Welcome to Sycamore

Teacher - Sycamore Shelley Hewitt
Photo of Shelley Hewitt

Sycamore is part of the Sixth Form Unit. We aim to develop our independence, communication, numeracy and life skills, during our time in Sycamore.

As we work towards transitioning into our adult lives and onto our next steps. We constantly develop our communication skills. We aim to communicate effectively with our peers and other members of our community. We access the community for shopping, swimming and café trips. We also visit transition venues to get a feel of the environments we will be moving onto when we leave sixth form and SWS. We communicate our preferences through signs, symbols and body language and gestures. As a class, we are undertaking various projects throughout this school year.  Throughout this year we will be completing projects at the patch, the new reef swimming complex in Sheringham and accessing the local community to practice are shopping skills.
We  are always encouraged and supported to reach our potential and be happy and enjoy our time at school.

Sycamore timetable Autumn Term 1 – 2022


Curriculum Information for parentsAutumn Term 1 - 2022
SubjectProfilesIdeas for home
Baking sensory and meal preparation and cooking Students will be cooking and baking, They will explore use of ingredients and textures, tastes, smells and colours. They will use different kitchen appliances to create snacks and meals. They will practise hygiene skills and safety in the kitchen. Practise cooking and baking at home and following hygiene skills and clearing away after cooking.
Pottery and CeramicsStudents will be making items out of clay. They will get to choose and prepare what they will be creating and creating tiles, models, moulded bowls. Practise working with play doughs, clay and other modelling resources. Create small models.
NumeracyStudents will be looking at numbers, shape, measure, space, position, pattern, sorting, time and handling dataDo some counting at home and when out and about, implementing counting in to daily routines, look at shapes within the home.
HorticultureStudents will be working within the patch. They will be responsible for tasks in and around the patch. Do some gardening, plant some seeds, water the plants.
Phonics and reading (Library sessions) Students will take part in weekly themed reading sessions; they will practise phonics and attend the library. Reading with your child at home, look at a variety of different books.
Developing communications skills Community based Students will access the community for shopping and café trips, where they will practise communication skills and numeracy skills. Take your child shopping and in to the community.