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Welcome to Birch Class.

Birch class is the newest class within Woodfield’s. It is a transitional class between primary and secondary, incorporating a variety of learning approaches to meet individual needs.

We are an active and inquisitive class of 10 students, being supported by 5 staff to develop our emotional literacy and independence to explore the world around us in a variety of ways within our curriculum.

We enjoy going out into the community, learning through messy fun and sensory activities as well as developing our reading, writing and communication with more class based activities.

Most of all we enjoy having FUN!



Birch timetable – Summer Term 1 2022

Curriculum Info: Summer Term 1 Topic: HolidaysProfilesIdeas for Home
MathsMeasure & geometry - We will be exploring maps, including positional and directional language and using these in different ways. Number & algebra– We will continue developing our number skills using games and songs, including addition and subtraction sums and recognising number bonds. Using & Applying – We will continue to cook each week making healthy snacks to eat each day at snack time and we will continue to shop each week..Do you have any maps at home? Find some books at home with maps in to explore. On a walk in the community there are often maps within brochures, take a look and familiarise yourself with what they look like. Go shopping together and experience the exchange of money and the value of coins. Continue cooking together using different measuring tools.
EnglishWe will be exploring stories and poems about different holidays to inspire our creativity and imagination. We will be choosing different holiday destinations from non-fiction sources to develop our understanding of adjectives and use these in our writing. We will be using writing in different ways to create postcards, lists and letters. We will continue weekly phonics and reading sessions within the library.Do you have any books about holidays at home? Share these together. Practice phonics at home to develop your child’s ability to read. Continue weekly reading with you child. Practice fine motor activities ,like playdoh, to strengthen muscles and develop writing skills.
ScienceIn Science we will begin learning about forces, exploring movement, friction and gravity in a variety of ways. We will develop our awareness of different forces by conducting different experiments with different objects to explore how and why they move.Try visiting a local park to explore how you move on the swing or slide. What force do you need to move faster? Try making this balloon rocket at home for a fun activity - https://sciencebob.com/make-a-balloon-rocket/
I.C.TWe will be continuing to develop our typing skills and will explore typing on different software. We will develop our understanding of different ICT devices and begin matching and labelling them. We will begin thinking about how to stay safe online through some simple e-safety activities. Try practicing using a keyboard and mouse to play games and develop skills. Talk about e-safety with your child - https://www.nspcc.org.uk/keeping-children-safe/online-safety/talking-child-online-safety/
PSHE & CitizenshipWe will continue visiting local shops each week to buy our drinks and snacks. We will develop our road safety awareness, safety within the community and develop our personal skills. We will continue taking part in daily wellbeing activities including zones of regulation to develop emotional literacy, and breathing exercises to develop mindfulness. Enjoy visiting different places within your local community. Please feel free to communicate if there are any elements of PSHE that we can support your child with in school and at home which aims to ensure knowledge, skills and understanding to lead confident, healthy and independent lives.
ArtWe will be looking at the art of printing. We will be exploring the patterns and prints of everyday objects as well as fruit and vegetables. We will choose our favourite method of printing to create a final piece using mono printing. We will explore different mediums and techniques while encouraging creativity and independence.Do you have any printed art on the walls at home? Ake a closer look. Choose 5 different items from around the home and use paint to print different surfaces onto paper. Explore and experiment with different ways to get the paint onto the paper. Try rolling the object.
PEWe will be focusing on group games and turn taking. We will develop our PE and gross motor skills during our weekly visit to parks in the community. We will continue our weekly yoga sessions, sensory enrichment activities and using balance bikes and bards within the playground. Try visiting a local adventure play area or create your own obstacle course within your home. At school we enjoy yoga and guided meditation by Cosmic Kids on YouTube.
D.T - (led by Nikki Wardell)We will be looking at packaging. It will include exploring a range of packaging and deciding which we prefer. We will have fun experimenting with different ways of carrying items and will include looking at how other cultures might carry / transfer objects. We will learning some key words linked with this subject such as ‘joining’ ‘tabs’ and ‘nets’ when we make our own ‘boxes’. We will consider if our packages are recyclable or reusable.When home & out in the community, look at how you & others might be carrying / transferring objects. Do you use a bag, back pack, trolley basket etc. Did the items get squashed or wet when they were being transferred? Have a look at your boxes and packets, can they be reused or recycled?
Humanities - Geography (lead by Nikki Wardell)We will be looking at the effects of weather around the world. We will be looking at some cold areas and how people make the best of the weather found there. We will be looking at some hot areas and how people make the best of the weather found there. We will start to look at how some extreme weather can also cause damage, for example drought, hurricanes and tornadoes.Talk about the different types of weather that you can see & feel on a daily basis. Explore what the weather might be like in another part of the world – is it very different to ours? Watch the weather forecast together and talk about what this might mean for you – for example will you need your raincoat or sun hat?