Occupational Therapists work with children who have disabilities to help them maximise their potential towards independence.  They work in partnership with parents, carers, school staff and other therapists to develop and maintain a child’s ability to perform everyday tasks both at home and at school.  

OT assessments enable them to identify areas in which the child needs help and from this they are able to offer advice and ideas.

This may involve:

  • Looking at ways of adapting specific tasks
  • Providing specialist equipment
  • Setting up activity programmes
  • Liaising with other agencies
  • Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy Assistants visit the school regularly.  
  • Their aim is to help pupils reach their full potential whilst preventing or minimising the effects of injury or impairment.
  • Following referral, children are assessed and advice is given regarding their management according to medical need.  This may include:
  • Setting up a programme of exercises
  • Postural management
  • Advice and support