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Teacher - Ash Nikki Thornton
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Ash Class is a small bespoke group consisting of 4 pupils with a curriculum tailored to the individual needs of the pupils including;

  • Improving their social skills
  • Support in self-managing their emotional needs
  • Accessing the community to include work experience
  • Improving their independence
  • Improving their tolerance to challenging environments and situations
  • Making progress across the academic curriculum

Spring Term 1 Timetable 2022


Curriculum Information for parents. ASDAN Towards IndependenceAutumn Term 2 2021
SubjectProfilesIdeas for home
MathsIn maths we will be looking at different units of measurement for length, mass, capacity and violume and developing our skils in subtracting and adding different units. Compare different items around the house. Enjoy cooking together talking about and encouraging independence when measuring ingredients.
Independent Living As part of our ASDAN we wil be working towards independent living. We will be practicing skills for being independent and thinking about growing up and leaving school. We will be learning how to make meals, hot drinks, cleaning and using the washing machine. Aswell as looking at safety when handling and storing COSHH products. Encourage independence where possible at home to help to develop skills for growing up and leaving school. Encourage making drinks, snacks and cooking meals. Encourage household jobs, tidying their bedrooms and tidying up after themselves.
English In English we will be reading Lemony Snicket- Bad beginings. We will be looking at tongue twisters, writing journals and learning how to write formal letters. We will looking at persuasive language and creating our own adverts discouraging viewers to visit places from the book. Watch the film / series together Discuss characters and themes of the story.
Geography For the majority of this half term we will be focusing on weather. Looking at what weather is in what seasons, watching and creating our own weather reports, independent research of what the weather is like in different countries to gather information to make a display. We will also be looking at where differnet food comes from and how far they travel to get to us. Watch weather reports on the news and discuss what the weather is like in different parts of the country. When cooking or eating, discuss where you think the food has come from, what country, how far has it travelled to get on your plate.
HistoryIn History we will be doing self study creating our own projects of famous people in History, places and major historical events in time. Each aspect will be personal choice and Independent research. Look up and discuss different historical events and famous people. Watch the History channel or look up facts together on the internet or in books. Visit a local library or historical places.
Art/ Creativity In Art we will be creating different settings from the story using different tools and skills. Enjoy creating Art together at home.
PEIn PE we will be looking at getting ready for sport independently. We will be developing our catching and batting skills in various team games- Tennis/ tabletennis/ rounders/ cricket/ basketball/ football Play games together, visit local parks and play areas. Encourage pupils to get active.
Business EnterpriseThis term we will be continuing with our own business enterprise. We will will be reflecting on our enterprise so far, getting customer feedback, looking at profit and making changes if needed. All money made will help go towards big days out at the end of term. Enjoy visiting different businesses shops, bakeries, cafes etc. encourage pupils to think about each place as a business. How much do things cost? How much do they think it costs to make?
Personal SafetyWe will continue with our ASDAN topin of personal safety. This term we will be focussing on emergency services, being safe in the community and stranger danger. Try to teach important personal information such as home address and date of birth. Encourage pupils to think about road safety and how to respond to an emergency or getting lost in the community.
ICT/ E-SafetyIn E-safety, we will be working on personal information, what it is and who we should and shouldn’t tell. We will also be looking at ways to make internet searching safe by putting on safe search security. In ICT we will be using different apps to create collages of the students’ favourite things and also how to send an email with the correct layout to a friend. Have conversations about personal information to recap who we should and shouldn’t give personal information to. When your child is using the computer to search something or watch something, encourage them to use the safe search security setting in google.
Meal preparation and cooking progression In meal preparation we will start by planning a full menu for the day, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. We will be focusing on reading instructions and following them when cooking and encouraging the students to cook things as independently as possible. We will also be doing a project where they can choose whether they want to cook a meal for a friend or plan and prepare some food for a party. Encourage your to plan ahead what they would like to eat the next day. Try to encourage your child to help with cooking, even just by reading the instructions and telling you how long something takes to cook, or to time it.