We use the ‘Norfolk Steps’ approach to behaviour management which is endorsed by the Local Authority.  We will also ensure at least two members of staff are trained as instructors and all staff are given initial and refresh training by them in accordance with Norfolk Steps guidance.

Our aim is to create the right conditions for each pupil that will maximise the potential for them to be able to make positive decisions in relation to behaviour. We do this through careful planning and by knowing the specific needs of each pupil.

We do this by forming positive relationships with pupils, understanding our pupils’ difficulties and helping them to manage their behaviour through clear expectations, rewards and consequences.

When pupils reach a crisis staff are able to de-escalate using a wide range of positive handling strategies.

When necessary staff will use restrictive physical intervention to prevent harm, damage to property or disruption to learning. 

All incidents of physical intervention are recorded and monitored by a member of the school leadership team. 

For pupils who may need restrictive physical interventions more often a Support and Intervention Plan is written and shared with all staff working with the pupil and parents. 

This outlines strategies to manage the behaviour safely and ensure a consistent approach.