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Hello and welcome to Seahorses Class!

We are a fun and vibrant class of 10 superstar children and 5 adults. We love to be as active as we can with our learning and a carousel of activities works well for us. We get together as a whole class for the start of each lesson as well as really important times of the day such as registration, snack, lunch and Rainbow time when we can celebrate and enjoy the achievements of ourselves and our friends.

Curriculum Information for parentsSpring Term 2 2021
SubjectProfilesIdeas for home Learning
MathsCalculations, problem solving, patterns, and shape. Pupils will be accessing a range of activities surrounding number and answering questions requiring them to problem solve. Go on a shape hunt around the house/garden. Can you find a 2D shape: square, can you find a 3D shape: cube? Set the table for dinner and count to make sure there are enough plates for everybody. Can you then look at the forks and estimate (think and guess) if there are enough for each plate?
English Play script. Pupils will be taking on a character in a play. They will read lines and role-play the actions. Can you role play your favourite nursery rhyme or story? Go on a bear hunt pretending to be the children in the story. Can you say the words as you move?
PSHERoad Safety Pupils will be learning about safe places to cross the road. Pupils will use role play and small world to learn about road safety. Pupils will then go out on campus to ‘find peter rabbit in the field’, using the crossings. Go for a walk and spot safe places near home to cross the road. Come up with family rules about crossing the road safely.
ScienceLight Pupils will learn about how rainbows are made and explore different tools that use light: microscope, torch, mirrors, and periscopes. On a sunny and rainy day go out looking for a rainbow. If you have window decorations made of glass look for the rainbows it can make.
ComputingPictograms Pupils will collect date such as favourite fruit of children and input it into pictogram software at school. Here are some online games that create pictograms. Remember to have an adult with you at all times when on the internet. https://toytheater.com/fruit-fall/ https://toytheater.com/fishing/
DTJunk model houses Pupils will make junk model houses to add to our 3D map for road safety. Energy rich foods. Pupils are planting potatoes at the Patch and learning about what foods give them energy. Make a junk model town and traffic lights etc… you can use this to role play road safety. Plan a meal involving potato, rice, pasta or another energy rich food. Discuss how we eat the pasta to give us energy, the tomato sauce for nutrients (it comes from tomatoes) and cheese for calcium (for our bones).
Art & Craft Clay Pupils will be sculpting and building with clay this term. Make salt dough together and bake your creation in the oven. https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/how-make-salt-dough-recipe Be careful when handling, as it can be dangerous to digest too much salt at once. Please do not eat the dough.
GeogrpahyFarming Pupils are learning where our food comes from. Pupils will plant potatoes at the patch and plants in the class. Put the shopping away as a family and discuss where each food comes from. The bread comes from wheat, which grows on a field on a farm. The cake has milk from a cow, flour from wheat, eggs from a chicken and sugar from the cane plant.
REEaster Pupils will discuss inspirational people and learn about the Easter story. Enjoy your family’s regular Easter traditions if you already celebrate Easter. Discuss who inspires you.