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Teacher - Pine Class/Staff Governor Jacob Millin

Appointed 19/10/2020
4 Year Term of Office

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In Beech Class we support all of our children and young people to achieve the best that they can through an exciting and challenging approach to learning, both in the classroom and within the local community.

We make learning fun and rewarding through a series of projects based around a different theme each half term. Though this, our learners can experience and practice skills that demonstrate how each curriculum area can be applied in the real world.

We have the highest expectations and aspirations for all of our learners and continually adapt our approach in response to their changing needs and interests.


Beech Timetable Summer Term 2 2022


Curriculum Information for Parents. Summer Term 2 2022Topic: Adventure
SubjectProfileIdeas for home
EnglishPupils will develop their descriptive writing by writing about adventure stories that they read and create. Together we will read a series of books that explore the them, before using what we have learnt to create our own original story. What are your favourite stories at home? Why do you like them?
MathsPupils will spend time learning about time and money. During this final half term of the year, pupils will plan a trip to a shop to buy the ingredients for our weekly cooking lesson. Play a game at home, trying to guess how long it will take you to complete a series of tasks. How long do you think it will take to put the washing up away? How long will it take to step foot in every room in the house?
PSHEPupils will continue to discuss and learn about the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. We will chart our level of physical activity and monitor if what we do is enough. We will also explore the consequences of not being active enough. What can you do now that you could not do 3 years ago? How have you changed in that time?
ScienceSpace will be out final topic of this half term. We will learn about the different planets, how gravity works and discoveries that people have made about this mysterious place. What do you know about space? Can you recognise the planets by sight? Why do you think they are different colours? What are the differences between Earth and the other planets?
Design Technology: Pupils will design a flahing light for a purpose this half term. They will recall how to create a circuit and then apply this for a use of their own choosing. Where have you seen flashing lights? Have a look for some when you are next out and about. What are they used for?
ComputingLinked to our adventure writing in English, pupils will design their own world and explore landscapes from computer games. They will then design their own adventure world to present to others. If possible, explore the landscapes of some adventure lands by watching YouTube videos of games such as: Minecraft, Super Mario Odyssey and Animal Crossing.
ArtPupils will continue to create their own landscape portraits of the coast, using perspective, colour blending and texture to capture some of the local area’s surroundings. What colours do you think will be the most useful for painting the coastline? Try and visit the coast or look at pictures taken at different times of the day. How do the colours change?
HistoryLeading up to the Summer holidays we will be exploring the history of the beach holiday. Pupils will explore how this tradition become popular during the Victorian era and how it has changed. What can you remember about visiting the beach when you were a child? How does this differ to your child’s views on seaside holidays?
MusicPupils will be exploring emotion this half term. We will learn about how certain instruments are used to make people feel happy or sad as well as have a go ourselves at making a piece of music for a short film clip. The next time you are watching TV or a film try to listen out for the music. How does the music make you feel? Rewind the scene if possible and watch it without the music. How does what you see now make you feel.
PEPupils will explore team games outside in preparation for our sporting activities during the second half of the Summer term. Aim to spend time outside exercising with the (hopefully!) warm weather.