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Teacher - Willow Class/Staff Governor Jacob Millin

Appointed 19/10/2020
4 Year Term of Office

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In Willow Class we support all of our children and young people to achieve the best that they can through an exciting and challenging approach to learning, both in the classroom and within the local community.

We make learning fun and rewarding through a series of projects based around a different theme each half term. Though this, our learners can experience and practice skills that demonstrate how each curriculum area can be applied in the real world.

We have the highest expectations and aspirations for all of our learners and continually adapt our approach in response to their changing needs and interests.

Summer Term 2 Timetable

Curriculum Information for Parents. Summer Term 2 2021Topic: Egypt
SubjectProfileIdeas for home
EnglishPupils will read The Egyptian Cinderella before writing their own version of an Ancient Egyptian story in conjunction with their work in History. Read as many different sources of writing as possible -books, magazines, labels, advertisements, leaflets, cereal boxes! Encourage your child to try sounding out any tricky new words. What words and sounds can you observe together that different modes of transport make?
MathsPupils will conduct shape experiments to build structures similar to those used by Egyptian builders. Pupils will use their new skills to find the area and perimeter of the structures they have crafted.Play a shape finding game when out and about together. What shape are each of the buildings you see? Can you find an example of a square building or a triangular one?
PSHEPupils will be looking at how rules are made and how to make compromises. We will explore how rules help to keep us safe in school and in the community. What rules do you have at home? Why do you have or need these rules?
ScienceThis half term we will continue to explore how forces and friction are used. We will link our work in Maths, designing strong structures. Pupils will test out a variety of materials and designs to test for strength and practicality. What materials are your houses made from? What shapes are they? Why do you think that they are those shapes?
HistoryWe will be exploring Ancient Egypt this half term. Pupils will be discovering how the Ancient Egyptians lived, events that took place and how the Great Pyramids were built. Talk to your child about what they already know about Ancient Egypt. Use books and the internet if possible to find out more facts.
ComputingPupils will continue to explore new programmes on the computers as well as improve their skills in using the internet safely to discover new information.Continue to explore Google Maps together. Pupils have used this in class and can show you many locations. Spend time looking at the environments of the UK, which will help in out Geography lessons.
D.TPupils will continue to make and design their own self-propelled car this half term. With a focus on recycling products pupils will test out which would be the best to withstand the humps and bumps of our obstacle course!If you have any empty cereal boxes, plastic milk tops, cardboard tubes or other materials that you think might be useful for creating a model car please send them in with your child!
ArtWith our new skills in shading and mixing colours, pupils will put these to use by drawing portraits of themselves in an Egyptian style. Later on they will explore other Egyptian art skills. Have a look online at Egyptian art. How is it different from other artworks you have seen? What colours are used the most? Why do you think this is?
MusicPupils will work on creating their own musical this half term. We will explore Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat, which tells the Biblical story of Joseph’s travels in Egypt. Listen to music together and see how many different instruments you can hear?
MFLThis term we will be exploring the traditions, language and culture of Germany.Have you ever been to Germany or know any German words? Share your experiences, photographs and stories. We would love to hear and see them!
PEOn Wednesday mornings PE will focus on athletics. With the warmer weather hopefully on the way, PE will move outdoorsEncourage your child to be active and aim for one physical activity each day (go for a walk, ride a bike, climb the stairs 3 times in a row, hop instead of walking for 2 minutes, stretching exercises whilst sat down)
REWe will spend time exploring Christianity. This will be taught as a whole day event and will look at ideas and traditions.What information can you find out about Christianity? There is a good website that you can explore together at : ‘Primary Homework help- Christianity’