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Sycamore is part of the Sixth Form Unit. We aim to develop our independence, communication, numeracy and life skills, during our time in Sycamore.

We spend a lot of time in the community, as we work towards transitioning into our adult lives and onto our next steps. We constantly develop our communication skills. We aim to communicate effectively with our peers and other members of our community. We do this through sign, symbols and expressing our preferences, among other methods. As a class, we are undertaking various projects throughout this school year. We will be organising a coffee morning, taking trips to various sporting venues, developing an area of the Patch, creating some delicious dishes and developing other skills through sensory room visits, music and art projects.
As we prepare to move on from Woodfields, Sycamore class students visit the different adult providers that we could choose as our possible new settings.
We always encouraged and supported to reach our potential and be happy and enjoy our time at school.


Summer term 2 Timetable

Curriculum Information for parentsSummer Term 2
SubjectProfilesIdeas for home
Maths In Maths we will be recapping and reviewing some of the skills we have learnt this year. This will include looking at counting, finding numbers, shapes and problem solving in the environment and during sports activities. We will also be looking at measuring during baking sessions. We will continue with our trips into the community and practising our maths skills there. This will include: counting and measurement skills among others. Take trips out and observe numbers out in the community. Play some sports with your son/daughter, encourage them to count/find numbers and shapes as they play. Take your son/daughter to the shops with you. Look at vegetables and discuss length/size. ‘Which one is bigger/longer?’ Cook with your son/daughter get them to measure out the ingredients, count out the final dishes etc.
English In English we will be continuing to develop our communication using a cross-curricular approach. We will be learning about how we can communicate with our peers and others across our setting with both familiar and unfamiliar people. There will be a focus on communication through sound- what we like/dislike, how to ask for more or for an activity to stop. We will also be focusing on using ICT in our community and in the environment. Talk to your sons/daughters about sounds that they can hear out in the community. What do the sounds mean? Do they like them? Etc What are the appropriate ways to communicate about your like/dislike of sounds. Encourage and support the students to greet/ communicate with both familiar and less familiar people in an appropriate way. Share some ICT equipment with your son/daughter at home. Discuss any activities that you complete.
ASDAN Engaging with the world Around Me: People In this ASDAN unit the students will take part in a range of projects and activities. We will be continuing to share activities and objects with our peers and looking at which parts of the activities we liked/disliked. Take your son/daughter out to experience anew activity with other people. Discuss what they liked/didn’t like about their experiences. Encourage them to interact with others taking part in the same activities.
ASDAN Multi-Sensory Experiences. They will attend a session once a week where they will experience a variety of music, movement through music and singing. Students will also be attending the sensory room once a week. We will be focusing on routines and communication. Any opportunities to enjoy music this could be through listening, singing, movement, playing a musical instrument etc. Take any opportunities at home to watch or do some dancing to music together.
ASDAN Baking Sensory We will be cooking on a regular basis, from a range of recipes. We will continue to focus on experiencing different tastes, smells and colours in our baking. Pupils will use their senses to explore a range of foods during their baking sessions. They will be supported to express their likes/dislikes. You could cook with your son/daughter at home. Encourage them to explore new foods with all of their senses.
ASDAN Making Pictures. This half-term we will be recapping and reviewing some of the skills we have learnt this year. This will include looking Students will be looking at using pencil lines to recreate pictures. Making choices to create collages that reflect their likes and using colour to create their own pictures. Parents could look at a range of famous artist’s artwork. E.g. Van Gogh, Monet Parents could create their own paintings with their son/daughter at home.
This half-term will also include a range of trips including Hunstanton and Norwich. Alongside an animal experience day, MFL Day- focus Poland, and a pupil voice day! Our regular shopping trip (Tuesday pm) and trip to café ( Wed pm) will continue.