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Instructor - Ash Grace Burton
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Ash Class is a small bespoke group consisting of 3 pupils with a curriculum tailored to the individual needs of the pupils including;

  • Improving their social skills
  • Support in self-managing their emotional needs
  • Accessing the community to include work experience
  • Improving their independence
  • Improving their tolerance to challenging environments and situations
  • Making progress across the academic curriculum

Autumn Term 2 Timetable


Curriculum Information for parents. Thematic Planning- Enterprise Autumn Term 2 2020
SubjectProfilesIdeas for home
MathsIn Maths we will be looking at money, how people earn money and what people do with money. We will re cap our basic money skills and transfer these skills into the community. We will be running some enterprise activities to develop our skills e.g. running a tuck shop, making crafts to sell. We will be budgeting and estimagting costs. We will be learnming about profit and what it means. The money we do make will go on a trip/ traet of choice decided by students.Encourage the exploration of money and transfer these skills into different contexts. Money in the community, handling money, paying for items of choice. Understanding the value of money, pocket money.
English In English we will be developing our knowledge and understanding on what people do for jobs in the community. We will be writing our own CV’s to apply for jobs inside and outside of school. We will be using persuasive writing skills to link in with our marketing project. We will be writing interviews to ask staff at school about their jobs. Talk about different jobs you and your family do. What type of person does it take to do that job.
I.C.TWe will be using ICT to communicate and share activities. We will be using ICT to create adverts and logos as part of our marketing project to enhance the sales of our goods. Share an activity with your child that is interactive. What adverts can you notice on the TV or radio. What are they trying to do?
PSHE and CitizenshipWork Experience. We will explore what personal values and qualities we have and think of areas we would like to develop. Sex and relationships/ personal hygiene What jobs do you do at home? Are there some jobs you enjoy more than others? Why?
D.TWe are going to be making Christmas craft items to sell for our enterprise project. Items will include, dried fruit garlands, log reindeers and snowmen. We will be focussing on expanding a wide skill set, including hammering, sawing, cutting, joining. As we will be making to sell, we will be thinking abut the quality of our work and how best to make any improvements.We will be in need of lots of pinecones. Take an autumnal walk, and collect some materials for school. You could also have a go at drying your own fruit and making a Christmas wreath.
Music/DramaWe will be making another sound story on powerpoint to enhance our topic. We will be researching our favourite jobs and using role play to add depth to our understanding and experience. We might add some humor in there to make it funny with some reference to Alan Sugar’s – the apprentice.When we go out to work it is important to know how to behave in the commubity. How do we talk to people in shops and restaurants? How do we behave in public?
ArtWe will be creating Christmas cards and wrapping paper items to sell as part of an enterprise theme. We will be designing our own personal business logos that will be produced as part of our enterprise programme. Enjoy some craft activities at home. Try to use some recycled materials to remain eco friendly. Can you spot any familiar logos on you travels, or on the TV. What makes them stand out, what designs do you like the most?
ScienceHow high will your rocket go? Can you make a rainbow? Can you make a lemon bubble like a volcano? Can you melt a Christmas tree? We will be exploring all these questions and more, whilst looking at the properties of the materials we use.What chemical reactions do you see around the home? What happens when you cook an egg? Or bake a cake? Toast some bread? Can you turn the end product back into what is was originally. Discuss where this happens in our everyday lives.