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Teacher - Turtles Colin Heinink
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Turtles class is made up of 10 lovely Key Stage 2 children and 5/6 lovely staff.

In Turtles class we really enjoy our learning. We love to learn in different ways. We especially enjoy singing songs to help with our Maths and English and we like to cook and use computers. The children in Turtles class are really good at learning in a calm way. We are focused and hardworking which is awesome. The most wonderful thing about Turtles class is that we are always so polite and friendly to each other. We have happy days.

Summer Term 2 Timetable


Summer Term 2Curriculum Info for parents
SubjectIdeas for home
MathsIn Maths there is a number focus this half term. We are looking at dividing and explaining it as ‘sharing.’ Children could share out items at home. We are also relating this to fractions and have looked at halves and quarters. We will start to look at written methods for addition and subtraction.
EnglishIn English we are looking at poetry, especially Roald Dahl’s ‘Dirty Beasts.’ Perhaps you could borrow this or ‘Revolting Rhymes’ from the library. How are poems different to stories? Each week Turtles have a new book to read at home. A new one usually comes home on a Thursday or Friday. It really helps the children to practise at home, even if just for 5 minutes a night, sounding out any tricky words and answering questions about what they have read.
ScienceIn Science we are learning about electrical circuits. Children can think about what uses electricity at home and different power sources.
I.C.T In Computing we are going to tell stories with pictures on screen using a program called ‘My Board.’ Children could tell stories using pictures on your ICT at home. Children will also looking at the Beebots as examples of programmable toys.
PSHEIn PSHE we are thinking about talents and targets. What are we good at and what do we need to work on?
GeographyIn Geography the children are looking at maps, compasses and direction. Children could look at maps/map apps when you are planning a visit.
ArtIn Art we are looking at outdoors art. Children could draw with water or chalk at home or perhaps try some splatter pictures outside?
D.TIn DT we are looking at the design and production of footwear and hope to make some slippers.
MusicMusic is looking at how music has changed over time from classical music to the present day.
MFLWe will be having an MFL day later in the term looking and the language and traditions of Poland.