Welcome to Maple – Formerly known as Springboard 2

Teacher - Maple Heather Saunders
Photo of Heather Saunders

Maple is one of two classes in the sixth form which is based in the Annexe within Sheringham High School.

We are challenging our students to find their own way in the real world. They are using the knowledge they gained and skills they learned through the school to problem solve in real life situations and to prepare for the next step in their lives.
Staff will advise and give choices then allow the students to work things out for themselves, they help each other and are encouraged to ask for help in order for them to become as independent as possible.
We are an unusual class because we have 7 girls and only 3 boys. You might think this means it is a quiet class but in fact everyone is chatty, cheerful and confident which means we have lots of fun, you will always hear a lot of laughter as we work hard together.
Come and see us – we’ll make you a cup of tea.
Curriculum Information for parentsAutumn Term 2
SubjectProfilesIdeas for home
Maths and EnglishAll the students will work to complete adult numeracy and literacy targets at the appropriate level. The work they are doing reflects the functional use of Maths and English in the real world. If you would like more information on this please contact me so that I can explain in more detail.
MathsIt is very difficult for all students to put the theories they know into practice in the real world so we highlight their use of Maths skills daily. We are looking for them to demonstrate their skills in practical situations, for example they will weigh items and use direct comparisons for the weight of items in everyday use. They will recognise and select coins and notes and make amounts of money up to £1 in different ways when out on trips or work experience. Some of the tasks may appear to be easy but please remember that we are expecting them to be able to do these things independently in order for them to be able to use these skills in the real world. ASDAN module - Developing Numeracy Skills The specific areas we will cover this half term include: • Using their knowledge of measure to weigh ingredients for baking. • Handling data about foods and ingredients. • Counting in real life situations and using the information to solve practical problems. They will repeat these activities a number of times to consolidate their knowledge. E1 Count reliably up to 10 or 20 items – count objects at home, e.g. ask them to lay the table with 4 of everything Relate familiar events to times of the day, seasons, days of the week – discuss what you might be doing at the weekend e.g. how many days until Saturday? Extract information from lists, tables, diagrams and block graphs – look at shopping lists, timetables, TV guides etc E2 Recall addition and subtraction facts to 20 – play number games, ask questions when out shopping Read, measure and record time – any opportunities to tell the time Extract numerical information from lists, tables, diagrams and simple charts – find a bus /train time, when is a TV programme on?
EnglishWe will continue to cover all the strands of English Speaking, Listening and Writing, Reading will have a separate lesson so that we can focus more closely on their individual reading skills. Of course all strands of English will also be covered across all subjects. ASDAN module - Developing Communication Skills The specific areas we will cover this half term include: • Communication using technology. • Collaborative writing in pairs or in a group. • Writing about popular culture Reading At a level appropriate for each student they will share a book as a class, there will be discussion around the theme of the book and comprehension exercises. They will explore how the writer chose his theme and begin to try creative writing with specific audiences in mind. E1 Listen for the gist of short explanations and listen for detail using key words to extract some information – if you are explaining something ask them to tell you what they have heard and understood. Read and recognise simple sentence structures Use illustrations and captions to locate information Decipher unfamiliar words and predict meaning – practise reading in real life situations, look for the exit signs, read road signs, identify shops, look at prices and key words when shopping. E2 Listen for and identify relevant information from explanations, presentations and discussions - ask them to explain details of things they have heard e.g. news items on TV Scan texts to locate information Use punctuation and capitalisation to aid understanding – practise reading at every opportunity in the outside world. Make requests and ask questions to obtain specific information – encourage them to ask for help in shops, to talk to other people to gain information.
I.C.TFor all students their ICT is embedded in all other curriculum areas We have no timetabled ICT lesson this half term but will continue to work on the module we have already started when we have an opportunity. In January we will have a weekly ICT lesson again. ASDAN module - E Safety Any opportunities to operate and use ICT devices, this includes all equipment in the home such as TV, cameras, phones and kitchen equipment
PSHEASDAN module - Self Advocacy This half term we will identify things that everybody should be allowed to have – basic rights. We will investigate our local community and how accessible it is for people with disabilities. We will show how we help others and how we treat things with respect We will be looking at decision making. We will also be covering SRE in small groups (letters have been sent home regarding this) Opportunities to recognise when they have a problem and how they can talk to you about it Opportunities to discuss the topics covered in class.
Careers ASDAN module - World of Work, Retail assistant We will be showing that we know the skills and qualities we need to be effective in the workplace and reflecting on the first half terms work in Woodfields Den. We will learn about health and safety in the workplace. Opportunities to talk about communicating personal information, what should you share. Helping them to recognise their personal skills and qualities, discussing why you are proud of them and what you think they are good at.
ASDAN/Work Experience We have started a new course, ASDAN ‘Towards Independence’. There is a wide range of modules and every subject we teach incorporates at least one module. The work will be assessed towards the end of the year and will be submitted for moderation at the level achieved by each individual student. The level is likely to be Entry level 1 but could be higher for some students. If you would like more information on the course or how the levels fit into adult literacy and numeracy levels please contact me and I will be happy to arrange to see you. All students will be undertaking work experience at Woodfields Den, some will also do work experience at the Youth Hostel, the Lighthouse Café and other local shops. Some will attend the construction and mechanics course at Sidestrand school. This means they may not be present for all of lessons. Please see their personal timetable.
LifeskillsASDAN module - meal preparation and cooking We will continue to cook weekly. They do all of this independently asking each other for help when necessary. As far as possible we will cook the meals that are suggested by the students. We will focus on preparing drinks and recap on health and safety in the kitchen. We will use a variety of kitchen appliances including blender, microwave, grill, oven, hob, kettle, toaster, bread maker. Slow cooker, air fryer. As much independent work in the kitchen at home as possible. Engaging in discussions at home when planning meals, encouraging suggestions from them. Access to recipe books. Reflect on popular family meals and discussion of how healthy each meal is.
Art (will be taught by Nikki Wardell) ASDAN module - Making pictures The focus this term will be displaying their own art work, as well as mixing a range of colours and using them in our artwork. Any opportunities to look at art and take part in creative activities
Independence skillsASDAN module - Citizenship We will look at the work of the RSPCA. We will show that we can take care ofour environment. We will share things that are important to us and acknowledge the things other people like. Opportunities to talk about different harmful effects that people can have on their own environment. Talking at home about how you can use less water and power. Any opportunities to get involved in local environment improvements
Work Related Learning Enterprise Activities Most will take part in craft enterprise this half term. We will be making rag quilts (those who have made these before will be working on a pocket hanger) The quilts we be sold at the den but as always will be offered to parents first. We will be using recycled fabrics. If you have any unwanted fabric or other craft items we would be very grateful if you would send it in Any opportunities to take part in craft activities
P.EStudents will continue to exercise in a variety of ways. ASDAN module - Sport & Leisure They will go to Splash Gym (led by Nikki Wardell) once a week where they are instructed in how to use the equipment safely and they will record their progress. We will continue to have ‘Walk and talk’ sessions first thing in the morning before lessons start when the weather permits. As well as being good exercise it encourages students to have meaningful conversations as they draw partners from a hat and walk and talk together. ASDAN module - Animal Care This term they will continue to go Horse Riding weekly, they will continue to learn about how to look after horses and their environment. They will learn what to wear and why, they will be able to identify the parts of a horse and the equipment needed to groom a horse. They will learn how to groom and know how often, they will be able to identify parts of the tack. They will be able to ride a horse and demonstrate post riding skills Any opportunities to experience exercise and learn about the importance of exercise for health. Any opportunities to take part in activities at local leisure centres or community centres.