Useful Websites

SENict – SENict website of Ian Bean, a consultant and trainer specialising in the use of ICT and assistive technology to support the learning and communication needs of people of all ages with severe and complex additional needs. Free resources can be located by clicking on the resource tab.

East Coast Community Healthcare (ECCH): On the parent section there are some top tips.


Speechlink:  They have brought forward the launch of their parent portal and are offering free access at the present time.  This can be found by visiting:  There are a range of activities and games available for comprehension and spoken language skills.


Signalong:  If you did require information about signing, at present we do not have access to Signalong resources (signing system used at many specialist schools in Norfolk).   Signalong do have a free app for ios devices (not available on android) called SignStudio which allows 50 free signs per month to be downloaded.  However it has not always been available so you may need to try to download this several times.

Makaton:  Follow Makaton with Lucinda on Facebook or Twitter.  There is a new sign a day modelled/demonstrated.


National Autistic Society:

Resources for Autism:   There is a wealth of information in the Resources for Autism Updates

Attention Autism:  On Facebook Gina Davies Autism Centre, is currently doing demonstrations for Attention Autism and Stage 1 (Bucket Time) and Stage 2.  They do Attention Autism at many specialist schools and this may be something you could introduce at home.  It is also a great activity for any child who is has difficulties in attention and listening skills during adult-led activities.

Down syndrome

Down syndrome Association:

Sensory Needs

Joanna Grace at The Sensory Projects has put together a list of free resources and their websites.  The links to the free resources can be viewed by visiting:

Alternative and Augmentative Communication

Coronavirus Resources:

Social Stories/Videos

There are also lots of social story videos on YouTube some about being angry and saying safe, and some about no hitting.