Welcome to Willow

Teacher - Governor Jacob Millin

Appointed 19/10/2020

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Welcome to Willow Class!

We are a class of 12 energetic boys. Becoming independent plays a large role in our day-to-day experience of school. We explore the full range of National Curriculum subjects and this is entwined with activities and experiences that help to prepare for our adult life. We all have high expectations of each other and support one another to achieve our goals.

Willow timetable – Summer term 1 – 23/24

Summer Term 1 - 23/24Curriculum Information for parents
SubjectProfileLearning at home
EnglishIn English this half term we will be exploring the theme of ‘family’. We will explore the connections between us and produce work based on a family in the book ‘The Arrival’ by Shaun Tan. This is a wordless book which we will add written descriptions to, using own growing descriptive skills, learnt throughout the year so far. There will also be opportunities for pupils to write about their own families, if you would like to send any pictures in. You may also wish to talk to your child about your extended family, perhaps family members that they do not know very well. What are/were they like? What did they do? Where did they live?
MathsOur next topic in Maths is ‘division’. Pupils will learn how to divide and group items in during our weekly cooking lesson and in more formal Maths lessons. We will relate this to our multiplication study earlier this year and learn different methods to speed this process up. Play a game at home that involve division. This can involve dividing groups of objects (dried pasta, biscuits, raisins, sweets, grapes) into equal groups as fast as possible. Who can do it the fastest? Can your child do it faster throughout the half term?
PSHE/PfALPupils will be looking at staying safe and within the law. We will explore issues such as peer pressure, cyber security, smoking, alcohol and being honest. We will also explore online bullying and ‘trolling’ and I have asked for a police officer to come into school to discuss this with pupils. Your child may wish to discuss aspects of this topic with you at home and we will write down what we have explored each week in the diary, so that you are aware of what has been discussed.
ScienceSolids, liquids and gases will be our Science theme this half term. In this topic, pupils will explore how to identify the properties of each as well as observe the changes that occur when they are heated or cooled. Group items at home into solids, liquids and gases. To help your child recall the difference between each, here is a basic guide: Solid – An object that holds its shape. Liquid – Can flow and be poured like water. Gas – Often invisible and travels through the air, often spreading out.
Design Technology / ComputingThis half term we will be combining DT and Computing. Pupils will research, design and make a logo that we can print onto an item of clothing. Pupils will learn and share their own skills in design to create an original design and text. Look at a range of logos that you have on clothing and items at home. Which logos do members of your family like and why? Discuss that logos do not have to be complicated to be effective, such as the Nike logo.
ArtPupils will use clay this half term to make a coil pot. We will explore where clay comes from as well as how it has been used by artists. We will then design our own coil pot, which we will paint. Look at any pottery such as pots, vases and cups that you may have at home. Observe their shapes and see if you can work out how the handles or lids have been made and attached.
GeographyWe will be studying contrasting areas of the British Isles, with a focus on urban and rural. We will be taking a closer look at London, locating it on maps and looking at how to describe the buildings and key features found in this city. We will then look at some rural areas and note some of the differences, including the buildings, sights & sounds.Look at habitats and areas when out in the car, walking. Then discuss the changers in the areas which has been seen
Modern Foreign LanguagesThis term we will be exploring the language and culture of France. Pupils will use Duo Lingo to learn some useful phrases. Have you ever been to France or know any French words? Share your experiences, photographs and stories. We would love to hear and see them!
MusicTempo, pulse and rhythm will be our focus this half term. Pupils will learn the difference between each of these and use percussion to experiment for themselves. Listen to the radio together and discuss which songs you like. Can you identify the pulse and rhythm in the song?
REWe will spend time exploring Sikhism. This will be taught as a whole day event and will look at ideas and traditions.What information can you find out about Sikhism? There is a good website that you can explore together at : ‘Primary Homework help- Sikhism’
PEThis half term we will be focusing on our athletics skills; running, jumping and throwing. We will be measuring our performance, and comparing this with others. We will be looking at how we can improve our Play athletic games within the household with friends.