thoughts on the scheme (is it a good idea? and how long is it likely to continue for?).
D.TBeach hutsPupils will be designing and making model beach huts. They will visit a location where a wide variety of beach huts can observed and use these as inspiration for their own. At home pupils can look out for images of beach huts and discuss their preferences.
GeographyHow local towns have been shamed by tourismOur main focus in our lessons will be on history this half term. However, we will be considering how Cromer has changed and adapted over the years to meet holidaymakers ‘requirements. Visit a local museum and look for photos, plans and information on how seaside towns have changed. Cromer has a very good museum.
HistoryHistory of holidaysPupils will be recalling holidays / days out they have experienced. We will be learning about how holidays have changed over time - Victorian times, holiday camps, rise in number of foreign holidays and holidays of the future. At home look through photos of holidays that you may have from your past / grandparents and encourage pupils to think about the changes and similarities between photos and their own experiences.
ICTHoliday brochurePupils will be designing a promotional resource (brochure/video/presentation) for their island (see science). They will be learning how to research and use relevant material to enhance their own work. At home look through brochures together. Discuss the presentation and the content to help pupils gain ideas for their own resource.