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Teacher - Turtles Colin Heinink
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Turtles class is made up of 10 lovely Key Stage 2 children and 5/6 lovely staff.

In Turtles class we really enjoy our learning. We love to learn in different ways. We especially enjoy singing songs to help with our Maths and English and we like to cook and use computers. The children in Turtles class are really good at learning in a calm way. We are focused and hardworking which is awesome. The most wonderful thing about Turtles class is that we are always so polite and friendly to each other. We have happy days.

Turtles Spring 2 Timetable 2021


Spring Term 2 2021Curriculum Info for parents
SubjectIdeas for home
MathsIn Maths we are looking at multiplication as ‘lots of’ and division as ‘sharing.’ We will then be looking at how division is the opposite of multiplication. We will be specifically focussing on the 2 and 5 times tables.
EnglishIn English we are continuing our work on non-fiction, focussing on researching and writing about the planets.
ScienceOur Science is all about the planets and will feed into other subjects. We will be describing the planets, making models of them from papier-mache and putting them together as a model of the solar system. We will consider their relatives sizes and the distances between them.
PSHEIn PSHE we are learning about being good friends. We will be looking at stories and identifying the characteristics of friendship. We will also consider things we can do we our friends and how to resolve conflict.
ArtIn Art we are looking at representation of birds. We will begin by looking at some famous paintings of birds and deciding whether we like them, justifying our opinions. We will then use a variety of techniques to draw and paint and represent birds through Art.
P.EIn PE we are continuing to look at Dance with as our stimulus. We also have weekly yoga sessions – check out the Cosmic Kids YouTube channel for meditation and exercise.
MFLIn the Spring Term we will be continuing to look at Germany. We will be learning a few phrases of German as well as colours and numbers. Hopefully we can also try some German cooking!
DTDT is bread. We will be tasting and baking different breads. We are enjoying having food based DT topics!
MusicIn Music we are looking at drumming. We will be looking at famous drummers and also copying rhythms.
R.ERE is learning about the stories and beliefs of Buddhists.