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In Willow Class we support all of our children and young people to achieve the best that they can through an exciting and challenging approach to learning, both in the classroom and within the local community.

We make learning fun and rewarding through a series of projects based around a different theme each half term. Though this, our learners can experience and practice skills that demonstrate how each curriculum area can be applied in the real world.

We have the highest expectations and aspirations for all of our learners and continually adapt our approach in response to their changing needs and interests.

Autumn Term 2 Timetable

Curriculum Information for Parents. Autumn Term 2 2019Topic: Autumn
SubjectProfileIdeas for home
EnglishWe will be exploring the season of Winter this half term. Pupils will explore and create their own poetry on the season as well as reading stories that take place during the Winter months. Towards the end of the half term pupils will create their own story using information sand ideas that they have collected together.Read as many different sources of writing as possible -books, magazines, labels, advertisements, leaflets, cereal boxes! Encourage your child to try sounding out any tricky new words. Take time to observe how little growth takes place during Winter with regard for plants. Discuss why this may be. How is Winter different to the other seasons>
MathsTo support our work in English we will be making our own Winter themed food. Pupils will develop skills in weighing out ingredients, recording the volume and capacity of liquids and their containers. Pupils will also measure material to make their own warm scarf! Spend time writing out our own shopping lists for trips out to the supermarket or into town. What do you need to think about when planning a visit?
PSHEPupils will be looking at the rights that we all have as members of society. We will discuss what we need to stay safe and healthy, such as food and a home to live in. What do you have at home that others may not have? A TV? A car? A dishwasher? What are your favourite toys? Are there any that you don’t play with that you could give away to someone else?
ScienceThis half term we will be focusing on different types of ‘waves’, from water waves, light waves and sound waves. Pupils will take part in experiments in order to discover how energy travels. Go for walks on the beach or look at videos on the internet of waves. How do they work? Where does a wave begin?
ComputingPupils will create their own Christmas cards based on what they have covered in their English topic of Winter. We will learn how to place pictures into our designs, applying colours and text to personalise our cards and how to print them successfully, ready to give out!Do you have any greetings cards at home? What is similar about them? (Picture on the front, text on the inside right of the card). What is different? (size, shape, some have pictures in the card.)
ArtPupils will create a 3D sculpture this half term based on the theme of winter. We will investigate the best materials to build a solid and long lasting design. These will be sold at the Christmas Fair. Have a look online at papier mache sculptures. What materials will we need to use this technique? Please send in any spare newspapers you have at home!
HistoryPupils will be taken back in time to a Victorian Christmas. We will discover how the festive season was celebrated by previous generations and the changes that have occurred. Talk to your child about your favourite memories of Christmas when you were a child. How do they differ from your child’s experiences? Are there any similarities?
MusicPupils will learn a variety of Christmas carols and songs in preparation for the Christingle service in December. We will learn to sing in time and add our own instrumentation to existing songs using percussion instruments. Listen to some Christmas songs together. Ask your child to clap out the beat, we have been practicing this in class.
MFLThis term we will be exploring the traditions, language and culture of Spain.Have you ever been to Spain or know any French words? Share your experiences, photographs and stories. We would love to hear and see them!
PEOn Tuesday mornings PE will focus on team work games. Pupils will work on their group skills and ability to solve logical problems together. Encourage your child to be active and aim for one physical activity each day (go for a walk, ride a bike, climb the stairs 3 times in a row, hop instead of walking for 2 minutes, stretching exercises whilst sat down)
Design TechnologyFood moulds will be our focus this half term in DT. Pupils will investigate how and why different moulds are made and the ideas that go behind making a successful and useful design. Pupils will then create their own Christmas based mould. Do you have any food moulds at home? What shape are they? What materials are they made from? How are they used?