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Welcome to Oak class!

In Oak we follow a thematic learning scheme to enable pupils to readily access an interesting and relevant curriculum whilst ensuring pupils make maximum progress. Pupils follow a diverse timetable comprising of English, Maths, Science, PSHE, Art, DT, Geography, History, ICT, MFL and Music. Within the classroom there is a strong influence on preparing pupils for a more independent post-school life.

In Oak we believe learning experiences outside the classroom are essential to a fun and effective curriculum. Over the past year pupils have enjoyed many trips out including The Countryside Classroom event at Reepham, several sporting events at UEA Sportspark, surveying the public in Sheringham town, Den building at Sheringham Park, debating and voting at the NNDC offices and much more. In addition to these we visit the school’s smallholding, The Patch, weekly. Pupils also participate in weekly cooking sessions in our school kitchen and frequent visits to the school library.

Currently Oak team comprises of a teacher, two TAs and nine pupils. In the classroom we have six computers, a newly installed Clevertouch board, a kitchen with a food preparation and eating area, a work station, a relaxed zone and a comfy, but formal area around the IWB.

Oak Timetable – Summer term 1 – 23/24

Summer Term 1 23/24 Curriculum profiles and ideas for continued learning at home
SubjectProfilesIdeas for home
Maths Maths is about ‘Gardening and Growing.’ We will use the topic to further practise our measuring. We will also use measurement in the context of word problems. From a number point of view we will look at fractions, multiplication and divide. Growing plants at home and measuring them. Think of multiplication as ‘lots of’ and division as sharing.
EnglishIn English our topic is ‘Families.’ As previously we will look at this topic through different genres: stories, non fiction and poetry. We will particularly look at the stories of Anthony Browne. We will also continue our phonics sessions and weekly 1:1 reading. Reading poems and stories about families at home. Identifying when a book is about families. Identifying the relationships between characters… key things they say and their feelings at different points in the story.
ArtIn Art we are doing pottery. We will be practising skills like rolling, squeezing and flattening. We will be creating models for the life cycle of a butterfly before decorating them.Using modelling clay at home such as plasticine, fimo etc. Identifying objects in the home that have been created by using pottery materials and skills.
PSHEThe PSHE topic is Crime and Justice. We hope to visited by a local policeman and the children will have the chance to question him about his role. We will look at the consequences of crime both in terms of punishment and the emotional consequences for those involved. We will consider why some people may commit crimes. We will also focus on youth offending. When watching the news or even soap operas it may be a good opportunity to consider peoples actions and their consequences.
GeographyIn Geography we are comparing different localities. We will be looking at the difference between rural and urban environments, focusing on Sheringham and London. We will also look at comparable environments around the world. Internet research such as Google Streetview. Use of atlases. Discussion about changes in localities as you travel around.
Library (Tracey D) Our focus in Library time will be on developing Library skills and independence in using the school library and reading books for pleasure.Enjoy reading and browsing books with you child just for pleasure. Have books and magazines around the house, if possible make reading and listening to stories part of your usual routine.
ScienceScience is looking at different materials and their properties. We will be considering the differences between solids, liquids and gases. We will also be testing materials for properties such as magnetism, transparency and whether it sinks or floats. This is a good opportunity for a discussion with your child about what they think different objects including buildings are made out of and why. Non fiction books from the library.
MFLIn MFL we are learing about France. We will learn facts about the country, cook traditional dishes and learn key phrases. Internet and book research. Cooking at home. Practising the phrases learnt.
MusicIn Music the children will work in groups to indentify and perform different rhythms. They will understand what is meant by pulse or steady beat. Identifying the beat in songs whilst listening to favourite songs/the radio at home or in the car.
PEThis half term we will be focusing on our athletics skills; running, jumping and throwing. We will be measuring our performance, and comparing this with others. We will be looking at how we can improve our scores each time, and then reflecting on these.Play athletic games with in the household in the garden or park