Maths at Sheringham Woodfields School

The school has a well-planned mathematics curriculum, using White Rose Maths as a basis for breadth of coverage, with learning sequenced and organised so that pupils build effectively on what they have already learned.

Please see below for a table of topics covered by White Rose Maths which are aligned to school year groups. We work flexibly here at Sheringham Woodfields School and class teachers select the year group which best fits the ability of the majority of their class. Independent learning adapted further to ensure that it is accessible for all. Pupils learn through a wide range of means that are appropriate to their ability and needs including; rhymes and songs, sensory experiences, concrete objects and manipulatives, pictorial approaches and for some, more abstract techniques.

Throughout the curriculum there is an emphasis on life skills and preparing pupils for adulthood, such as: handling money, using timetables, telling the time – as well as skills linked to shopping, cooking and personal organisation.

Many pupils will be able to practise these skills in the community whether on educational visits or during work experience at our shop or local businesses.