Welcome to Seahorses

Teacher - Seahorses Rebecca Roach
Photo of Rebecca Roach

Hello and welcome to Seahorses Class!

We are a mixed Lower Key Stage 2 Class of 9 pupils.

We have 5 members of staff to support us each day.

We are a happy, bubbly class who uses multiple forms of communication support such as using Signalong and symbols, alongside speech.

We are eager learners in Seahorses Class, we have adapted our curriculum to work with our own interests. The pupils choose what they would like to learn about each half term… This half term we are learning all about superheroes! This thematic approach immerses our pupils in their learning at all times – this makes learning fun and engaging for us!

We always encourage each other to be kind and caring friends, and you’ll often see us helping each other whenever we can. We always try our best with everything we do, and we celebrate successes no matter how small!

Spring Term 2 Timetable

Curriculum Information for parents: Spring Term 2Topic: Space....... Seahorses Class learn through thematic planning. This means that we will be using one topic to cover all of our areas of learning. This half-term the children have chosen to look at Space and have pinpointed topics that they want to know about, as well as questions they would like to answer.
SubjectIdeas for home
MathsWe will be counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10 and looking at patterns in colour, shape and number. Talk to your child about numbers: count cars at they pass by on journeys, count ingredients or materials for craft activities at home. You could go on a shape hunt and identify different shapes and talk about how many sides and vertices (corners) they have.
EnglishWe have so many questions we want to answer! We will be using English to record our findings and discussions, including writing postcards from our journey into space and building on descriptive language. You could ask your child to describe the object they are playing with – for example - what colour is it; what does it feel like (soft/cold/squidgy); does it have a smell?
ScienceWe will explore light and shadow as well as the phases of the moon, comparing sizes of the planets in our solar system and investigate day and night. Much of our learning will be through exploration and investigation. We have a whole school Space workshop on 22nd March and will use virtual reality viewers to see a journey through Space. Whilst the evenings are still quite dark please speak with your child about the changes between day and night; the sun as a light source and the moon as a reflector; the changes of the seasons.
ArtSpace creates so many opportunities for Art. We will use Art to explore our topic in a creative way, including charting a star constellation and creating marbled planets. At home your child could make junk model space craft or robots as well as experimenting with colour through pencils, pens and even paints.
I.C.TWhat information can you find out about space? Can you do some research on this? Use search engines safely to find out some information linked with space. Make sure you always have an adult with you to keep you safe online.
P.EOur PE sessions will alternate between astronaut training to develop our core co-ordination and balancing skills with ball skills and team playing such as football and basketball. We will be encouraging the children to have a PE kit and change into it with more independence each week. Each PE session will end with a Yoga cool down to help with mindfulness and being ready to enter the classroom quietly. You could create games at home to encourage building on these skills.
Humanities The focus this term is geography linked with space. We will be looking at people and places in space. Would you like to be an astronaut? What planets would you visit? What could / would you do on these planets?
PSHESetting Goals. We will begin by looking at the training and goals that astronauts have in order to be good at their jobs before looking at what goals the children want for this term. Maybe they want to get better at riding their bike, or running faster? We will then look at social stories and expectations of behaviour around school. You could create your own social story for things happening at home using the Widget Online. If you would like help with this, please let me know.
M.F.LWe will be having a whole school MFL day based around Italy on 29th March. There will be lots of activities for your child to explore, particularly art and food.
D.TCan you make a space ship using junk modelling? Talk about the size and shape of real space ships.
Teaching KitchenWe are very fortunate to use the teaching kitchen each week. We will use this opportunity to create space themed healthy snacks and look at what kind of food astronauts may eat. We will also be making pancakes and looking at food we eat at Easter too. At home you could encourage your child to share their learning and ask them to help with some basic food preparation and cooking or baking.
MusicMusic allows us to explore space-inspired music and how it makes us feel as well as creating compositions alongside it. Each week we will also be learning to play the recorder. At home you could search for a selection of space themed pop/rock music (there is quite a variety) and listen for the sounds we may hear in space.