Impact of Primary PE Funds 2018-19

Our allocation was £16,000 plus a carry forward of £2,110.

We have spent £12,274.28

The majority of the funding £7,145.85 this year has been spent on our Bikeability training with the aim of getting as many pupils as possible riding either balance bikes or pedal bikes.

Funds covered

  • Purchasing of new bikes of various sizes to match student heights
  • Safety equipment such as helmets and high visibility vests
  • Employing a Bikeability instructor for one morning a week for the year.
  • Maintenance and repairs to bikes.

This has been a very successful project and will be continued into next year.

18 pupils have completed Bikeability Level 1

4 pupils have completed Bikeability Level 2 which has included cycling on public roads.

Positive outcomes include:

  • Taking part in exercise.
  • Improving skills.
  • Taking up a new interest.
  • Gaining confidence.
  • Adopting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Enjoying an activity with others.
  • Staff have gained skills in how to support children to learn to ride a bike which has been used during school breaks with other pupils.
  • We have more serviceable bikes in school for the benefit of all pupils.
  • Two sets of parents have commented that this has enabled their children to now join the rest of the family for cycling.

Other major funds were spent at a local community leisure centre for events for pupils. (£1,000)

Early years outdoor equipment, balance bikes, scooters and sports kits (£1,000)

Repairs and improvements to existing primary play equipment so we can continue to provide safe access (£2,000)

Planned use of 2019-20 funds

We are expecting just over £16000 this year plus we will carry forward £5,835.72 from 18/19.

We will continue to build on the success of the Bikeability project and continue this for next year.

A large proportion will be spent on developing provision for our new Therapy Centre, this will have a rebound hall with sunken Olympic sized trampoline and a fully fitted sensory integration studio as well as smaller therapy rooms.

Plans include:

To equip a Sensory Integration Studio to provide sensory diets and sensory motor programs.

To commission Special Yoga to provide training to staff to deliver yoga to two specific cohorts

  • Yoga for pupils with Autism/ADHD
  • Yoga for pupils with PMLD/Cerebral Palsy

To develop the area outside the new Therapy Centre with play and exercise equipment for more physically able pupils. Possibly to include;

  • Zip slide
  • Obstacle course
  • Traversing wall
  • Bike track

Any unspent money will be allocated to further developing our new Therapy Centre.

Previous equipment and training

All the money spent in previous years is still having a positive impact on the pupils.

The new playground equipment was installed 2016/17 and sees very heavy use at lunch and break times as well as during lesson for pupils who benefit from exercise and fresh air to help regulate their emotions.

The line markings painted in the second playground (2017/17)has proved valuable during both lessons and break times; encouraging pupils to participate in games which involve a range of movement as well as throwing, jumping and hopping.

The number themed patterns have also supported pupils’ numeracy skills during lessons.

Previous hydrotherapy training (2016/7) and resources purchased to support this are in daily use helping to improve in physical ability of pupils and meet their EHCP outcomes.

The balance bikes (2015/16) continue to be well used and have allowed many more pupils to become mobile independently and given some the confidence to start riding a conventional bike.

The soft play equipment is still in regular use, for short breaks holiday schemes, after school clubs as well as daily use in lesson, this has been particularly successful in enabling children with more significant physical difficulties to develop their motor skills in a safe manner.

The yoga resources and training are still used with many classes using this as part of relaxation or in end of day routines.

The resources from the dance training are now incorporated into medium term plans for all staff to use.