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Instructor - Ash Nikki Thornton
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Ash Class is a small bespoke class consisting of four pupils with a curriculum tailored to the individual needs of the pupils including;

  • Improving their social skills
  • Support in self-managing their emotional needs
  • Accessing the community
  • Improving their independence
  • Improving their tolerance to challenging environments and situations
  • Making progress across the academic curriculum7

Ash Timetable Autumn 2


Curriculum Information for parents. Thematic Planning-Special OccasionsAutumn Term 2
SubjectProfilesIdeas for home
MathsThis term we will be focussing on positioning and direction including half and whole turns. We will be learning the currency of coins and notes and using money in a practical context When out shopping or at home practice coin recognition. With support encourage your children to help find the appropriate money to pay.
English We will be studying different stories and poems and recreating our own in similar styles. We will be learning about Metaphors, Similes and Onomatopoeia Share different stories and DVD’s together Such as Funny bones, Hocus Pocus, The Polar Express etc.
ScienceMotion and forces We will be practically exploring gravity, friction, buoyancy and air resistance using fun experiments. Visit a local play area and explore how pushing and pulling can make things move.
I.C.TWe will be covering ICT during English and History lessons using different software to create presentations and posters. We will also be using computers when researching different themes. Use a range of software to create themed pictures or cards at home.
PSHE and CitizenshipAs well as continuing to learn our PHSE by accessing the community each week we will be learning about E-Safety and being safe online, people who can help us and ‘Stranger Danger’Discuss E-Safety at home- they can ask parents for help if something they don’t like comes on screen Talk about people who help us and the different emergency services
D.TWe will be designing and making different crafts using a variety of materials to match the different themes studied. This will include Halloween decorations, Guy Fawkes, Diwali Patterns and Christmas decorations. Enjoy making decorations, pictures and cards together
Humanities We will be learning about the History of different celebrations and looking at how they began. We will look and compare how other cultures celebrate differentlyVisit and enjoy special events together
ArtSpecial occasions We will be carving pumpkins and making sensory fireworks then moving onto exploring the autumn and Christmas through various art mediums. Enjoy all of the up coming special events.