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Teacher - Seahorses Rebecca Roach
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Hello and welcome to Seahorses Class!

We are a fun and vibrant class of 10 superstar children and 5 adults. We love to be as active as we can with our learning and a carousel of activities works well for us. We get together as a whole class for the start of each lesson as well as really important times of the day such as registration, snack, lunch and Rainbow time when we can celebrate and enjoy the achievements of ourselves and our friends.

Autumn Term 2 Timetable


Curriculum Information for parents: Autumn Term 2Topic: This means that wherever possible our learning is linked into the topic. Throughout the half term we will be using our lessons to explore celebrations that we may or may not celebrate at home, including; Halloween, Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes, Diwali, Sukkot, Hanukkah, Advent and Christmas. Our afternoons will be focusing on Mindfulness, which is part of the programme being overseen by Kirstie Summers and delivered by Rebecca. We hope that it will link well to our PSHE targets and help the children to find a good routine during this very long, busy and sometimes tricky half term.
SubjectIdeas for home
MathsIn Maths we will be focussing on addition - perhaps you can encourage your child to count steps as they walk, or cars on a journey. We will begin to use concrete resources to be adding two quantities together. Dried pasta shapes make excellent counters at home. We will also be looking at measurement of height and length. Some of us will use cubes to measure – building a Lego or Duplo tower to see how many bricks tall we are for example, and some of us will be using centimetres and metres on a ruler, metre stick, measuring tape and trundle wheel.
EnglishWe will be undertaking daily phonics to help us with our sounds and letter formation. English writing and reading sessions will be linked to the topic for the week, for example creating descriptions of fireworks. Please continue to support your child by sharing books together at home.
ScienceWe will be using Science to look at the changing seasons, particularly as this half term sees a change from Autumn to Winter. As well as getting out and about to explore the lovely Autumnal colours in our local woods, you can speak with your child about any observations they have seen from the trees, frost on the windows, feeling cold, darker evenings etc.
Art (taught by Nikki Wardell).During Art we will be looking at various celebrations. It will include pumpkin carving; bonfire & firework inspired paintings; and working with clay. When at home and out in the community, continue to explore and talk about the different celebrations that are taking place. Talk about the colour and textures. Send in any artwork that has been created at home – we would love to see it.
I.C.T (taught by Nikki Wardell).During IT we will have the opportunity to use the sensory room. Within class, we will be understanding that information can be stored on a computer. We will be making signs for our craft fair using the computer. When at home, take the time to sit together whilst exploring the internet safely – can you find some good images linked with our topic.
MFLOn 12th November we will have a whole-school MFL day focussing on France – this is perfect for using the French words we began to learn in Autumn 1.
History/R.EEach week we will explore a different area of our topic. We will look at the history behind the events, as well as looking back at the work we do each week and considering our involvement in looking at the topics. Lots of our history targets are about recognising events or experiences we had in the past – perhaps you have photos or videos you can share and talk about with your child.
PSHE/CitizenshipThis half term we are focussing on Mindfulness. We will be learning about parts of the brain and how it affects our reactions to certain situations as well as techniques to make us feel more settled – such as breathing, yoga, and building on identifying our emotions.
MusicAfter our recent percussion performance in assembly we look forward to putting together something for the Christmas Concert. Continue to explore music at home by listening to a wide range of genres.