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Welcome to Beech class!

Beech is a class of 10 students with diverse needs and abilities. They are supported by five members of staff. We use a total communication approach; this includes SingAlong, symbols and verbal, to communicate our wishes, needs, feelings and knowledge.
We follow a broad curriculum which consists of formal learning in a wide range of subjects (English, Maths, Science, PSHE, Art, Computing, DT, Humanities, MFL, Music, PE) alongside an informal curriculum which includes various therapies (hydro, music, sensory) and support around our EHCP outcomes.
We also follow a PfAL (Preparing for Adult Life) curriculum, which encourages independence and competency in a wide range of life skills. This is supported by our weekly visits to the Patch and our regular visits around the local community.
All class activities are differentiated and tailored to meet individual needs and interests, meaning the pupils are happy to learn, they have lots of fun and allows them to readily build their confidence in many areas.


Beech Timetable – Spring term 2 – 23/24

Curriculum Information for Parents. Spring term 2 23/24
SubjectProfile - FoodIdeas for home
EnglishWe will be learning to write a poem on Food. In our reading lessons we will be gaining inspiration and ideas during our visits to the library. We will be listening to, reading and looking at poems, stories and non fictional books as part of our research. We will also be taking part in various activities (including taste testing!) to remind us and explore what food means to us. We will continue with our 1:1 reading sessions throughout the week and learning/practising new sounds during our daily phonics lessons (except Thursday). When you eat at home think how what words come into your head when you taste it. What words come into your head when you eat it? Make a note of any words you wish to use in your poem and send them into school. Read your Rhino Readers books at home (every child will bring one home in their bag at the beginning of term. Please let me know, via the diary, when you would like to change this to another one). Which sounds/tricky words will you practise? Can you read your book to a friend, a sibling, your dog? Can you answer the questions at the back of the book? Will you complete some of the activities?
MathsWe will be following the White Rose Maths scheme. The topics will include ‘6,7 and 8’ and ‘Height, length, mass, volume and capacity’. Each lesson pupils will complete a carousel of activities to support their learning in these areas. I will inform you which topic your child is covering. Select the correct topic and complete the activities: 6, 7 and 8 – where can you see the numerals 0 – 8 in the home? Can you count groups of objects with up to eight indiviuals, e.g. number of people sitting in the car, number of birds in the garden, number of animals in your house. Height, length, mass, volume and capacity – compare the heights of people in your family. Can you line up in height order? When you have a drink talk about whether the bottle or up is full, nearly full, half full/empty, nearly empty, empty.
PSHE and Citizenship This half term we will be looking at Public institutions and voluntary groups. This will include visiting places where volunteers work, e.g. RNLI, charity shops, About with Friends. We will talk about how they help us and how they improve our local community. We will also be considering how we can support these organisations, e.g. donating and buying from charity shops.When you are out and about look out for places where volunteers work to support the local community. How can you support this network of people?
ArtWe will be continuing to gain inspiration from Robert Gillmor. Pupils have completed some wonderful paintings of birds and now we are going to make some clay sculptures. We will be looking again at Robert Gillmor’s work and trying to create some of the birds he painted, using clay. We will then paint them.When you are out and about look out for the birds enjoying the first signs of Spring. What do you notice about them? Can you use this in your sculptures?
PEPupils will have the very fortunate experience of taking part in cricket lessons, led by a professional from outside the school, specialising in this field of sport. Pupils will enjoy a range of activities and games around this sport.Have you ever watched cricket on the TV? Take a look. Have we practised the skills you see on the TV, in the Hall yet? Do you prefer to be a fielder or a batter? Can you practise some catching and throwing at home, and hitting the ball with the bat?
PfAL (Preparing for Adult Life) We will be using the ASDAN Transition programme to support our learning in this area. We will be focusing on four specific areas; Employment (work experience, trips, etc) Independent living (cooking, laundry, chores, money management), Being as healthy as possible (hygiene, PSHE, RSE), and being part of the community (trips, voluntary work etc). This half term’s focus will be ‘Knowing How’. We will be learning how to help around the home and at school, including doing the washing up, cleaning the floors, making snacks and doing the laundry. During our trips we will be learning about how we can help others through voluntary work (linked with our PSHE topic). We will visit a wide ranhe of organisations that use volunteers to support the local community. What can you do to help someone in your home? Perhaps you could do the washing up, lay the table, clean your room, clean the car, hang the laundry out? Can you visit some voluntary organisations when you are out and about? How can you support these organisations? Please let me know how you got on with either/both of these activities so we can celebrate your successes with the class (this could be communicated via a note in the diary or email any photos to Miss S-B.
DT Independent Living & Being Healthy (Linked with food safety & hygiene) Led by Nikki W We will have the opportunity to use the Learning Kitchen. We will be making a simple healthy snack. This half term will include understanding some rules of food hygiene & how to store food safely. When at home or in the community continue to look at items that are linked health, safety & hygiene in the kitchen. For example, aprons, washing up liquid, clean tea towels. Read the labels on some food items to check that they are being stored correctly
MFL Led by Nikki W This half term we will be embedding our knowledge of French greetings & colours. We will start learning some French numbers. We will be trying to say these words as well as writing them in French. At home, can you make a link with France? Consider doing your own research. Explore where you might want to go on holiday in France. How would you get there? What would you do when you were there? Research some famous cities such as Paris, Toulouse, Dijon. What would you eat – look up some traditional foods?
Geography Led by Nikki W We will be studying an African country – Kenya. We will be locating this country on maps & looking at some of the natural and man- made features that can be found. We will look at some facts about Kenya and we will have a brief look at some of the cultural aspects, such as music and dance. Finally, we will be looking at some animals that can be found on safari in Kenya. When at home consider doing your own research about Kenya. What is your favourite animal from Kenya & why? Would you like to visit Kenya? Let us know.
RE day Led by Nikki W We will be having a focused day (21.03.2024) to explore some aspects of Christianity. It will include learning about the traditional Easter Story; how Christians celebrate Easter and looking at artefacts linked with Easter. When at home or in the community, you could look out for Easter items. Can you decide if they are linked with the Christian faith? Talk about how does Easter make you feel and why?
World Book Day Led by Nikki Wardell We will be having a focused day for ‘World Book Day’ (07.03.2024). The day will include lots of activities linked with books. We will have the opportunity to dress up as our favourite book or book character. When at home or in the community find opportunities to look at books, for example shops that sell books or magazines, the library, a relative’s home. Do you have a favourite book?
EHCP/PLGs In this session we will be working on our EHCP targets. Pupils will have the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities to support their current PLGs (Personal Learning Goals). What will you choose to do; SignAlong choir, cook or play board/playground games with their peers or take part in our Puberty workshops?Look at your current PLGs (please ask Miss S-B if you would like a copy of these to be sent home). Which ones could you work on at home? Do you need any resources to support you with this? Please ask the adults in class for anything that you may need.