Welcome to Rowan

Instructor - Shells Victoria Gotts
Photo of Victoria Gotts

Welcome to Rowan!

We are a lovely class of 7 pupils aged between 4 and 8. We have 6 adults supporting us each day because of our high medical, sensory and physical needs.

We love a bit of silliness and slapstick; we all have a great sense of humour! We enjoy experiencing numbers and letter sounds through number songs and the Jolly Phonics songs and actions.

In Shells class we follow a very multi sensory, topic based curriculum and use a total communication approach including on body signing, Signalong, photos, symbols and Objects of Reference. We love getting messy in our creative, cooking and exploration sessions! Each half term, we have one overall topic which we focus on for a lot of our lessons. We also work hard on our physical skills in daily physio sessions, weekly rebound and twice weekly hydrotherapy. We are also working on our mobility, making dents in the walls using our whizzy bugs and bugzi chairs and walking frames.


Autumn Term 1 Timetable

Curriculum Information for parentsAutumn Term 1Topic - Ourselves
SubjectProfilesIdeas for home
Community AwarenessWe will be sharing books and music that we enjoy in our home environment with our classmates You could visit friends and family with your child
Social and EmotionalWe will be doing Tac Pac massage for increasing body awareness You could put some calm, quiet music on and give your child a hand or foot massage
CommunicationOngoing. Each pupil will have individual plans for working on important skills such as making choices and signing You could encourage your child to make sounds by copying the sounds they make (raspberries, vocalisations, clapping…) and taking it turns with your child to make noises
Problem Solving & ICTOngoing. Each pupil will have individual plans for working on important skills such as switch work, cause and effect and exploration as well as some early numeracy Sing favourite number songs, play 10 green bottles and encourage knocking plastic bottles off a cardboard box wall, splash in the bath with five little speckled frog rhymes etc.
Orientation, Movement and MobilityOngoing. Each pupil will have individual plans for working on appropriate and relevant skills. This may include using walkers, A frames, reaching out and exploring or moving ourselves around the classroom and school. We will be doing hydrotherapy, rebound therapy and physio You could do some physio exercises with your child at home. Write a note in the home/school book if you would like a copy of the physio exercises we do with your child in school
Creative We will be creating self-portraits, making pictures with our hands and feet, using face paints, hats, glasses etc. to change our appearance. Look in the mirror together talk about features, use hands to explore facial features
ExplorationWe will be exploring messy play using mirrors and photos of the pupils i.e. jelly set onto a mirror You could make gloop to explore with your child using cornflour and water
MusicWe will be listening to, and playing along with, the pupils’ favourite music. We will also continue to join Dolphins for a song session once a week You could play some of your favourite music to your child
CookingWe will be making and tasting some of the pupils’ favourite foods Make favourite foods together
Stories and Books We will be doing the ‘My Many Coloured Days’ sensory massage story in the sensory room every week with tactile props and lights and music. We will have a weekly library session where we will share books with an adult 1to1, and explore story sacks in small groups Read favourite books together