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Teacher Dana Thaxter
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Welcome to Birch Class

We are a lovely class of 8 busy and active children learning alongside 5 adults.
We like to use a variety of multi-sensory approaches and incorporate a variety of learning
approaches to help us learn and meet our individual needs.
In Birch class we are working on our communication alongside developing our
number, reading and writing skills.
We love sharing our achievements with each other throughout the day and in the
afternoon we celebrate with Golden Time.

Birch Timetable – Spring Term 2 – 23/24



Curriculum Info: Spring Term 2 23/24TopicProfiles and Ideas for Home
EnglishMonstersIn English our topic for this half term is monsters! We will be looking at stories such as ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak and ‘There’s a monster in your book’ by Tom Fletcher. We will be thinking about how the monsters are described in the stories and come up with some other adjectives to describe them. We will watch short clips of ‘Monsters Inc.’ and ‘Shrek’ and try and write our own descriptions of the monster characters. We will then have a go at designing our own monster to write about. We will continue having daily Phonics sessions to support the children with their reading and writing skills using the Twinkl Phonics scheme. If you have any questions about this, or would like any resources to support your child at home, please get in touch. Tracey will be leading a session in the Library on Wednesdays to develop Library skills and reading comprehension. At home have you got any stories or access to programmes or films about monsters? Try and describe the monsters, the way they look, move and sound.
MathsAddition and subtraction, length and heightTo start this half term in Maths we will be looking at using our number skills from previous learning to explore addition and subtraction. We will use physical resources to practically discover what happens to numbers when you add or subtract. The second part of this half term will be looking at length and height. We will look at different ways to measure height/length and look at comparing measurements. We will link this to our learning in English on monsters and see which monster is tallest/shortest. You could continue this learning at home by measuring the height of the people in your family, who is the tallest and who is the shortest? Continue to take opportunities to explore numbers at home in practical scenarios such as cooking – what happens to the number on the scale if you add more flour?
ScienceLightIn Science we will be looking at light! We will explore a range of light sources such as torches, fibre optic lamps, candles and glow in the dark stars and discuss how they create light. We will use this knowledge to think about how and why lights are used for specific purposes. We will also look at shadows and the factors which impact the size and shape of them. How many light sources are in your home? What do you use them for? Can you spot lights out in the community e.g. headlights on cars, lighthouses or traffic lights ?
P.E (led by Jason) GamesIn the class, we will be playing parachute games. We are looking playing games as a group. Talking and communicating with each other. Playing games within the rules and understanding that we do not always win.
ComputingFirst we will recap how to keep safe using technology using the Stop. Close. Tell rule. In class we will be learning how to use different computer based programmes to be creative and link this to our learning in English about monsters. We will explore different ways to digitally draw and create monsters. In the sensory room we will explore how our actions e.g. pressing a button causes an effect e.g. changing the colour of the light. To support with this learning you could help your child to safely experience digital devices at home. Explore different ways of creating monsters using ICT you have at home, this could be through drawing apps, websites or the Microsoft paint program.
PSHEBus TripsOur PSHE sessions this half term will centre around keeping ourselves safe out in the community. We will be going out on the bus and visiting local landmarks and play parks to practise our skills. We will use the Zones of Regulation approach to support us with our understanding of emotions. We will discuss how emotions feel in our bodies and strategies we can use when we have uncomfortable feelings. Talk to your children at home about how to stay safe, discuss things which are risks and how you can keep safe. For example, how to stop, look, listen and think before crossing the road.
ArtMy BirthdayIn Art our topic will be birthdays. We will look at creating wrapping paper using printing techniques, designing a card for a friend and baking a birthday cake. In our designing process we will do a survey of others favourite cake flavours and decorations. We will then practise evaluating our own and others' work and think about how we would change our creations if we were to repeat them. Have you got a birthday in your family this half term? Could you involve your child in the planning of the celebration? Perhaps they could make a card or help bake the cake?
MindfulnessEvery afternoon we will be taking some time to practise mindfulness techniques. We will use yoga, colouring and breathing activities to focus on being in the moment and develop some strategies to support our emotional regulation. At home you could use Cosmic Kids Yoga/Breathing videos to practise the skills the children have been learning in school.