Welcome to Seahorses

Teacher - Seahorses Rebecca Roach
Photo of Rebecca Roach

Hello and welcome to Seahorses Class!

We are a mixed Lower Key Stage 2 Class of 9 pupils.

We have 5 members of staff to support us each day.

We are a happy, bubbly class who uses multiple forms of communication support such as using Signalong and symbols, alongside speech.

We are eager learners in Seahorses Class, we have adapted our curriculum to work with our own interests. The pupils choose what they would like to learn about each half term… This half term we are learning all about superheroes! This thematic approach immerses our pupils in their learning at all times – this makes learning fun and engaging for us!

We always encourage each other to be kind and caring friends, and you’ll often see us helping each other whenever we can. We always try our best with everything we do, and we celebrate successes no matter how small.

Autumn Term 1 Timetable

On Thursday 25th April Seahorses Class went to Sheringham Police and Fire stations.

PC Ian Smith and the Fire Officers showed us around the vehicles and let us dress up and use the sirens, lights and even the hose to wash our minibus! We are learning about People who wear uniforms this half term, and this was a perfect start to our learning and has even got us thinking about jobs and what things we would like to do when we are older. We all had a wonderful time, as you can see from some of our photos.


Curriculum Information for parents: Autumn Term 1Topic: Under the Sea..... Seahorses Class learn through thematic planning. This means that we will be using one topic to cover all of our areas of learning. This half-term the children have chosen to continue their Beside the Seaside topic last term with a specific focus of Under the Sea.
SubjectIdeas for home
MathsWe will be looking at three topics within maths – place value, odd and even numbers and shape. You can use the environment around you to identify numbers and shapes you see. Point them out and share conversations about them with your child.
EnglishWe will be using our topic of Under the Sea to explore fiction, non-fiction and poetry. English lessons will extend our daily phonics sessions to help us with our reading and writing. Please use the tag words (attached to your child’s reading record) and reading book to practise reading with them at home.
ScienceOur focus will be different sea creatures and their habitats. There are many wonderful documentaries such as Blue Planet 2, which can be watched at home through BBC iPlayer, Amazon and Netflix.
Art (taught by Nikki Wardell).During Art we will be looking at things that we can find under the sea, linked with the colours and textures. We will be making collages and sea creatures to reflect this. When at home and out in the community, continue to explore and talk about the different things that can be found under the sea. Talk about the colour and textures – what might it feel like? Send in any artwork which has been created at home – we would love to see it.
I.C.T (taught by Nikki Wardell).During IT we will have the opportunity to use the sensory room, which may be ‘set up’ to feel like under the sea. Within class, we will be learning how to Google images linked with ‘under the sea and even writing a letter on the computer to an underwater creature! When at home, take the time to sit together whilst exploring the internet safely – can you find some good images linked with our topic.
P.EPE will be led by Jason this term. He will be building on your child’s motor skills and coordination as well as turn taking and working in teams. At home you can support with lots of rolling and throwing/catching games using a soft ball.
DT (taught by Nikki Wardell)During DT we will be using and enhancing our ‘making skills’. It will include using some tools such as scissors and glue sticks. We will be making some creatures that live under the sea. When at home and out in the community, continue to look for items that have been made by other people or in a factory. Explore how have the parts been joined together – glue, sellotape, staples, sewn etc.?
MFLWe are going to spend some time learning a little French this term. We will begin with basic greetings and use Bonjour to say the register in the mornings. The Lingo Show on CBeebies has some wonderful shows to give an insight to different languages around the world.
GeographyGeography lessons will focus on the world’s oceans. We will explore a different one each week and specifically look at the sea creatures found in that area. If you are able to, you could visit the seaside and talk about the sea creatures we have in the sea near us, like the wonderful seals close to Blakeney and Morston.
Teaching Kitchen/PSHEWe will be combining our Teaching Kitchen time to make healthy snacks and use the Eatwell Plate to guide us. Your child may like to do this at home too.
MusicWe will be exploring music in class using instruments to create our own compositions, starting with response and imitation. You could clap a beat, or sing a line from a song for your child to copy and build on turn taking.