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Autumn Term 1 2021Topic: Super Me & Super Heroes
Book EnglishMathsPhonicsTopic
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (nursery rhyme) Familiar poemsCounting stars sPlaying percussion
Hello, Goodbye (David Lloyd) Communication using total communication Sorting hello and goodbye signs into sets aLearning our routines – hello new activity, goodbye finished activity
Superheroes have friends too! (Morris Katz)Matching pictures, matching wordsOrdering the numbered superheroes tWho is super to us – who is in our family?
Ten Little Superheroes (Mike Brownbow)Rhyming wordsJoining in with number songs and activities pFinding superheroes; following maps of our playground
Supertato (Sue Hendra) Sequencing a storyCounting vegetablesiDesign and make a super veggie of our own!
People Who Help Us At School (Emiline Barrea)Non fiction text- who are our teachers?Sequencing our school day nWhere do different animals live?
Real Superheroes (Julia Seal) Non fiction text – who would we like to be?Bingo games with all 6 letter soundsWhere do these superheroes work, e.g. hospital, vets