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Teacher - Beech Class/Staff Governor Jacob Millin

Appointed 19/10/2020
4 Year Term of Office

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In Beech Class we support all of our children and young people to achieve the best that they can through an exciting and challenging approach to learning, both in the classroom and within the local community.

We make learning fun and rewarding through a series of projects based around a different theme each half term. Though this, our learners can experience and practice skills that demonstrate how each curriculum area can be applied in the real world.

We have the highest expectations and aspirations for all of our learners and continually adapt our approach in response to their changing needs and interests.

Autumn Term 1 Timtable

Curriculum Information for Parents. Autumn Term 1 2021Topic: Animals through Poetry
SubjectProfileIdeas for home
EnglishTo begin the new academic year we will be exploring the theme of ‘Animals’ through poetry. We will practice listening to a selection of poetry, descriptions and information texts in order to learn new words, before creating our own poems for others to hear. Read as many different sources of writing as possible -books, magazines, labels, advertisements, leaflets, cereal boxes! Encourage your child to try sounding out any tricky new words. Take time to focus on the colour, sound, texture and the way a variety of animals move that you may come across when out and about or that you see on TV and in books.
MathsOur first topic this year focuses on money. Pupils will learn how to recognise the value of each coin and note as well as the combinations needed to pay for a variety of items. We will play games and set up our own shop to practice buying and selling items. Help your child to identify coins at home and practice counting together. Can you group coins together so that you can count in 2s, 5s, and 10s?
PSHEThis half term we will be looking at the importance of listening to others who may have different opinions and the differing ways that we agree when making decisions. We will hold a series of debates about chosen issues and focus on the possiblity that a difference of opinion does not mean that someone is always wrong. Take opportunities when you are with groups of family or friends to vote – “Who would like a drink, put your hands up?” “We could play outside or play a board game inside, how could we decide?” Watch politicians debate in parliament on the news or on YouTube. Explain that when someone wants to speak they stand up and when they are listening, they sit down.
ScienceHow our body works and fits together will be our main theme this half term. Together we will journey inside the body to explore how our internal organs work, what happens when we are ill and how we can help to keep ourselves in good working order! This topic provides a great opportunity to think about how our bodies work. Do you know the names of any bones or organs? Test each other to see if you name as many as possible. What bones and organs are used in some of your favourite activities?
GeographyThis lesson will be taught by Jason Tooke. Pupils will be investigating our local areas and comparing it with a differing locality. They will explore the similarities and differences between the landscape, buildings and weather in order to develop an understanding of the world in which we live.
ComputingTogether with our poetry focus in English, we will be using our computing lessons to research animals, create posters and design our own poetry anthology to share with you at home. Can you see any posters when you are out and about or in magazines? What makes the posters exciting to look at? What do you like or not like about the posters you see?
D.TSoups and salads will begin our DT exploration this year. Pupils will spend time looking at existing recipes and explore combinations that taste good or not so good together! To end the half term we will create our own menu which will feature in our class dinner party. Spend time exploring recipes at home. What foods do your family like? What tastes do you like to mix? If you have any soup tins or pots, try to remember what flavours they have mixed together and tell the rest of the class when you come back to school. This will help us plan our final menu.
ArtLinked with our English topic of ‘Animals’ we will be exploring wildlife art to create drawings, paintings, photo collages and clay sculptures. This will feature in our own Art exhibition which we will invites others to come and view. Spend time looking at some of the art work by Robert Gillmor and Harriet Mead. Do you have a favourite? Take the time to look and discuss.
MusicAction music will be our focus for this half term. We will listen to how music is used in nature programmes to add excitement and emotion to what we see. We will then work together to create our own group soundtrack for a sequence of wildlife film. Try to close your eyes when listening to music or when you hear it on a TV programme. What do you imagine could be happening when you hear the music and sounds? How does the volume, tempo and instruments help you to imagine?
MFLThis term we will be exploring the traditions, language and culture of Germany.Have you ever been to Germany or do you know any German words? Share your experiences, photographs and stories. We would love to hear and see them!
PEOn Tuesday mornings PE will focus on fun teamwork games that involve working together to achieve aims. This lesson will be taught by Jason Tooke. Encourage your child to be active and aim for one physical activity each day (go for a walk, stretch whilst sitting down, dancing along to a song)