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Hello and welcome to Seahorses Class!

We are a fun and vibrant class of 10 superstar children and 5 adults. We love to be as active as we can with our learning and a carousel of activities works well for us. We get together as a whole class for the start of each lesson as well as really important times of the day such as registration, snack, lunch and Rainbow time when we can celebrate and enjoy the achievements of ourselves and our friends.

Spring Term 1 2020 Timetable


Curriculum Information for parentsSpring Term 1 2020
SubjectTopic CoverageIdeas for home
MathsFractions (U&A), doubles, number bonds to 10 (N&A) Time (M&G) We will be looking at number bonds to 10 as well as extending our understanding of number in its written form (both digits and words). Share counting aloud when you do it at home; count passing cars on journeys or notice and point out numbers around you. We will also look at fractions – start with halves and sharing between two, and move on to quarters and sharing between 4. We will also be looking at time – days of the week, months of the year as well as using an analogue clock to tell the time to o’clock and half past. Talk about the time at home. We use the time a lot in school. The children know the time when we go for our pudding by where the hands are on the clock! If your child has a watch maybe they could wear it for school?
EnglishStories about imagined worlds Look at lots of stories together which have unicorns, mermaids, monsters or dragons in. If you need some inspiration, the Book Centre in Alby is a wonderful place to go to (and offers free tea or coffee and biscuits whilst you browse!) or join the local library and ask the librarian for some guidance.
ScienceProperties of solids, liquids and gasesWater is a fantastic matter to watch – ice as a solid; water from a tap; condensation from a hot shower or bath settling on a mirror in the bathroom. What happens when the condensation cools and forms when your child writes in it? Has it changed state?
Art (taught by Nikki Wardell).Lines Zig Zag & Curly During art, we will be focusing on different types of lines. We will be using our art skills and tools to create a variety of lines, using different mediums. When at home and out in the community, continue to explore and talk about different types of lines that can be seen. Some examples might include spiral, wavy, straight & zig zag. Send in any artwork that has been created at home – we would love to see it.
I.C.T (taught by Nikki Wardell).Developing ideas and making things happen Creating scenes During computing we will be using programs where characters can be moved around the screen to create an effect, e.g. My Board We will be using programs that give opportunities to insert, for example clip art or stamps. Check out these opportunities at home by using a lap top, computer or I-Pad
MFLChinaMost of our focus will be on the Chinese New Year this half term. It is going to be the Year of the Rat. The character, ‘Wei’ speaks Mandarin on CBeebies Lingoshow. Try cooking some Chinese food for dinner, or make some lovely dragon inspired art.
HistoryBeyond living memory: Household items Perhaps you can share your memories of how your first mobile phone was or look at old family photos of household items such as television sets or VCRs vs DVD players.
PSHE/CitizenshipRecognising emotions We use a Feelings Board at school (enclosed). Encourage your child to identify their emotions when they are feeling both happy or excited as well as sad or angry.
MusicPulse and rhythm We will explore pulse and rhythm with percussion instruments. Simply clap along to the beat of your favourite songs at home.
Teaching Kitchen Chinese FoodWe are going to explore different Chinese food this half term. At home you could create some healthy stir fry dinners with noodles, or rice or look at the different foods available in the supermarket or online.