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Teacher - Beech Class Iwona Litwiniec
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Beech is a class of 8 students with diverse needs and abilities whom are supported by 4 members of staff, we largely use symbols and signalong in order to communicate our needs, choices and feelings.

Beech class take a holistic approach to learning by following a topic based curriculum, where each subject is tailored to the individuals learning needs, thriving on routine and consistency.

Students particularly enjoy activities that are ‘hands on’ which relate to everyday life skills and promoting independence.

Spring Term 2 Timetable


Spring term 2 2021Topic: ASDAN Transition Challenge
SubjectProfileIdeas for home
ASDANTransition Challenge
Maths/ICTWe will complete our maths targets while cooking, using standard and non-standard methods of measurement, using different tools and equipment. You can try to master your skills while baking/cooking at home. Engage your child in making meals/snacks at home, use number skills during every activity (count apples, count buttons, compare shoes, length of carrots, leeks etc. )
EnglishThis term we will look at books from all over the world and practise our reading skills. You can make your own research about world famous writers. Enjoy time in the library browsing through the books. Read/look at the books together (bedtime), discuss the characters, and point at the pictures. Enjoy story time!
Geography /History This will be covered through ASDAN Transition Challenge - History - Knowing How (taught by Nikki Wardell) During history we will be focusing on Queen Elizabeth II. Through a range of activities, students will be learning about the Queen. It will include a ‘virtual tour’ showing Buckingham Palace and some role play of the Queen’s coronation. When at home continue to look at, explore and talk about different aspects linked to the queen. For example, Did you know that the Queen likes horse racing? Watch some of the racing at Ascot – can you see the queen? Did you know that the Queen has 2 birthdays – what will she have with her cucumber sandwiches?
Art This will be covered through ASDAN Transition Challenge (taught by Nikki Wardell) During DT we will be exploring different types of logos. We will be creating our own personal logos by using paint and colour coding the letters found in our names When at home and out in the community, continue to look at and talk about different logos that can be seen. Do you know the logo for Sheringham Woodfields School?
Yogacise/PEStudents will take part in weekly exercises which include also yogacise. We will learn how to participate actively in group sessions and relax. Have a go at home. Listen to the quiet music and try to sit still up to 5 minutes. Ask your parents to join you in different form of exercise: walking, cycling, trampolining.
ScienceWe will be visiting our school garden Patch, tidying the garden ready for Spring, planting, seedling, looking after plants and chicken. Go on a family walk and observe the changes in nature around you. Spring is an amazing time to spot new plants growing. Pot and observe your own plant at home.
PSHE/Citizenship CommunicationTaking part in weekly Signalong sessions with Signalong tutor (Iwona Litwiniec)Practise signing at home through music and games.