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Welcome to Beech class!

Beech is a class of 11 students with diverse needs and abilities. They are supported by five members of staff. We use a total communication approach; this includes SingAlong, symbols and verbal, to communicate our wishes, needs, feelings and knowledge.
We follow a broad curriculum which consists of formal learning in a wide range of subjects (English, Maths, Science, PSHE, Art, Computing, DT, Humanities, MFL, Music, PE) alongside an informal curriculum which includes various therapies (hydro, music, sensory) and support around our EHCP outcomes.
We also follow a PfAL (Preparing for Adult Life) curriculum, which encourages independence and competency in a wide range of life skills. This is supported by our weekly visits to the Patch and our regular visits around the local community.
All class activities are differentiated and tailored to meet individual needs and interests, meaning the pupils are happy to learn, they have lots of fun and allows them to readily build their confidence in many areas.


Beech Timetable – Autumn Term 2 – 23/24

Curriculum Information for Parents. Autumn Term 2 23/24
SubjectProfile - Friendship and ConflictIdeas for home
MathsWe will be working on our multiplication skills this half term using objects around us, songs, games, numicon and interactive resources. We will be carrying out some surveys in school, on the topic of food, and interpreting our findings in different ways, e.g. what is the most popular type of pizza? How many more people liked it, compared to the least favourite? We will be looking at recipes and working out how much ingredients we will need to make enough for the whole class? How much will this cost? We will then be using our measuring skills to make our chosen recipes. Can you practise your times tables at home? What will you do; a song, a quiz (get someone to ask you questions), or an interactive game. I will make a note in your diary to let you know which times tables you are working on. Please ask if you would like some resources (websites for games, sheets, activities) to support with this. Can you carry out a survey at home? What will you find out? Who will you ask? Can you do help do some cooking at home? What will you make? Will you have enough for everyone?
EnglishWe will be reading and listening to some poetry and stories about people caught in different kinds of conflicts. We will look at the words that show conflict in the writing and look into what they mean. We may then choose to use these in our own writing.Read your Rhino Readers books at home. Which sounds/tricky words will you practise? Can you read your book to a friend, a sibling, your dog? Can you answer the questions at the back of the book? Will you complete some of the activities? When reading at home consider whether it is more about friendship or conflict?
PSHE and Citizenship We will be looking at our emotions and recognising what causes different emotions. We will be discussing the link between emotions and mental health, and how we can support our mental health.At home discuss how you are feeling during various points of the day. What has made you feel this way? Look at ways to improve your mental health at home. Discuss as a family what we can do to support each other’s mental health.
ScienceWe will be looking into how rocks are formed and making our own rock. We will be learning about the different types of rocks and how these change over time (weathering and erosion).When you are out and about look for different types of rocks. Have they been changed at all? If so, what has caused these changes to occur?
Art We will be continuing our work on Seasons and using the artwork of Joseph Cornell to gain inspiration. We will be learning how to weave, use Autumnal leaves and create a winter box in our art work.Collect some seasonal objects from outside. What will you create/do with them? Look up Autumnal artwork on the internet – can you see anything you would like to make?
PEWe will be exploring the topic of Friendship and Conflict through dance and movement. We will be identifying some emotions and start to explore self expression. We will also perform key movement skills and patterns. Finally we will be identifying strengths to improve our own and others' dancing.Can you hear any songs about friendship (e.g. Lean on me by Bill Withers, You Got a Friend In Me’ by Randy Newman, ‘With a Little Help From My Friends’ by The Beatles)? Conflict (e.g.“Bad Blood” – Taylor Swift Ft. Kendrick Lamar, “Part Of Me” – Katy Perry)? How might you dance to these songs? Fast or song? Big movements or little? Can you try and perform some movements to these songs?
PfAL (Preparing for Adult Life) These sessions are aimed at pupils in the class 14 years old and older. This half term’s focus will be ‘Knowing How’. We will be learning how to use kitchen measures, plan and budget for a class snack and work with others to make something for the class to eat. We will also be taking part in activities to help others in class and around the school. What can you do to help someone in your home? Perhaps you could do the washing up, lay the table, clean your room, clean the car, hang the laundry out? Please let me know how you got on so we can celebrate your successes with the class (this could be communicated via a note in the diary or email any photos to Miss S-B.
MusicWe will be learning about the arrangements of tunes, and consider how to move to these. We will be writing and performing our own welcome song. Once we have decided on the lyrics, we will be creating a class arrangement of the song. We will combine as many different factors as possible (high, low, different sounding drums, bells), record the different performances and ask the class to choose which arrangement they prefer. Try creating your own song at home. What will it be about? Will you sing it to a fast or slow tune? What musical instruments will you use?
EHCP/PLGsIn this session we will be working on our EHCP targets. Pupils will have the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities to support their current PLGs (Personal Learning Goals). What will you choose to do; SignAlong choir, cook or play board/playground games with their peers or take part in our Puberty workshops?Look at your current PLGs (please ask Miss S-B if you would like a copy of these to be sent home). Which ones could you work on at home? Do you need any resources to support you with this? Please ask the adults in class for anything that you may need.
History (led by Nikki Wardell) We will be learning about Anne Frank. It will include looking at a timeline. We will look at why children were evacuated and how evacuees in this country prepared themselves, including packing a suitcase. We will briefly look at ‘Dig for Victory’ and experience a similar situation.When at home and in the community consider doing your own research about World War 2. Each time you could consider, how did this affect children? Do you know any elderly people that could talk about their experiences first hand
DT (led by Nikki Wardell) We will be looking at how a food product can be developed, with a focus on shortbread biscuits. We will be learning about batch production including how to develop a basic design that can be varied or personalised for particular clients. We will learn that making identical parts in a batch ensures accuracy and that cutters can help with volume production. We will have the opportunity to use the Teaching Kitchen for this module and will continue to link with health, safety and hygiene.When at home or in the community, look out for packaging that varies but inside has the same item. For example, digestive biscuits. You may want to investigate further by doing some comparing of these biscuits, for example are they all the same size? Do they all taste the same? Please send in your results as we would love to know about them.
MFL (led by Nikki Wardell) This half term we will be learning some greetings, colours and numbers in Spanish. We will be trying to say these words as well as writing them in Spanish. At home, can you make a link with Spain? Consider doing your own research into the football clubs Real Madrid or Barcelona. Explore where you might want to go on holiday in Spain. How would you get there? What would you do when you were there? Research some famous cities such as Seville, Barcelona, & Madrid.
RE (Religious Education) (Led by Nikki Wardell) We will be having a focused day (07.12.2023) to explore some aspects of Christianity. It will include learning about the traditional Christmas story; How Christians celebrate Christmas and looking at artefacts linked with Christmas.When at home or in the community, you could look out for Christmas decorations. Can you decide if they are linked with the Christian faith? Talk about how does Christmas make you feel and why?
We would love to hear about anything that you have done at home and celebrate this with the class. Please email any photos to Miss S-B (csadlerbar8rrf@nsix.org.uk), or pop a note in the diary.