Welcome to Shells

Teacher Andrew Webb
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Welcome to Shells!

We are a class of 6 energetic children and 6 adults who love to play!  We use total communication throughout the day and are learning how to express our needs and wishes.

We learn best through hands on experiences, including outside learning, finding out about food and sensory play.

We really enjoy the routine of our day,  and the individual sensory input that is so important to each of us.

Shells Timetable – Summer Term 1 – 23/24

Summer Term 1 23/24Topic: Food
SessionClass IdeasIdeas for home
Phonics, Listening and MusicOur focus in these sessions will be a mix of listening and attending to environmental sounds, as well as some children will begin to start exploring Phase 2 Twinkl phonics sounds. Some of the pupil’s engagement in these sessions will be shown through anticipation of what is going to happen, joining in or moving towards particular sounds or resources. We will also be focusing on exploring musical instruments, how they work and what sounds they make. We will look at using foods to make sounds but dropping rice and pasta on drums, using pasta drumsticks and what sounds food makes when we cook, eat and squeeze them. When at home or out and about, encourage good listening of things around – for example sounds of everyday things at home indoors or while out on walks. You can also talk about the sounds foods make when you are cooking and eating.
Stories and BooksWe will be focusing on sharing stories which use food as a theme, such as: Don’t put your finger in the Jelly Nelly; The Tiger who Came to Tea; Oliver’s Milkshake; The Hungry Caterpillar; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; and The Enormous Watermelon. We will be thinking about what’s going to happen next in the story. We will also be looking at and exploring the different resources that are used to help tell the story. Share stories at home. These can be related to food or a story that your child enjoys. They can be in book, audio or video form. CBeebies Bedtime Stories are available on the CBeebies channel, iPlayer and You Tube. This encourages a growth of vocabulary as well as having fun through sounds and rhyme.
Problem Solving and ExplorationWe will be developing exploration and manipulation skills through exploring different foods/utensils. As well as counting using food, problem solving such as how many cakes do we need and looking at ordering and weigh objects based on their weight and size.At home you could order different foods, explore the cooking utensils and think about how much of each food you will need.
Understanding the WorldThe half term we will be focusing on exploring different foods and their textures. We will also be looking at different utensils used in cooking and how to use each utensil while working on both fine and gross motor skills. We will be looking at where different food comes from and what foods different cultures eat. We will also be discovering what changes happen to food when we heat and cool/ freeze it. Finally, we will be looking at growing different edible plants such as cress, sunflowers and beans. You could explore different foods at home, try growing your own edible plants or getting your child to help you with the cooking and using the different utensils that are used when cooking.
CreativeOur creative sessions will be led through our topic of food, these sessions will include printing with different foods, using edible paints and foods as paint to create pictures. We will also be creating representations of food through different mediums such as papier mache, clay and salt dough. The children will also have a chance to role play shops and restaurants. You too could use food to print different pictures or use blended food/ different foods as paint. You could take your child shopping and or role play shops or restaurants with the things you have at home.
PE and Orientation/ Mobility and Movement Our focus for these sessions will be on linking actions with a link to gymnastics. This will be done by exploring low level soft play and gymnastic equipment and discovering ways of moving over, under and around them. The children will also be encouraged to be active at break and lunchtime by using the bikes, balls and different outside play equipment. You could use music to explore movement – either through expression of dance, or use in the background to do any physio or stretching exercises too. Cosmic Yoga or Monkey yoga on YouTube is quite an engaging way to get involved in moving our bodies.
Cooking / Life skillsWe have a session every week where we can focus on developing our independence skills with fine motor skills such as spreading butter on toast, cutting our toast as well as exploring different tastes and textures. We will also be making foods linked to our story of the week. Dietary requirements will be followed. Encourage your child to continue to build the range of foods and flavours they will tolerate in their diet. We will share any foods or recipes which have been successful in class.