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Teacher - Turtles Colin Heinink
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Turtles class is made up of 10 lovely Key Stage 2 children and 5/6 lovely staff.

In Turtles class we really enjoy our learning. We love to learn in different ways. We especially enjoy singing songs to help with our Maths and English and we like to cook and use computers. The children in Turtles class are really good at learning in a calm way. We are focused and hardworking which is awesome. The most wonderful thing about Turtles class is that we are always so polite and friendly to each other. We have happy days.

Summer Term 2 Timetable


Summer Term 2 2021Curriculum Info for parents
SubjectIdeas for home
MathsIn Maths we are learning about fractions. We are using practical tasks such as cutting food into pieces to make the learning real. We will then go on to word problems involving fractions to apply our knowledge.
EnglishIn English we are reading books about fantasy worlds including stories by Helen Ward and Anthony Browne. We will be practising using different describing words, matching them to pictures and starting to write sentences.
ScienceIn Science we are continuing our work on forces. We are moving on to look at the effect of friction. We will carry out an experiment racing toy cars on different surfaces. Turtles have also been growing sunflowers and checking on their progress. Each week a couple of children visit The Patch allotment.
PSHEIn PSHE we are starting to look at bullying. We will use stories to introduce the topic.
ArtIn Art we will be making a model island. We will use papier mache and junk modelling. We will use Google Earth and the Katie Morag stories for inspiration.
P.EIn PE we are doing Athletics. Lots of running and jumping.
MFLWe are continuing learning German phrases.
D.TDT is Shelters. We will be researching different shelters on the internet and considering their uses and properties. We will try to make some shelters for small world figures. The children will also look at the tents we have in school.
MusicIn Music we are looking at drumming. The children could identify the drum parts in songs they hear.
R.ERE is learning about the stories and beliefs of Islam.
HistoryBecky will be looking at The Tudors with the children this half term.
ComputingIn Computing Becky will teaching the children about programmable toys such as Bee Bots. I believe an Ipad app is available.