The Government has introduced a new stream of funding for Primary PE. More information can be found here

The school will ensure we spend the money in such a way as to ensure that opportunities are sustainable after the money has been spent. There are three aims of the funding:

  1. Increase the range of opportunities available
  2. Increase the amount of time primary pupils spend taking part in Physical Education
  3. Raise achievement within primary Physical Education

Impact of Primary PE Funds 2016-17

The majority of our full allocation of £12,000 plus a carry forward of £4,000 was used on one project.

This was used to supplement school funds to pay for the much needed revamp of our early Years and Primary playgrounds.

Though only 12 years old the equipment did not offer enough opportunities for the varied abilities of our pupils.

Staff and pupils were consulted on the project to transform these areas which included:

  • More accessible equipment for pupils with physical difficulties.
  • A wider range of sizes of equipment such as climbing frames and swings so all ages could engage.
  • More challenging equipment for the more physically able pupils.
  • A better range of individual equipment to promote activity such as bike riding, scooters, throwing games, etc.
  • Fencing to ensure more vulnerable pupils could play safely.
  • Activities to promote learning and engagement such as writing boards, musical equipment, etc.
  • Equipment for PMLD pupils to support physical activities.
  • Replacement of a trim trail with activities designed to supplement our sensory integration work.

All the Primary PE money contributed towards the total of £185,000 for the project.

The impact of these improvements have been massive, there is now suitable equipment to allow all pupils to engage in physical activity with many offering more independence and challenge.

The improved individual equipment has improved pupils independence skills and has started to develop their bike riding skills.

Learning walks have shown improved engagement with pupils, particularly using the more accessible swings and roundabout and an improvement in social engagement as pupils can share more equipment and play together.

The range of physical challenges the equipment offers allows pupils to slowly increase their ability and confidence.

Feedback from pupils has been really positive, particularly for the new roundabout and the many different climbing activities.

Learning packs have been created with suggestions as to how each piece of equipment can support learning across the curriculum.

Previous equipment and training

All the money spent in previous years is still having an impact on the pupils.

The soft play equipment is still in regular use thanks to its improved storage. This includes lesson time, after school and holiday clubs.

The yoga resources and training are still used with many classes using this as part of relaxation or end of day routines.

The resources from the dance training are now incorporated into medium-term plans for all staff to use.

Planned use of 2017-18 funds £13,000 plus carry forward of £4,600

We aim that the funds have an impact on all our pupils regardless of their ability and have planned the following projects:

Sensory Integration assessments and motor programs to be completed for new pupils for whom this approach is relevant. This will provide them with daily motor programs to follow and supply equipment to use in the programs. This will not just improve physical ability but also improves pupils’ ability to regulate, concentrate and learn. (£2,000)

To encourage pupils to engage in traditional playground games, hop, skip, jump, move and throw a new set of line markings will be painted in the second playground. (£3,800)

Following the success of previous hydrotherapy training and the improvement in physical ability, the same amount will be used to provide a refresher day to extend current staff knowledge and skills and a second day for new staff. (£2,500)

To ensure this training has maximum impact we will purchase resources for the hydrotherapy pool. (£500)

Our second playground has some ageing fitness equipment which needs replacing; new equipment will be purchased and installed.  This will provide physical activities for pupils in PE lessons, breaks and lunchtimes. (£5,500)

We are currently planning to develop our woodland area to build a rebound hall and therapy centre. We wish to maximise the outside space by including some larger scale adventure equipment such as a climbing wall, zip slide etc. We have put aside funds towards this project which is likely to take place during the next three years. (£3,000)

Download Impact of Primary PE Money 2014-15