Welcome to Shells

Instructor - Shells Victoria Gotts
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Welcome to Shells!

We are a class of 6 pupils aged between 4 and 7. We have 5 adults supporting us each day because of our high medical, sensory and physical needs. We love a good song and a bit of silliness!

In Shells class we follow a very multi sensory, topic based curriculum and use a total communication approach including on body signing, Signalong and Objects of Reference. Each half term, we have one overall topic which we focus on for a lot of our lessons. We also work hard on our physical skills in daily physio sessions, weekly rebound and twice weekly hydrotherapy.

Shells Timetable – Autumn term 1

Curriculum Information for parentsAutumn Term 1Topic: Homes
SubjectProfilesIdeas for home
Community AwarenessIf we get the chance, we may go for a walk in the local area, through a housing estateYou could visit friends and families homes with your child
Social and EmotionalOngoing. We will be learning to relax and be with our friends whilst trying Tac Pac, Yoga, Intensive Interaction and massage You could put some calm, quiet music on and give your child a hand or foot massage
CommunicationOngoing. Each pupil will have individual plans for working on important skills such as choice making and signing You could encourage your child to make sounds by copying the sounds they make (raspberries, vocalisations, clapping…) and taking it turns with your child to make noises
Problem SolvingOngoing. Each pupil will have individual plans for working on important skills such as switch work, cause and effect and exploration. Some pupils will be doing some small group work on early numeracy and problem solving skills as well. Sing favourite number songs, play 10 green bottles and encourage knocking plastic bottles of a cardboard box wall, splash in the bath with five little speckled frog rhymes etc.
Orientation, Movement and MobilityOngoing. Each pupil will have individual plans for working on appropriate and relevant skills. This may include using walkers, whizzy bugs/bugzi, A frames, reaching out and exploring or moving ourselves around the classroom and school. We will be doing hydrotherapy, rebound therapy, physio and will work on fine and gross motor skills in a weekly PE session in the hall You could do some physio exercises with your child at home. Write a note in the home/school book if you would like a copy of the physio exercises we do with your child in school
CreativeWe will be looking at soft furnishings, cushions, wallpaper and making some small versions ourselves You could look at the patterns around your home and do some printing with your child with sponges and paint
ExplorationWe will be doing exploration based around the ‘3 Little Pigs’ story, using toy pigs and wolf puppet, straw, lollipop sticks in playdough and duplo bricks. You could use kitchen utensils to explore and make marks in playdough (there are some simple recipes online).
MusicWe will be using a variety of different instruments to accompany a range of nursery rhymes. We will focus on responding to sounds, making choices between instruments and songs, and on copying (adult copying child; do they notice/respond? encourage child to copy adult’s actions, even simple rhythms for those it’s appropriate for). You could do your own nursery rhyme singing session with soundmakers at home
CookingWe will be doing some home baking, making different biscuits You could explore ingredients to do some home baking with your child
Stories and BooksWe will be doing various sensory stories linked to animal homes and habitats, such as Underwater Adventure, the Farm, Minibeasts, and the Jungle Sensory Story. We will have a weekly library session where we will read books on a one-to-one basis, encountering and responding to a range of stories and books in a range of formats (books, story sacks, audio books…). We will encourage pupils to listen and respond to stories, turn pages, anticipate during a very familiar story…Can they point to/look at pictures in books when named? Explore the props with support? Respond to visually stimulating/noisy/tactile props? We will continue to practice the Jolly Phonics songs and actions, alongside the written letter/s where appropriate. You could visit your local library or go on YouTube to look for stories and books linked to home such as ‘3 Little Pigs’ or ‘Goldilocks and the 3 Bears’. You could have fun supporting your child to make a pointed finger, elbow supported, guide them to form shapes in a shallow coloured tray of salt/caster sugar/sand. We are using the Read, Write, Inc. letter formation phrases if you would like to practice letter formation at home.