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Teacher - Shells Jen Armstrong
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Autumn Term 1 2020Topic: Feelings
Week 1 Theme: welcome to Shells Vegetable: marrow Emotion: happy Story: Hello Goodbye Maths: number songs Week 2 Theme: the colour red Vegetable: tomato Emotion: angry Story: Sometimes I Feel Sunny Maths: counting 0-10 Week 3 Theme: the colour orange Vegetable: carrot Emotion: excited Story: Max The Brave Maths: counting 0-10 Week 4 Theme: the colour yellow Vegetable: yellow pepper Emotion: scared Story: Rufus and the Blackberry Monster Maths: grouping by colours
Week 5 Theme: the colour green Vegetable: cucumber Emotion: calm Story: The Colour Monster Maths: grouping by colours Week 6 Theme: the colour purple Vegetable: beetroot Emotion: sad Story: Everybody Feels Sad Maths: 2D shape Week 7 Theme: the colour blue Vegetable: rainbow salad Emotion: tired Story: Once Upon A Rainbow Maths: 2D shape We also have weekly visits to the Sensory Room, Teaching Kitchen, Library, The Patch and PE Hall. We eat in the dinner hall, and play in the Primary Playground.
Vegetables We will be exploring our senses using vegetables: looking, touching, smelling and eating! We will be preparing different vegetables each week in the Teaching Kitchen to make tasty snacks. Colours Each week we will explore a different colour, using the colour of the vegetable of the week. We will be using messy play and art to create and mix colours. Emotions Each week we will link an emotion to the colour of the week. We will use mirrors, songs, signs and books to learn about feelings. Maths We will sort and group vegetables and objects by their colours and by their shapes. We will be counting seeds, singing number songs and exploring written numbers.