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Teacher - Sycamore Shelley Hewitt
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Sycamore is part of the Sixth Form Unit. We aim to develop our independence, communication, numeracy and life skills, during our time in Sycamore.

As we work towards transitioning into our adult lives and onto our next steps. We constantly develop our communication skills. We aim to communicate effectively with our peers and other members of our community. We access the community for shopping, swimming and café trips. We also visit transition venues to get a feel of the environments we will be moving onto when we leave sixth form and SWS. We communicate our preferences through signs, symbols and body language and gestures. As a class, we are undertaking various projects throughout this school year.  Throughout this year we will be completing projects at the patch, the new reef swimming complex in Sheringham and accessing the local community to practice are shopping skills.
We  are always encouraged and supported to reach our potential and be happy and enjoy our time at school.

Spring Term 1 Timetable 2022


Curriculum Information for parentsSpring Term 1 2022
SubjectProfilesIdeas for home
The Patch - Horticulture Students will be caring for plants; they will be growing their own plants and taking care of them. Take part in some gardening at home and safe use of tools. Grow a plant/herb and take care of it at home.
Engaging in the world around me: objects Students will be using musical instruments to practise loud, quiet, slow, fast rhythm of music. Students will be exploring personal hygiene routines and use of personal hygiene tools like hairbrush, toothbrush, flannel and soap. Try playing with musical instruments at home and listen to different types of music. Take part in daily personal care routines.
Craft MakingStudents will be model building with paper Mache and making woodcrafts this term. Make some paper Mache objects at home and safely practise use of hammers and drills, if accessible and confident to do so.
Making PicturesStudents will be creating art with black and white prints. They will also be creating textiles collages and learning how to use different tools to make prints.Use newspaper to create collages and pictures with print. Create art work with different materials.
Developing Numeracy: Introduction Students will be looking at shape, measurements, time, patterns, sizing, routines, birthdays and months of the year. Explore different shapes and build knowledge of shapes. Look at birthdays and the months of the year they fall on. Take part in some baking and use measurements when weighing ingredients.
Speaking and listening: shopping then cafeStudents will go on a regular Tuesday afternoon shopping trip to the co-op in Cromer to buy snacks and cooking ingredients. When they have completed shopping targets they will then start to visit cafes.Take your children to the shops/cafes and supermarkets with you, prepare them for trips out.
Sound, rhythm and music Students will be using their bodies to make sounds, looking at body percussions. They will also be looking at different kinds of music and expressing their preferences. Make sounds using your body, make sounds with your mouth, hands, feet. Slap, clap, stomp. Listen to different kinds of music at home.
YogaciseStudents will be taking part in yoga sessions in class. Try some yoga at home, there are some fun yoga videos for children called cosmic kids yoga on YouTube.
Independent Living Introduction Students will be practising skills around making breakfast, hot drinks, packed lunch’s main meals and using the washing machine. Practise life skills at home with children. Help them to make the family hot drinks or a meal.
Using Leisure time Students will be looking at leisure activities that can be done at home or in school and within the community. They will take part with activities within a group and with a partner. Take part in or discuss leisure activities, for example, swimming, cooking, gardening.