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Hello and welcome to Seahorses Class!

We are a fun and vibrant class of 10 superstar children and 5 adults. We love to be as active as we can with our learning and a carousel of activities works well for us. We get together as a whole class for the start of each lesson as well as really important times of the day such as registration, snack, lunch and Rainbow time when we can celebrate and enjoy the achievements of ourselves and our friends.

Autumn Term 2 Timetable

Curriculum Information for parentsAutumn Term 2 2020
SubjectProfilesIdeas for home
MathsPosition, direction, movement words, counting Story: We’re going on a Bear Hunt Play with small world toys or figures, using positional language about where the figure is compared to other objects. Go on a walk and talk about the directions needed to get to the destination. Count how many steps it takes.
EnglishTraditional stories, fables myths and legends. Talk about the lesson learned from a story you are reading.
ScienceThe heart, circulation, food and exercise, staying healthy As a family try to take your heartrate while sitting calmly, then do exercise and take your heartrate again. What happens and why? Make a plan as a family to strengthen your hearts with daily/regular exercise.
ArtTexture, form and shape – model and mask making Monsters (myths and legends) Watch Monsters Inc., or clips of it online, find materials around the house to make your own monster face.
ICTCombine words and pictures to create a card Text and pictures Make a family holiday card. Have your child take a photo and add holiday text to it on Microsoft or a photo app. You can send this digitally to family/friends or print it off as a physical card. Perhaps make a card to lift somebody’s spirits during lockdown.
MFLWe will be cooking a traditional Italian dish and learning some key Italian words.
GeographyA contrasting environment, growing up around the world with a focus on North America.Make a bicarb volcano in a decorated water bottle. Make your own waterfall in the bath tub water toys.
PSHE and CitizinshipHealthy LifestylesTalk about the importance of balancing screen time with exercise. How do you feel after exercising? What exercises do you like to do at home?
REChristianity Worship, pilgrimage and sacred places.
DT/Teaching Kitchen DT We will be learning about colours and textures in fabric and making a class sensory blanket. We will then go onto designing and making our own puppets to create our own puppet show at the end of the term. Teaching Kitchen We will be baking festive recipes that link to traditional stories. Can you make a sock puppet and retell a familiar traditional tale? Can you sew pieces of fabric together to make something new like a t-shirt bag? Can you help plan and cook a holiday meal? What ingredients will you need?