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Teacher - Ash Nikki Thornton
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Ash Class is a small bespoke group consisting of 5 pupils with a curriculum tailored to the individual needs of the pupils including;

  • Improving their social skills
  • Support in self-managing their emotional needs
  • Accessing the community to include work experience
  • Improving their independence
  • Improving their tolerance to challenging environments and situations
  • Making progress across the academic curriculum

ASH Timetable – Spring term 2 – 23/24




Curriculum Information for parents. ASDAN Towards Independence Spring term 2 23/24
SubjectProfilesIdeas for home
Maths In maths, we are will be studying 2D and 3D shapes. We will be learning the names of shapes and exploring their properties. We will be taking part in practical activities, art and games to help consolidate our knowledge. Point out and name 2D and 3D Shapes in the home and as part of everday life, when out in the community.
English This term our topic is food. We will be doing different food tasting lessons, trying and exploring new tastes and textures. We will be learn ing about adjectives and similies and we will be using these to create our own poems. We will be making our own recipes and writing shape poems. Enjoy shopping and eating out together trying and exploring new foods. Use adjectives to describe the taste, sight and texture of foods.
ArtIn art we will be looking at the work of Norfolk artist Robert Gilmore. We will be exploring colour wheels and his use of colour. We will also be looking at different birds ad choosing some birds to paint and create our own artwork. Look at birds when out walking or in the car. Look at any artwork around the home or school and think about what colours are used.
PSHE/ Computing Our topic for PSHE this half term is going to be personal safety. We will learn how to keep ourselves safe online, trusted adults and how to cope with pop ups and inappropriate content. Play online games together. Practise and discuss online safety house rules and what to do.
Sex and Relationships (SRE) This term we will be learning about puberty and how our bodies change as we grow. We will be learning about private body parts, safe places and masturbation and relationships. Practise using and recognising safe terminology at home such as ‘private, safe’
Famous people in History This term we will be looking at different famous people in History, why they are famous and what they achieved. We will be making crafts projects and information posters about each person. Watch youtube clips about famous people studied in class. Re-enact and role play what they did. Enjoy making crafts around each theme.
ScienceOur focus for science is going to be on biology: health and medicines. We will be looking at what medicine does and the benefits. We will also be looking at some of the risks that come with medicine. Alongside this, we will leaning about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy making healthy snacks together and local walks to get some exercise and practice a healthy life style.
DTThis term we will be looking at our own interests and hobbies to create a scene box of the students choice. We will make mood boards and choose appropriate resources for the job.
PfAL (Preparing for Adult Life) This term we will be looking at personal hygiene and developing a good routine. We will be working on hand washing, showering, teeth brushing and hair washing. We will be looking at developing independence in all aspects of personal hygiene. Maintain good personal hygiene routines at home including washing hands, showering or bathing and brushing teeth.