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Teacher Claire Carnall
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Turtles class has 12 fantastic children who are all in Key Stage 2. Each day we have a teacher and four adults who support us with our learning.

Our focus in Turtles Class is independence. We are learning to do things for ourselves and by ourselves including personal care skills, cooking, and jobs as well as reading and writing. We are also learning to identify and communicate our emotions and begin to find appropriate strategies to deal with those which affect us . We have wonderful friendships and are always welcoming to new people who visit us.

Turtles timetable – Summer term 1 – 23/24

Term: Summer Term 1 23/24Curriculum Info for parents
SubjectSchool learningIdeas for home learning
Phonics and ReadingTurtles class will have daily Phonics. We will use Twinkl Phonics to help us read and write new sounds and words. We will read books matched to our Phonics levels each week. We will visit the Library each week to read books that interest us and have the opportunity to check books out and bring them home. Sounds and words taught each week will be sent home for pupils to practise at home. Please return library books each Friday to be changed at school Friday afternoon.
English In English this term we will be learning about Growing up. We will spend a lot of time having discussions about growing up and what we would like to be when we grow up. We will learn about different job roles and skills we want to have as we grow up. We will write about our discussions and create a poem about growing up and what we want to achieve as we grow!Ask your family and friends what they wanted to be when they grew up. Did they do that or have they chosen something different? Read some books about different people who help us e.g. firemen, post people…
Maths In Maths we will be continue working through our scheme of ‘White Rose Maths’. Our learning this term will be around multiplication and division. We will also start our term off with a mini block of learning on length and height. We will measure objects around the classroom using non-standard units of measure e.g. cubes and then use standard units of measure such as cm to measure objects. We will then begin multiplication, focusing on counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We will use this learning to help us identify equal and unequal groups and how we share even amounts. Our Maths lessons will be very practical with lots of opportunity for concrete and pictorial learning. You can continue our learning about length/height at home by measuring different items within your home. If you don’t have a ruler or tape measure, use different objects to measure things such as dice, cubes or even toys e.g. the book is 4 dice long. Also any counting practice is great to continue with. See if you can count objects in 2s, 5s and 10s.
PSHEThis half term in PSHE we will be learning about emotions and feelings. We will link this to our daily Zones of Regulation and explore what each feeling means and how we can manage them. We will also learn about appropriate greetings and touch. We will cover important themes such as stranger danger and appropriate/inappropriate touch and greetings. We will spend time discussing what to do in hypothetical situations and who safe adults are. Spend time as a family debriefing on the day. Ask each other how you are feeling and what has made you feel that way. Reiterate key messages of keeping safe (stranger danger) when out and about in the community.
Science In Science this half term we will be learning about forces and how objects move. We will discuss the different ways objects move and the forces that determine this: pull, push, roll, spin etc. We will explore how we can alter the movement by making things go faster or slower. We will also complete experiments testing how objects move. Do you have any toy cars that you can move faster or slower? See if you can make an object roll the furthest or the shortest distance. Spend time in the garden observing how you and others around you move e.g. swings, running, jumping!
ComputingIn Computing this half term we will be learning about the different ways we can communicate using different forms of ICT. We will learn about how to stay safe when communicating online in an e-safety lesson. Computing will be taught by Jason on Friday. Explore the different forms of ICT in your house. Can you communicate using them in different ways? Can you send a text or email? Make sure you have adults to supervise when using technology to communicate with others.
Humanities - Geography Our humanities learning this half term will be a Geography topic. We will be learning about different places around the world and what the weather is like there. We will research different countries with hot and cold climates, discussing what life is like their during their peak weather. We will begin learning about the UK and how the weather changes in our Seasons before taking a virtual trip around the world. Discuss with your family what the weather is like each morning. Keep a basic weather chart of what weather you experience where you live. See if you can notice other places around the world on the news or in books. What does the weather look like there?
P.E. In P.E. we will be doing ball skills, focusing on direction and scoring accuracy. We will learn the rules of different games before working on our skills to score. We will play some solo and team games to explore these skills. P.E. will be taught by Jason on a Friday. Can you teach your grown ups some of the games we have done in P.E.? Do you have any balls that you can play scoring games with?
ArtIn Art this half term we will be learning about the artist Pablo Picasso. We will learn about his artwork and about the skill of cubism. We will then focus our learning on the skill of printing. We will learn a different form of printing each week and create different forms of art and pictures. Can you complete any research about Pablo Picasso? See if you have any tools to print with. Top tip – if you have any cardboard, create a design in the cardboard using a sharp pencil, print using paint and see your design on paper!
R.E.In R.E. this term our focus will be around Islam. We do a morning of R.E. at the end of term about this topic. We will learn about how Muslims live their life, specifically what they eat, wear and where they worship. Tell your family about something you have learnt about Islam.
D.TIn D.T. this term we be learning about different packaging. We will research different brands and packaging that is familiar to us e.g. Coke, Apple, Haribo. We will discuss how packaging appeals to customers and how we can make our own packaging stand out from the crowds. At the end of our topic we will design a chocolate box, make chocolates and package them a gift!Explore different packaging you can see at the supermarket. Go with your family to do the weekly shop – can you notice any stand out brands or packaging?