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Teacher - Turtles Colin Heinink
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Turtles class is made up of 10 lovely Key Stage 2 children and 5/6 lovely staff.

In Turtles class we really enjoy our learning. We love to learn in different ways. We especially enjoy singing songs to help with our Maths and English and we like to cook and use computers. The children in Turtles class are really good at learning in a calm way. We are focused and hardworking which is awesome. The most wonderful thing about Turtles class is that we are always so polite and friendly to each other. We have happy days.

Spring Term 2 Timetable


Spring Term 2Curriculum Info for parents
SubjectIdeas for home
MathsThis half term we are learning about multiplication. We are understanding it in terms of ‘lots of’ or groups of. Looking at times tables songs: 2x, 5x and 10x would be great.
EnglishIn English we are looking at plays. We will be acting out some plays and learning about how play scripts are set out. We are also working on our spellings, full stops/capital letters and finger spaces. Each week Turtles have a new book to read at home. A new one usually comes home on a Thursday or Friday. It really helps the children to practise at home, even if just for 5 minutes a night, sounding out any tricky words and answering questions about what they have read.
ScienceIn Science we are learning about light. We will be investigating periscopes and prisms and learning about how light travels in a straight line.
I.C.TICT is about data handling. We will be revising our Maths learning from last half term and using a program called 2Calculate to create bar charts and spreadsheets.
PSHEIn PSHE we are thinking about issues in our environment such as litter, plastics and dog fouling and how we can look after our surroundings.
GeographyIn Geography we are learning about farming. It would be great to encourage your child to think about where their food comes from originally.
ArtArt is about coils and spirals. We are going to be using clay in the term to make pots. This week we began by looking at Henri Matisse’s ‘The Snail.’
D.T DT is musical instruments. Perhaps your child could make a junk model instrument at home. Also thinking about the different instrument families in the orchestra.
MusicMusic is singing rounds like ‘London’s Burning.’
MFL Chinese (Mandarin) numbers, colours and greetings. Songs on YouTube. We will also be having a MFL day later in the half term about Italy.