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Teacher Dana Thaxter
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Welcome to Birch Class

We are a lovely class of 10 busy and active children learning alongside 5 adults.
We like to use a variety of multi-sensory approaches and incorporate a variety of learning
approaches to help us learn and meet our individual needs.
In Birch class we are working on our communication alongside developing our
number, reading and writing skills.
We love sharing our achievements with each other throughout the day and in the
afternoon we celebrate with Golden Time.

Birch timetable – Autumn Term 2 – 23/24



Curriculum Info: Autumn Term 2 23/24 Topic: Poetry, Rhyme and RhythmTopicProfiles and Ideas for Home
EnglishPoetry, Rhyme and RhythmIn English we will be looking at poetry and rhyme. We will explore books and poems which contain rhyme such as “Giraffes Can’t Dance” and “The Gruffalo” in our English lessons. We will be learning to recognise rhyming sounds and suggest other words which would rhyme. We will try our best to learn some poetry by heart as a class, and have a go at writing our own poems. We will have daily Phonics sessions to support the children with their reading and writing skills using the Twinkl Phonics scheme. If you have any questions about this, or would like any resources to support your child at home, please get in touch. Tracey will be leading a session in the Library on Wednesdays to develop Library skills and reading comprehension. At home you could point out rhyming sounds when reading with your child or play games such as slug in a jug (an Orchard toys game). Point out rhyming slogans on adverts and see if your child can identify the rhyming words or suggest other words which would also rhyme.
MathsAddition and Subtraction, ShapeIn Maths this half term we will be using our place value knowledge to work on our understanding of addition and subtraction. We will be using physical resources such as Base 10 and numicon to build on our understanding of addition and subtraction causing the number to increase or decrease. We will also look at shape later in the half term. We will look at the properties of common 2D and 3D shapes. How many sides, faces, corners/vertices do shapes have? You could further this learning at home by using the language above in play with your child. Do some junk modelling, can they tell you what shape the cereal packet is? You could bake some biscuits and cut them into different shapes. We would love to see pictures of anything you make.
ScienceFood and Nutrition – The Human BodyWe will be investigating what humans need to be healthy and grow. We will look at the importance of eating healthily, drinking water and good sleep to keep us well. We will also think about the different parts of the body and the jobs they do. We will be visiting the Patch to discover how to grow healthy fruit and vegetables and try some of them when they are ready to eat. It would be great if you could talk to your child about healthy eating at home. Get them involved with making a shopping list, going shopping and cooking a healthy meal or watch a cookery programme.
P.E (led by Jason) Multi SkillsWe are looking at Multi skills – This will include throwing, catching, rolling. We will be using different equipment to play games to improve these skills. We will also look at playing games as a group to help with cooperation.
ComputingDrawing using ICTFirst we will discuss how to keep safe using technology using the Stop, Close, Tell rule. In class we will be learning how to use different computer based programmes to be creative and link this to our learning in DT about creating books. We will explore different ways to create art using the computers or iPads. We will explore how our actions e.g. pressing a button causes an effect e.g. changing the colour of the light. We will visit the Sensory room to explore different devices with different inputs and outputs. To support this learning you could help your child to safely experience digital devices at home. Explore different ways of creating art using ICT you have at home, this could be through apps, websites of the Paint program.
HumanitiesGeography - MappingIn Humanities this half term we will be looking at mapping. We will learn about directions – left/right, forwards/backwards, turning clockwise/anticlockwise. We will explore compasses and using North, South, East and West. When in the car or out walking with your child use the map on your phone/satnav to give you directions. Allow your child to hear the above language while you are out and about. Can they tell you which way you need to go to turn left or right ?
PSHEBus TripsOur PSHE sessions this half term will centre around keeping ourselves safe out in the community. We will be going out on the bus and visiting local landmarks and play parks to practise our skills. Talk to your children at home about how to stay safe, discuss things which are risks and how you can keep safe. For example, how to stop, look, listen and think before crossing the road.
DTMaking BooksIn DT we will be thinking about how books are made. We will think about our favourite books and find out others favourites too. We will then think about features of books such as pop-ups and lift the flaps and have a go at making them ourselves. We will think about how to select the correct materials that we need and evaluating our work. Explore the books you have at home or visit a local library. What are your families’ favourite types of book? Can you find a lift the flap, pop up or a book with moveable parts ?
REChristianity - ChristmasIn RE we will be learning about the Christian faith. We will explore the Christmas story and link this learning to events in school this half term. Consider visiting a Christian Church over the festive period to see a nativity scene or attending a carol service.