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Teacher - Sycamore Shelley Hewitt
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Sycamore is part of the Sixth Form Unit. We aim to develop our independence, communication, numeracy and life skills, during our time in Sycamore.

We spend a lot of time in the community, as we work towards transitioning into our adult lives and onto our next steps. We constantly develop our communication skills. We aim to communicate effectively with our peers and other members of our community. We do this through sign, symbols and expressing our preferences, among other methods. As a class, we are undertaking various projects throughout this school year. We will be organising a coffee morning, taking trips to various sporting venues, developing an area of the Patch, creating some delicious dishes and developing other skills through sensory room visits, music and art projects.
As we prepare to move on from Woodfields, Sycamore class students visit the different adult providers that we could choose as our possible new settings.
We always encouraged and supported to reach our potential and be happy and enjoy our time at school.


Autumn Term 1 Timetable 2019

Curriculum Information for parentsAutumn Term 1
SubjectProfilesIdeas for home
ASDAN Using ICT Students will work on different ways to access ICT. They will show how they start and stop an activity using ICT equipment. They will express their likes and dislikes around this. They will share their ICT activities with their peers. You could use ICT equipment at home, even just the remote for the television or a tablet, computer, laptop. Let your children show you their likes and dislikes and help them use the equipment to access the television or internet safely.
ASDAN Water Skills Students will be using the hydro pool to work on their understanding of swimming aid equipment in the pool. They will show the fun things they can use to play games with in the water and show their likes and dislikes. You could take your children swimming or practise being in water at home, safety and rules when being around water to be discussed.
ASDAN Engaging with the world Around Me: PSHE In this ASDAN unit the students will take part in a variety of sensory related activities within in the sensory room. We will be exploring a range of procedures and be sharing them with others. We will be continuing to share activities and objects with our peers and looking at our responses. Any opportunities to enjoy exploring sensory objects. Use squeezing, patting, moving hands against objects. Take any opportunities at home to watch or do some sensory activities together.
ASDAN Developing communication skills and out in the community (Numeracy, English) Students will be visiting Cafes and supermarkets to work on their life skills and communication with unfamiliar adults. They will use Numeracy to pay for food and drink and interact with staff, meeting and greeting them. This covers the Listening section of their Asdan communication section this term and they will also be covering a Reading section. Students will listen to and respond to stories; they will make choices to show their likes and dislikes of these. You could take your children in to the community. Visit cafes and shops local to you and let them communicate with unfamiliar staff. Let them use Numeracy skills by paying for items. You could read books with your children ask them questions about the pictures and get them show understanding by asking them to point out certain pictures in the books.
ASDAN Meal Preparation and cooking (Numeracy) We will be cooking on a regular basis, from a range of recipes. We will continue to focus on experiencing different tastes, smells and colour in our cooking. Pupils will use their senses to explore a range of foods during their cooking sessions. They will be supported to express their likes/dislikes. They will share their cooking with their peers and other familiar students and adults. Students will use numeracy when measuring ingredients for cooking. You could cook with your son/daughter at home. Encourage them to explore new foods with all of their senses.
ASDAN Craft making Students will be working on making paper craft activities to fill a scrap book. They will get to make choices on their art they would like to make and create their own scrap book of work. They will work on skills of setting up their work stations and tidying away. Parents could create their own scrapbooks with pictures of topics of interest with their children.
ASDAN Yogacise Students will take part in sessions of yoga in class with their peers, they will practise relaxation, breathing, stretching and balance. Could practise some breathing exercises and relaxation at home.