1940’s Weekend

1940’s at Woodfields Den on 14.09.18 – 16.09.18

Woodfields Den celebrated along with the thousands of locals and tourists that visited the Town of Sheringham over the 1940’s weekend.

Staff and Volunteers dressed up for the occasion and helped raise lots of money for the school by opening on Sunday as an extra.

We also had the luxury of Maureen (Alice Marrs Nan) raising money with her fabulous home knitted and crocheted items that she had been busy creating for the fundraising table that she ran over this weekend. Students made and designed Maureen some posters for her stall. A grand total of £507.00 for the sale of her items plus the donation pot on her table raised an extra amazing £13.00.

A Big Thank you to Maureen for her hard work and dedication to our school.