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Maple is one of two classes in the sixth form which is based in the Annexe within Sheringham High School.

We are challenging our students to find their own way in the real world. They are using the knowledge they gained and skills they learned through the school to problem solve in real life situations and to prepare for the next step in their lives.
Staff will advise and give choices then allow the students to work things out for themselves, they help each other and are encouraged to ask for help in order for them to become as independent as possible.
We currently have  5 boys and 7 girls. You might think this means it is a quiet class but in fact everyone is chatty, cheerful and confident which means we have lots of fun, you will always hear a lot of laughter as we work hard together.
Come and see us – we’ll make you a cup of tea.

Spring Term 1 Timetable 2022

Curriculum Information for parentsSpring Term 1 2022
SubjectProfilesIdeas for home
MathsWe are continuing to have a whole morning of Maths lessons as they are all enjoying it and making such good progress. They will usually work on 2 different topics in one morning. All students will take part in starter activities which are fun and easily achievable. ASDAN TI We plan to cover the following adult numeracy targets Counting reliably up to 20, ordering and comparing numbers Read and write numbers up to 20 Recognise and select coins and notes Extract simple information from lists Sort and classify objects using a single criterion Understand everyday positional vocabulary Relate familiar events to times of the day Interpret +, -, and = in practical situations ASDAN PDP & PSE They will work in small groups on functional skills at either Entry level 3 or Level 1. We are again revisiting all the operations required to enable maths problems to be solved. We will spend as much time as we need to on each of the basics to ensure they are able to problem solve using these skills. They will also continue to work at their own pace choosing challenges from the Maths short course book. They have to pick challenges from each section in turn so over the year will be covering all aspects of maths in practical contexts. For those working at level one they will continue to work through the revision books with 1-1 support as needed. They will be regularly assessed with formal style tests and we will discuss their answers individually with them helping them in the areas they struggle with on a 1-1 basis. Count reliably up to 10 or 20 items (or higher if able) – count objects at home, e.g. ask them to lay the table with 4 of everything Recall addition and subtraction facts to 20 – play number games, ask questions when out shopping Relate familiar events to times of the day, seasons, days of the week – discuss what you might be doing at the weekend e.g. how many days until Saturday? Read, measure and record time – any opportunities to tell the time Extract numerical information from lists, tables, diagrams and block graphs – look at shopping lists, timetables, TV guides
EnglishWe will continue to have extra English lessons this term as they all enjoyed the book studies last year so much. They will all take part in a brain game starter activity to get them engaged and interested in the subject. They will be encouraged to take defeats gracefully and understand that they cannot always be on the winning team. Our set text is ‘No Ballet Shoes in Syria’ by Catherine Burton. The story will bring up new issues and scenarios and will lead to detailed discussion about the war in Syria. We will discuss the meanings of refugee status, safe havens and asylum seekers, right to remain and siege. We will be using the story to inspire writing in a variety of genres and recognising the different purposes of text. Red group will then go on to work towards an Asdan module around communication. We plan to focus on: Listening for detail using key words to extract information. Constructing simple sentences. Make statements of fact clearly Green & Blue groups will focus on: Applying own life experience and knowledge to check out plausible meanings of words and sentences. Skim reading title and headings to decide of material is of interest. Recognising the different purposes of texts at this level. Scan texts to locate information. All groups will learn to: Demonstrate respect for differences between people, recognise difference and diversity, assertively challenge predjudice and discrimination and demonstrate understanding and empathy towards those who live their lives in different ways. Green and Blue groups will work on functional skills study and test practise. This work is at Entry level 3 which will challenge the students, they will be well supported by staff. We will continue to cover all the strands of English Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing within other subjects. As with Maths we are expecting them to be able to use their skills in the real world and in real life situations. Listen for the gist of short explanations and listen for detail using key words to extract some information – if you are explaining something ask them to tell you what they have heard and understood, ask them to explain details of things they have heard e.g. news items on TV Read and recognise simple sentence structures Use illustrations and captions to locate information Decipher unfamiliar words and predict meaning – practise reading in real life situations, look for the exit signs, read road signs, identify shops, look at prices and key words when shopping. Scan texts to locate information Use punctuation and capitalisation to aid understanding – practise reading at every opportunity in the outside world. Make requests and ask questions to obtain specific information – encourage them to ask for help in shops, to talk to other people to gain information.
