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Teacher - Beech Class Iwona Litwiniec
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Beech is a class of 8 students with diverse needs and abilities whom are supported by 4 members of staff, we largely use symbols and signalong in order to communicate our needs, choices and feelings.

Beech class take a holistic approach to learning by following a topic based curriculum, where each subject is tailored to the individuals learning needs, thriving on routine and consistency.

Students particularly enjoy activities that are ‘hands on’ which relate to everyday life skills and promoting independence.

Spring Term 2 Timetable


Spring term 2 2020 Topic: Transition Challenge ASDAN and Community
SubjectProfiles and Ideas for home
ASDANWe will continue working on our independence and life skills (cooking, washing up, hoovering, and doing laundry). These include also working with early years and 6th Form students and attending trips to the community.
Maths/EnglishWe will put our maths and literacy skills in practise while in the community (checking prices, using money in shops and cafes, reading menus, checking ingredients, choosing items to buy).
Work Related This will be covered through ASDAN Transition Challenge - Work Related - Moving Forward (taught by Nikki Wardell) During this term we will have the opportunity to help set up & attend a ‘Moving On Event’ (held at SWS) Consider finding information, via internet or pamphlets or attending events, that are linked with moving on. Is there someone in your family who can talk about their personal ‘Moving on Experiences from school to work?
Art: This will be covered through ASDAN Transition Challenge - Expressive Arts - Moving Forward (taught by Nikki Wardell) This half term we will looking at different types of arts venues, with a focus on theatre, cinema & museum. We will be exploring online & discussing what these would look like. When at home and out in the community, continue to explore and talk about different types of art venues. Consider sending in any photos, brochures or programmes of art venues that you have visited. We would love to see them. We will return all items.
Yogacise/P.EStudents will continue to have their weekly exercises which include using bikes and yogacise. We will learn how to participate actively in group sessions and relax. Have a go at home. Listen to the quiet music and try to sit still up to 5 minutes. Ask your parents to join you in different form of exercise: walking, cycling, trampolining.
Signalong for LearnersWe will continue working toward Signalong qualification. We will learn new signs through the term and each student will have an active part in completing their portfolio with achievements.
DT This will be covered through ASDAN Transition Challenge - DT - Knowing How (taught by Nikki Wardell) During this DT module we will looking at Pancakes. The sessions will include a traditional pancake (for Shrove Tuesday), a savoury pancake & a sweet pancake. When at home talk about the different types of pancakes and the fillings that could be used. Have a cooking session making pancakes Can you find the correct ingredients in the Supermarket?
Science We will be still working in the Patch, our school garden. In Spring term we will be planting bulbs and seedling. We’ll be using different tools and equipment. Is your garden ready for Spring? Try to work together in tiding the home garden or plant some flower bulbs in the pots.