Welcome to Seahorses

Teacher - Seahorses Rebecca Roach
Photo of Rebecca Roach

Hello and welcome to Seahorses Class!

We are a mixed Lower Key Stage 2 Class of 9 pupils.

We have 5 members of staff to support us each day.

We are a happy, bubbly class who uses multiple forms of communication support such as using Signalong and symbols, alongside speech.

We are eager learners in Seahorses Class, we have adapted our curriculum to work with our own interests. The pupils choose what they would like to learn about each half term… This half term we are learning all about superheroes! This thematic approach immerses our pupils in their learning at all times – this makes learning fun and engaging for us!

We always encourage each other to be kind and caring friends, and you’ll often see us helping each other whenever we can. We always try our best with everything we do, and we celebrate successes no matter how small!

Spring term 1 Timetable

Curriculum Information for parents: Spring Term 1Topic: Vehicles & Machines - Seahorses Class learn through thematic planning. This means that we will be using one topic to cover all of our areas of learning.
SubjectIdeas for home
MathsWe will be focussing on subtraction and mass (weight) this half term. Use toys to create subtraction or take away number sentences. Your child could weigh some of their toys using your kitchen scales, or even make a recipe together. Talk about the words heaviest and lightest to compare objects.
EnglishWe will be focussing on various non-fiction work around vehicles and machines and creating our own fact files. Maybe you have a hobby that involves cars or motorbikes. You could visit the local library and find out some information about different vehicles.
ScienceWe will be learning about materials this half term. Discuss with your child the materials of items in your home. Why has it be used compared to another material? We will also be looking at floating and sinking – a brilliant opportunity for water play and exploration linking to boats and waterproof materials.
ArtWe will begin by creating patterns in paint and salt dough using toy cars to create parallel lines. We will then explore signwriting and the colour wheel. You could discuss colour tones with your child – perhaps pick up a colour chart from a DIY store?
I.C.TWhat is your favourite vehicle? Can you do some research on this? Use search engines safely to find out some information about them. Make sure you always have an adult with you to keep you safe online.
P.EWe will be focussing on circuits this half term. We will be creating circuits focussing on vehicles and the different movements they can make. Think about a airplane going fast down a run way to take off; a train going through a tunnel. We will also be working on team sports using our parachute for team games.
HumanitiesThe focus this term is history. Can you find a vehicle and see how old it is? Does this vehicle look very different from years ago? Think about comparing an old vehicle with a modern one; for example, a steam train and an electric train