Here in the EYFS Class at Woodfields School we are trialling a new way to record your child’s progress in the form of an on-line Learning Journey, through a company called Tapestry. This way of recording Learning Journeys has been endorsed by the Local Authority and Sheringham Primary School are currently using it.

We will be using the On-line Learning Journey in conjunction with a paper version for this year and at the end of your child’s time in the EYFS you will be given a paper copy of the online version as well as the scrapbook Learning Journey for you to keep.

I have requested parental email addresses so that I can set you up with a password so that you can access your child’s Learning Journey whenever you would like to and add photos and comments to it. I have sent home paper copies of using Tapestry for both Android and Apple devices with your password but the guides are here if you require them.

If you have any other questions please contact me at school.

Janice Whitaker
EYFS Teacher

Download A5 Tapestry For Parents Android Tutorial

Download A5 Tapestry For Parents iOS Tutorial