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Teacher - Turtles Colin Heinink
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Turtles class is made up of 10 lovely Key Stage 2 children and 5/6 lovely staff.

In Turtles class we really enjoy our learning. We love to learn in different ways. We especially enjoy singing songs to help with our Maths and English and we like to cook and use computers. The children in Turtles class are really good at learning in a calm way. We are focused and hardworking which is awesome. The most wonderful thing about Turtles class is that we are always so polite and friendly to each other. We have happy days.

Autumn Term 1 Timetable


Autumn Term 1 2021Curriculum Info for parents
SubjectIdeas for home
MathsIn Maths we are learning about shape. We will be describing the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We will also be sorting the shapes, thinking about these properties. You could spot shapes in the environment and talk about them at home.
English In English we are going to look at Non Fiction. We will be looking at factual books about animals to tie in with our Science work. We will be looking at the features of non-fiction books and comparing and contrasting them with stories. Perhaps you could take out some non-fiction books from the library and discuss them?
Science Science is all about animals and their habitats. We will be singing songs and watching videos about habitats. We will be matching animals to their habitats. Also we will be considering how animals are suited to their habitats. Perhaps the children could consider animals in the garden or park and why they might choose to live their?
PSHE & Citizenship PSHE is all about similarities and differences. We will be enjoying several picture books about how we are all different and this is wonderful. We will consider our likes and dislikes and how those of our friends.
ArtArt is all about patterns in natures. We will particularly look at animal patterns such as zebras and tiger. We will recreate them using art materials. Perhaps a visit to a zoo or simply drawing a picture and talking about it? Research in non-fiction books too.
D.TIn DT we are looking at motorised toys with pulleys. We will try to design and make some. Perhaps you could see if you have any amongst your toys at home?
MusicMusic is hip-hop. We will be doing some musical appreciation as long as singing and performing child friendly hip hop songs!
HistoryHistory is toys from the past. Perhaps you could have a conversation with your child about what you played with as a child? Maybe grandparents could talk about their experiences too.
ICTIn ICT we will be looking at combining text and graphics in Power Point presentations. We will be considering how Power Point is used in the world around us. Maybe the children could look on Power Point if you have a computer at home? Alternatively looking how words and pictures are combined in everyday life.