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Teacher - Beech/Staff Governor Samantha Webster

Date of Appointment: 14/11/2016, 4 year term of office
Appointed via Staff Ballot

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Beech is a class of 8 students with diverse needs and abilities whom are supported by 4 members of staff, we largely use symbols and signalong in order to communicate our needs, choices and feelings.

Beech class take a holistic approach to learning by following a topic based curriculum, where each subject is tailored to the individuals learning needs, thriving on routine and consistency.

Students particularly enjoy activities that are ‘hands on’ which relate to everyday life skills and promoting independence.

Beech Timetable – Autumn term 1

Autumn Term 1 Topic: FoodCurriculum Information for parents. Activities covered during this time will be working towards students individual learning in areas such as • Pencil control/writing. • Phonics/ Reading. • Communication. • EHCP outcomes. • Sensory integration.
SubjectProfiles and Ideas for home
Daily ActivitiesEncourage your son/daughter to take part in activities that they enjoy which will support independence and the exploration of life skills, Please feel free to explore individual plans that you have at home such as EHCPs, SALT reports, or enjoy reading/sharing a story/book with your son/daughter.
MathsWe will be exploring mathematics while investigating food. We will be taking part in activities related to addition, measures and money by writing shopping lists and following recipes. Comparing data relating to peoples’ favourite foods as well as sorting and classifying food items by weight, size, colour and shape. Beech class will explore symmetry, doubling and halving, 2D and 3D shapes using food items and packaging relating to everyday life skills. At home encourage your son/daughter to explore mathematics through food, such as writing shopping lists, discussing prices in the supermarket and relevant coins, or measure ingredients to create something yummy. You could also encourage your son/daughter to help lay the table for family dinner.
EnglishIn Beech class this half term we will be exploring books, stories and poems related to food. We will be exploring stories such as ‘the tiger who came to tea’, ‘Handa’s surprise’, Oliver’s vegetables, Pancakes, Pancakes’ and ‘green eggs and ham’. We will also be exploring descriptive/persuasive words by designing poster/adverts about foods and food reviews as well as writing recipes and shopping lists. We will be working on our communication skills by discussing our favourite or least favourite foods and working together to write or follow recipes and shopping lists .At home encourage your son/daughter to listen to/watch stories/films/programmes that are related to food, discuss these with you son/Daughter, what do they think about these, do they have a favourite programme/food/character or presenter? etc.
ScienceIn science we are going to be conducting Food themed science experiments such as making bread, ice lollies and angel delight. We will be investigating the changes that happen to the ingredients as other ingredients or elements are added, anticipating changes and exploring solids and liquids. As science happens all around us it is possible to capture moments of experiments at home through cooking and gardening, there also ideal children’s’ programmes in which they promote scientific discovery- such as ‘Nina and the Neurons’, you might like to share these experiences with your Son/Daughter.
PSHE and CitizenshipAs discussed above, in Beech class we will focus on Food this half term. All of our PSHE/Citizenship tasks and activities will revolve around this topic and cover areas such as; Healthy foods, food groups, food preferences, and working together to cook or prepare a meal/snack. When at home discuss with your son/daughter what it means to be part of a team working together to prepare food or encourage your son/ daughter to join in with preparing a weekly menu for your household, we would love to hear what meal ideas are thought of.
HumanitiesDuring our topic of food we will be exploring foods from around the world, where they grow and the type of climate they need to grow. We will also be looking at famous foods from different periods of time. We will have the opportunity to explore and taste new and different foods. At home discuss with your Son/Daughter events from their own past, where it took place and who was there. This is also an ideal opportunity to discuss any different foods or food related traditions that you and your family may have.
D.TThis lesson will be taught by Jason Tooke.
ArtDuring our topic of Food we will be creating exciting pieces of Art involving Food such as designing cake/biscuit decorations, printing with food, pizza portraits, tie dying with natural colours/food juices and sculpting our favourite food from clay or salt dough. When at home continue to explore Food colours and textures, are they smooth, rough, hard, soft? Explore the patterns in food, for example when you cut an orange in half and explore patterns of the segments.
P.EDuring PE we will be focussing on a healthy lifestyle/keeping fit. We will be taking part in simple keep fit activities and exercises including dance activities and the outside gym equipment. As well as learning to take part in these types of activities safely we will be focussing on the changes that happen to our bodies during and after exercise. At home encourage your son/daughter to take part in daily exercise activities that are suitable to their individual abilities, taking a walk, riding a bike, using a trampoline- most importantly- Have fun.
R.E, Music & MFLThese subjects will be covered as 1 full day of activities for each subject, dates and information on these will follow shortly.