Early Years and Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1

All pupils have an assessment booklet in which their progress is tracked against appropriate Development Matters statements.  Pupils are recorded as ‘emerging’, ‘developing’ and finally ‘achieved’.  This then informs whether pupils are making ‘expected’ progress.  Pupils who are not making expected progress become focus pupils for the following half term.  All staff record ‘Wow’ moments and these are then assessed against these statements.  All staff collect photos, pieces of work and other evidence to add to this booklet and parents are also welcome to send things in to add to it.   Children who are of Early Years age are assessed against the Early Years and Foundation Stage Profile as ‘emerging’, ‘expected’ or ‘exceeding’ in June/July.  The class teacher also monitors which children have achieved a ‘Good Level of Development’, which is then reported to the LA.

Alongside this, The Leuven Scales (which measure well-being and involvement) are tracked every half term and are also considered during long observations of the children.

During adult-led focused tasks pupils’ work is also assessed against development matters statements and The Leuven Scale for involvement.

Every child has at least two long observations (10 minutes minimum) every half term to inform assessment and all adults then plan next steps from these observations.

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