ArtWe will be creating a group art project based on the 4 seasons. They will evaluate their own contribution and comment on the finished piece. They will go on to learn a new technique using sharpie pens then begin work on pencil drawing which will continue into next half term. Everyone has their own set of brushes and they are encouraged to keep them clean and to take pride in their efforts whilst enjoying their creativity. We are still trying to include detail into our art work whilst also focusing on techniques Take opportunities to look at artists and their work – not just paintings also sculptures including outdoors. Look for detail
PSHEASDAN Red group will be working on activities from the Asdan Towards Independence books which will include thinking about appropriate greetings and physical gestures, the differences between males and females and names for body parts inclusing slang words and meanings. They will discuss the difference between private and public and identify areas of their home as such. Green and blue groups will research and discuss conflict within relationships, the consequences of not using contraception and the effects of pregnancy on all family members Red group will be in the room and will be able to listen to the discussions and join in if they feel confident and wish to do so. Please contact me if you have any concerns about any aspects of the PSHE lessons. Opportunities to recognise when they have a problem and how they can talk to you about it Opportunities to discuss the topics covered in class. Personal hygiene – please encourage them at home to shower/bath and change their clothes regularly as we will be discussing this at length. Healthy eating – we will be encouraging this and discussing daily.
Careers Red group will be completing a work awareness module which this half term includes: Fire evacuation procedures at a place of work. Safety hazards at work and warning signs. Protective clothing. Their own experiences of work. They will all be visiting colleges and adult provision and will giving their opinions on the settings and opportunities offered Green and Blue groups will be working on their Asdan challenges for PDP and PSE as appropriate. Point out road signs and discuss when travelling.
Life Skills Cooking ASDAN We are focussing on traditional Spanish dishes this half term and will be cooking a variety of sweet and savoury food. We will look at when these foods would be eaten and what they represent. Red group will be working towards the Asdan meal preparation module with a focus on using a variety of kitchen equipment and appliances. They will bring their cooking home each week and can have a copy of the recipe if you would like one. Green and Blue groups will continue to cook independently and will relate their work to their Asdan courses. There will be written work every week included in the lifeskills cooking lessons. As much independent work in the kitchen at home as possible. Engaging in discussions at home when planning meals, encouraging suggestions from them. Access to recipe books. Reflect on popular family meals and discussion of how healthy each meal is.
AsdanASDAN TI – Self Advocacy They will be looking at decision making and choices they may need to make in the future. They will be practising assertiveness and being able to say ‘No’. They will look at advocacy services and recognise how they can help others. ASDAN TI – The wider world Students will learn about: Foods from other countries, tasting them and giving opinions on them. Cooking utensils used in different countries. Religions in other countries. ASDAN PDP & PSE They will work at their own pace choosing challenges from their Asdan books They have to pick challenges from each section in turn so over the year will be covering all subjects in practical contexts. All students in these groups have passed an award at their own level. They will continue to work on the next level. Opportunities to talk about different harmful effects that people can have on their own environment. Talking at home about how people live in other countries. Any opportunity to practise life skills such as using the phone, choosing and buying food independently, comparing prices, looking at best value and special offers
Work Related Learning Enterprise Activities Craft enterprise We are making cosmetics/toiletries bags to sell. We will include cross stitched decoration on the lid. All students are involved in this. We will offer the goods to parents in the first instance then plan to sell at Woodfields Den. Money raised from the sale of these will go towards the residential trip next year. We are hoping to raise enough to buy fleece jackets for our class to wear on the residential. If you have any unwanted fabric or other craft items we would be very grateful if you would send it in Any opportunities to take part in craft activities which result in a saleable item Any ideas for fundraising If you have any unwanted fabric or other craft items we would be very grateful if you would send it in Any opportunities to take part in craft activities which result in a saleable item Any ideas for fundraising
P.E. (taught by Jason Tooke)
I.T. (Taught by Jason Tooke)