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In Willow Class we support all of our children and young people to achieve the best that they can through an exciting and challenging approach to learning, both in the classroom and within the local community.

We make learning fun and rewarding through a series of projects based around a different theme each half term. Though this, our learners can experience and practice skills that demonstrate how each curriculum area can be applied in the real world.

We have the highest expectations and aspirations for all of our learners and continually adapt our approach in response to their changing needs and interests.

Spring Term 2 Timetable

Curriculum Information for Parents. Spring Term 2Topic: The Stone Age
SubjectIdeas for home
English: This half term we will be exploring the Stone Age through ‘Wolf Brother’ by Michelle Paver as they join 12 year old Torak and his wolf-cub companion journey through deep forests, ice glaciers and dangers that they never imagined existed. Pupils will write diary extracts and location descriptions to track Torak’s travels. Read as many different sources of writing as possible -books, magazines, labels, advertisements, leaflets, cereal boxes! Encourage your child to try sounding out any tricky new words. What information can you discover about Stone Age living? We would love to share any information in class!
Maths: We will be focusing on strengthening the 4 functions of Maths of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will also be creating our own board games to support counting and number pattern work. What are your favourite board games? What are the rules? What Maths skills do you need to know to be able to play the game?
PSHE: ‘Trust’ will be our theme for this half term. Pupils will take part in activities to build knowledge and understanding of trust and relationships with friends, family and members of the community. Can you make a list of people that you trust? What categories do they fit into? (Family, friends, others)
Science: Willow Class will create an amazing rock and fossil museum this half term and then invite other classes to tour it. Each week pupils will build up their knowledge to become expert museum curators and make exhibits, quizzes and activities for our pop-up museum. What different rocks can you find in your local community? What do they feel and look like? Do any of the rocks have a job, such as being used for tools or buildings?
Computing: Pupils will use I.T skills to research and explore our Stone Age topic for themselves. Pupils will continue learning to write exciting information texts that they will share with other classes. If possible, have a look at some magazines to see how the writing and pictures are presented. Sometimes the pictures are above, below or at the side of the writing! Some pictures are big and some are small.
Art: As part of our Stone Age topic pupils will be creating cave drawings using chalk and other naturally found materials to etch their artwork onto wood and stone.What materials can you find outside that we could use for art? Some stones can be used as chalk or ground down to use as a paint.
History: Through our exploration of The Stone Age pupils will explore a range of historical facts that puts the period in context. We will be making (and sampling!) typical food that people prepared and how people survived during the era. Are there any places in Norfolk where evidence can be found of life in the Stone Age? Please tell us if you discover anywhere!
Music: Pupils will be creating their own musical instruments, based on the theme of stone age people crafting their own tools. Pupils will be working towards hosting their own concerts using their new instumemnts. Look at a range of different instruments together. How do they workHitting, plucking, blowing)
RE: In conjunction with our work in PSHE we will look at how different religions celebrate animals and what we can learn from their behaviour.Can you find any logos for companies or groups that use animals as a symbol? Why do you think these companies use the animals?
PE: Leading up to our Stone Age Olympics, pupils will take part in activities based around developing movement and strength. Practice balancing in one position. Can you beat your time each week this half term?