Welcome to Sycamore

Teacher - Sycamore Shelley Hewitt
Photo of Shelley Hewitt

Sycamore is part of the Sixth Form Unit. We aim to develop our independence, communication, numeracy and life skills, during our time in Sycamore.

We spend a lot of time in the community, as we work towards transitioning into our adult lives and onto our next steps. We constantly develop our communication skills. We aim to communicate effectively with our peers and other members of our community. We do this through sign, symbols and expressing our preferences, among other methods. As a class, we are undertaking various projects throughout this school year. We will be organising a coffee morning, taking trips to various sporting venues, developing an area of the Patch, creating some delicious dishes and developing other skills through sensory room visits, music and art projects.
As we prepare to move on from Woodfields, Sycamore class students visit the different adult providers that we could choose as our possible new settings.
We always encouraged and supported to reach our potential and be happy and enjoy our time at school.

Summer Term 2 Timetable

Curriculum Information for parentsSummer Term 2 2021 Our regular shopping trip (Wednesday pm) to be confirmed still and trip to café on site behind the sixth form building on a Friday morning. TBC
SubjectProfilesIdeas for home
Developing skills for the workplace. Following instructions to carry out tasks in a safe manner at the patch. Help with the gardening, safe use of gardening tools.
Engaging with the world around them: sensory storiesTake part in storytelling. Engaging in sensory stories. We will be working on the colour monster based around feelings. Read stories and make them sensory by adding in props, like the story going on a bear hunt, you could use mud and grass and water to make it more sensory whilst you read.
My Transition PassportStudents will be creating transition passports which they will be able to take with them to different transition venues and respite facilities. Talk about your child’s interests. Write down information about family and interests.
Developing Reading SkillsStudents will be taking part in reading sessions as a group; they will be following work activities based on the story.Read with your child, get them to recognise words, objects in the story book and point them out.
Preparing drinks and snacks Students will take part in preparing a variety of snacks and drinks, follow basic safety rules when preparing these. Make snacks and drinks at home with your children.
Spat PSHE MATHS Meeting targets related to using and applying maths and life skills. Look at shapes, counting, measuring with your child and take part in life skills activities, like personal care.
Engaging with the world around you: the natural worldTaking part in activities outside in natural surroundings. Take your child for a walk, do some bark rubbings, make a natural college.
Engaging in new creative Activities Taking part in different art activities. Take part in different arts and crafts at home with a selection of different textiles.
Early mathematics :ShapeLooking at different shapes, taking part in activities around shapes. Look at different shapes around the house and garden, have your child match some shapes at home to everyday items.
Signalong Students will be learning new signs and creating a piece of work reflecting those signs.Practise signs familiar to your child that they may use at home.