Welcome to Seahorses

Teacher - Seahorses Rebecca Roach
Photo of Rebecca Roach

Hello and welcome to Seahorses Class!

We are a mixed Lower Key Stage 2 Class of 9 pupils.

We have 5 members of staff to support us each day.

We are a happy, bubbly class who uses multiple forms of communication support such as using Signalong and symbols, alongside speech.

We are eager learners in Seahorses Class, we have adapted our curriculum to work with our own interests. The pupils choose what they would like to learn about each half term… This half term we are learning all about superheroes! This thematic approach immerses our pupils in their learning at all times – this makes learning fun and engaging for us!

We always encourage each other to be kind and caring friends, and you’ll often see us helping each other whenever we can. We always try our best with everything we do, and we celebrate successes no matter how small!

Summer Term 2 Timetable

On Thursday 25th April Seahorses Class went to Sheringham Police and Fire stations.

PC Ian Smith and the Fire Officers showed us around the vehicles and let us dress up and use the sirens, lights and even the hose to wash our minibus! We are learning about People who wear uniforms this half term, and this was a perfect start to our learning and has even got us thinking about jobs and what things we would like to do when we are older. We all had a wonderful time, as you can see from some of our photos.



Curriculum Information for parents: Summer Term 2Topic: ‘Oh I do Like to be Beside the Seaside.’ Seahorses Class learn through thematic planning. This half-term the children have chosen to look at holidays and being at the seaside; we will be using this one topic to cover all of our areas of learning. We will tie this in with looking at seasons and using the (hopefully) warmer weather to enjoy trips to replicate holidays-in-a-day.
SubjectIdeas for home
MathsWe will begin to look at division, sharing and fractions. There will be lots of hands-on learning with physical ‘concrete’ resources. At home you can practise ‘One for you, one for me’ and cutting food into pieces. We will begin focusing on halves and quarters.
EnglishWe will be using English to enjoy poems, especially around the seaside. We will play with rhyming words and enjoy how fun words can sound together. The grammar focus will continue with past tense and present tense as well as using prepositions (e.g. under, behind, on top, next to). Where’s Wally books or ‘Find the…’ are brilliant tools to build prepositions into conversations.
ScienceWe will be exploring different habitats in science. This will tie in with the themed trip of the week, so that we can consider grasslands, beaches, ponds etc. as different habitats. At home you can see what mini beasts you may find under rocks in your garden or out and about. Perhaps a trip to the zoo may trigger a conversation about animals and natural habitats too.
ArtWe will be creating some wonderful seaside inspired Art and combine this with looking at different paintings of historical holidays
I.C.TWe will be looking at features of the seaside using Google maps and Google Earth
P.EWe are going to continue with building our team sports and incorporate traditional Sports Day type events. We will also look at games that we might play on holiday with friends – like football, cricket or rounders.
HumanitiesGeography – we will be looking at features that we might find at the seaside. If you visit the seaside can you name some of the things that you might find at the seaside – for example, sand, beach, pebbles etc
PSHESimilarities and Differences. We will explore what makes us different and the same within the class; around school; within our local communities and consider differences across the world. We will be looking at different countries, with a focus on Poland for our MFL day, within our topic this half term.
Teaching KitchenWe will continue to make full use of the teaching kitchen and the equipment in there, with a focus on holidays and creating food that we may eat on holiday as a treat such as ice cream and candy floss. Our final week will be an afternoon-tea type snack where each child will invite someone from within school to join us.
MusicWe will be using the music room to develop our knowledge of different families of instruments whilst exploring links to classical stories played out with music by Bach, Mozart, Britten etc. BBC Bitesize and CBeebies programme Melody have some excellent resources for putting a visual representation of what story the music intends to tell us.