The Government has introduced a new stream of funding for Primary PE. More information can be found here

The school will ensure we spend the money in such a way as to ensure that opportunities are sustainable after the money has been spent. There are three aims of the funding:

  1. Increase the range of opportunities available
  2. Increase the amount of time primary pupils spend taking part in Physical Education
  3. Raise achievement within primary Physical Education

Impact of Primary PE Funds 2017-18

Our allocation was £13,000 plus a carry forward of £4,600

A new set of line markings was painted in the second playground. (£3,800) this has proved valuable during both lessons and break times to encourage children to participate in games which involve a range of movement as well as throwing, jumping and hopping.

The success of this  was something observer and remarked on during our recent inspection.

The number themed patterns have also supported pupils’ numeracy skills during lessons.

Following the success of previous hydrotherapy training and the improvement in physical ability this brought about we again use AquaEpps (£3,600) to provide training for staff, this was enhanced by having three full days, two of which involved working directly in the pool with our pupils and this proved to be a far more effective way of demonstrating approaches.

This has given staff the confidence to try a wider range of activities with the pupils and has resulted in a more positive experience for the pupils as well as better physical outcomes.

To ensure this training has maximum impact we purchased resources for the hydrotherapy pool. (£500)

Our second playground had some ageing fitness equipment which needed replacing. The new equipment was installed and sees very heavy use at lunch and break times as well as during lesson for pupils who benefit from exercise and fresh air to help regulate their emotions. (£5,700)

A full day Workshop for pupils to introduce them to street dance by the Slanted Dance Company. (£200)

This was not only a good way of becoming physically active through dance but introduced the pupils to very new experiences.

An HLTA had release time to plan, organise and deliver activities outside of school. Again this broadened the range of activities our pupils took part in and allowed them to visit different venues and work with pupils from other schools. (£2,000)

Previous equipment and training

All the money spent in previous years is still having an impact on the pupils.

The balance bikes purchased last year have been a great success and have allowed many more pupils to become mobile independently and given some the confidence to start riding a conventional bike.  Continuing this work will be a key part of this year’s plans.

The soft play equipment is still in regular use thanks to its improved storage. This includes lesson time, after school and holiday clubs.

The yoga resources and training are still used with many classes using this as part of relaxation or in end of day routines.

The resources from the dance training are now incorporated into medium term plans for all staff to use.

The playground continues to be an excellent place for pupils of all sizes and abilities to develop physically.


Planned use of 2018-19 funds

We are expecting just over £16000 this year plus we carried forward £2110 from 17/18

The major project for this year will be to get all primary pupils to progress as far as possible in their bike riding. (£5,000)

We will be purchasing additional bikes, both balance and traditional as well as helmets. (£2,000)

We will be working with local Bikeability instructors alongside our staff to support the pupils and the plan is our staff will also develop the skills in teaching pupils to learn to ride into the future.

To encourage pupils to participate in physical activity at home we have bought a range of PE kits in a bag for families to use at home. (£1,000)

Unspent money will be allocated to developing our new therapy Centre. We already have planning permission and unofficial approval for funds from the LA.

This money will go towards equipment to improve the quality and access to Rebound Therapy.

To equip a Sensory Integration Studio.

To develop the outside area with play and exercise equipment for more physically able pupils.