Primary PE Funds 2021-22

Our allocation for the year was £16,635, however, last year we had an overspend of £6,250 to pay for the revamping of two primary playgrounds the previous year.

This included all new soft surfaces and equipment including slides, swings, climbing frames etc.

We have spent £3,927 to date leaving £6,458 to carry forward for next year.

With Covid restrictions we were limited in our ability for external agencies to come and deliver training or direct session with pupils.

The majority of the funding £1,406 this year has been spent on maintaining our investment in Bikability training with the aim of getting as many pupils as possible riding either balance bikes or pedal bikes.

Funds covered

  • Purchasing of new bikes of various sizes to match student heights
  • Safety equipment such as helmets and high visibility vests
  • Maintenance and repairs to bikes.

£1,200 was used to maintain PE equipment in school including:

Following staff yoga training and our support for pupils’ mental health and wellbeing we have used on resources additional yoga mats and blocks.

Our hydrotherapy is used continuously and the inevitable consequence is equipment gets worn out in the harsh pool environment, we have used funds to replace equipment for the hydro therapy pool

Due to high temperatures last summer we purchased gazebos so pupils could continue to play outside in strong sunshine.

Planned use of 2022-23 funds

If funds are allocated as last year, we are expecting just over £16,000 this year plus we will carry forward £6,458.

Planned spending so far includes.

Approximately £6,000 for 6 days of training from AquaEpps, this is high quality training on delivering therapies in the hydrotherapy pool and covers:

  • Safety
  • Managing health conditions
  • Post-surgery treatment
  • Body positioning
  • Physiotherapy
  • Communication

This includes direct training in the pool with our pupils and this year will include pupils who are joining us later in the year as part of their transition.

We will continue to build on the success of the Bikeability project and continue this for next year.

This will include £3,000 on direct instruction and approximate £1,500 on new bikes, helmets and maintenance.

£3,000 to commission Special Yoga to provide training to staff to deliver yoga to two specific cohorts;

Yoga for ASD

Yoga for PMLD and CP

Further funds will be allocated as opportunities arise and possibly to provide additional equipment identified in the above training.